Now, the Deutsche Bank is: 25 banks have implemented in Corona-crisis minus interest

It indicates to the comparison portal Verivox. Therefore, in the meantime, 80 financial institutions have published negative interest rates in their Price board

Now, the Deutsche Bank is: 25 banks have implemented in Corona-crisis minus interest

It indicates to the comparison portal Verivox. Therefore, in the meantime, 80 financial institutions have published negative interest rates in their Price boards. 25 of these institutions led to the 9. March negative interest rates – that is, more than a quarter of them. As the last Bank, Deutsche Bank joined the group of institutions that require negative interest rates to private customers – at least, if they have high deposits.

"The sustained pressure by negative interest rates makes it necessary that the German Bank in new Contracts for high deposits beyond a threshold of 100,000 euros per account, 18 and over. May will calculate 2020 custodian fees,“ said a group spokesman in Frankfurt on Wednesday.

Postbank customers affected

So that wealthy clients will have to pay in the future, a duty to the Bank, instead of receiving interest on your money in the account. The same is true for the Postbank, a subsidiary of Deutsche Bank. Deutsche Bank 6,78 EUR +0,07 (+0,97%) Xetra price data

The new legislation but "only for new contracts" in the private customer business at Deutsche Bank and the Postbank, it said. Of the action about the Giro, and money market accounts are affected accordingly.

With a FOCUS on Online the best checking accounts compare (display) current account comparison 2020: The best account

to find existing account contracts and deposits are spared below the limit of 100,000 euros remained. "In the large customer business with relatively lower deposits, Deutsche Bank there are no custodian fees for deposits to the customers," said the spokesperson.

The banks, the demand recently, minus interest are: the
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Postbank
  • United VR-Bank Spa and of the Rhine Palatinate
  • PSD Bank Hessen-Thüringen
  • VR Bank Südthüringen
  • Sparkasse Pforzheim Calw
  • Sparkasse Waldeck-Frankenberg
  • Volksbank Hameln Erft-Stadthagen
  • Volksbank Rhein-Köln
  • Sparkasse Radevormwald-Hückeswagen
  • Sparkasse Hannover
  • Triodos Bank
  • Volksbank Odenwald
  • Volksbank-Vorpommern
  • VR-Bank Rhein-Neckar
  • VR-Bank Ellwangen
  • Erfurter Bank
  • VR-Bank Taufkirchen-Dorfen
  • Volksbank Delmenhorst Schierbrok
  • VR partner Bank Chattengau-Schwalm-Eder
  • VR-Bank Memmingen
  • VR-Bank North Eifel
  • Raiffeisenbank Eifeltor
  • Volksbank Hohenlimburg
  • Raiffeisen-Volksbank Miltenberg

note : In the case of Sparkasse Hannover, there were earlier media reports about the collection of negative interest rates – but only from deposits in the amount of one Million Euro. In the Price are as posted now, but negative interest rates on deposits recorded over 100,000 euros on the current account (since the 1. April), stresses Verivox to FOCUS Online.

15 banks require five-figure sum of money, minus interest

a Particularly bitter: for a Long time were negative-charged interest, especially to very high savings of 100,000 euros and more. Increasingly, savers with lower Investment amounts are now affected. So at least 15 institutions significantly less than € 100,000, grant up-to-date amount of charge the negative interest rate even from the first Euro.

  • Is your doing? Here, it is a killer to the list of all institutes, the demand currently in the case of current accounts or tagesgeld minus interest of private customers: The complete list of the Money these banks and savings banks pay negative interest rates.

in Addition, some institutes make individual agreements with high net worth clients.Thus, a total of more than 80 financial institutions are likely to require negative interest rates. It is established that the Trend towards negative interest rates in the Corona-has accelerated the crisis once again noticeable, as Verivox-managing Director Oliver Maier emphasizes.

allows for negative interest rates only when explicitly with clients

is that the clear majority of the institutions spared his private clients so far, of negative interest rates. By a change of the Bank Concerned, can escape this fate so easily. With FOCUS Online (to the display) daily allowance comparison in 2020: Here are the Top interest rates

it is Also secure to apply compare the negative interest rates are initially only for new customers. Consumer advocates pointed out, however, that negative interest rates for existing and new customers, be permitted only if the Depositary's remuneration has been explicitly agreed with the customer.

banks complain billion burden by ECB

the Background of the interest rate policy of the European Central Bank (ECB). Money homes to pay for long periods of 0.5 percent interest rates, if they Park money with the ECB. Even if there are now higher free amounts, complains the industry about a billion load. To corporate customers and savings banks pass on the costs any longer.

Verivox evaluated the on the Internet published price bulletins from around 800 banks and savings banks. Focus on money market accounts are. According to data from the German Bundesbank in the last year, in the Germany of 1717 credit institutions.

The latest developments relating to the outbreak of the Coronavirus.

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Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 14:28

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