Sixt starts Auto-subscription from 349 Euro

The measures of the Federal government in the Corona-crisis car gives owners a serious loss. Traffic restrictions and fewer business trips were to the rental ma

Sixt starts Auto-subscription from 349 Euro

The measures of the Federal government in the Corona-crisis car gives owners a serious loss. Traffic restrictions and fewer business trips were to the rental market momentarily collapse. The car rental company Sixt staff had to - and material costs are significantly reduced, wants to use the crisis as an opportunity and a radically new place - with a subscription model for long-term use of cars. "Unlike car-sharing or short-term hire, the customer gets with SIXT+ a private vehicle that he can use as a Private car for the desired period of time," says the company.

Sixt: car subscription from 349 euros per month

In an Online video conference sales Executive Constantine and strategy the management Board Alexander Sixt are now presenting their plans and speak of the "Streaming for the road". "The two brothers see great potential for your new offering: 'The Auto-subscription market will grow', is Konstantin Sixt convinced. Currently, there are about 20,000 subscriptions in the market, Sixt estimates the potential for up to a Million contracts in the next few years", according to the "Automobilwoche". These are the cornerstones of the program:

  • The offer will have a starting price of 349 euros a month to month basis to be. However, you have to pay a starting fee one-time payment of 199 euros.
  • liability, fully comprehensive insurance, registration, servicing costs and MOT are included in the package, the customer pays only the fuel.
  • The range should be per App bookings, so it is handled all online.
  • probably The biggest hook is the mileage , which is only 500 kilometers per month. For any Extra kilometres must be paid with 20 cents or you book additional mileage packages. Sixt has less business travelers in the sights, but rather private people, living in the city, but the cost and the expenses for their own car-shy. The Fiat 500 Hybrid: The Leasing deals of Media market Now for just 99 per month lease
Polo starting at 349 Euro, S-class costs 1000 Euro more

At the conclusion of the contract, the customer, similar as in a normal car-leasing has, however, not be entitled to a specific model, but only a particular model segment. Instead of a Polo, it could be so, for example, a Corsa. The prices are staggered and there will very quickly be more expensive than the entry-level. Some examples:

  • VW Polo: from 349 Euro
  • VW Golf: from 409 euros
  • VW Golf Variant: 399 Euro
  • VW Tiguan Allspace: from 449 euros
  • VW Passat: from 469 euros
  • Skoda Superb Combi: from 549 Euro
  • BMW X1: from 599 Euro
  • Mercedes Vito: from 619 Euro
  • BMW 3 series: from 669 Euro
  • Mercedes E class: from 749 Euro
  • Audi A6 Avant: from 799 Euro
  • BMW X5: ab 999 Euro
  • Mercedes S-class: starting from 1349 Euro

it is noticeable, the are no vehicles with electric drive to choose from. While the subscription is on a monthly contract, there shall be no time limit upwards; also mileage packages can be flexible to book. The new 3-series BMW in the Video Test FOCUS Online New 3 series BMW in the Video Test

Auto-subscription: The pros and cons

The model Auto-subscription is not new, many market experts predict this Form of car-ownership has a great future. Manufacturers such as Volvo, Cadillac, or Audi have already experimented with it. "Here you pay a monthly Rate, which is significantly higher than in the case of financing or Leasing, as it covers with the exception of fuel, all the vehicle associated costs such as tyres and insurance," says leasing expert de Oliveira of the Leasing platform Vehiculum. The vehicles are selected according to the purpose of use, and, in General, directly to the customers transferred. Vehiculum Compact Overview: pros and cons for different models of the new-car-financing

the Biggest disadvantage: The monthly Rate is very high . During the term of the contract, particularly short periods of one to six months is usual. "Restrict subscribers to diversity in the model, most providers have only a limited number of cars available. In addition, individual configuration of the equipment is not, unlike the lease, it is possible," says de Oliveira.

The Auto-subscription as the more Exotic financing models is removed so that the furthest from the classic new-car-buying; here, one also acquires the vehicle, not the property. However, you also have the guarantee that you will always have the latest model and must be make loss in value, driving bans or other things, no thoughts. Marc Friedrich: "See one of the biggest waste of taxes in the history of the" FOCUS Online Marc Friedrich: "See one of the biggest waste of taxes in history"

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Date Of Update: 19 June 2020, 18:28