Bonez MC: Hamburger Gangster Rapper is being chased by Stalker | Boulevard

Unusual role for German rapper Bonez MC: Is the 187 street gang-Boss is often the provocateur, is he now in the role of victim. Because of the Hamburger Gangste

Bonez MC: Hamburger Gangster Rapper is being chased by Stalker | Boulevard

Unusual role for German rapper Bonez MC: Is the 187 street gang-Boss is often the provocateur, is he now in the role of victim. Because of the Hamburger Gangster Rapper is chased by a Stalker.

Bonez MC *: 187 street gang-Boss from Stalker hunting. the Hamburg English rapper let go "Roadrunner" .For scandals good for: Gzuz * buddy as provocateur .

Hamburg/Reeperbahn That 187 street gang-Boss Bonez MC to victims , not every day. The "abuse" by advertising-Gangster * except times. However, currently the sees the Hamburg-based German rapper a hunting exposed to. This is of a virtual nature, and refers to a Bunny boiler , Johann Lorenz Moser , as the Gangster rap whose real name is, for several months, "terrorized".

Bonez MC: Hamburg-based German rapper of Stalker plagued

That Fans their big idols, their musical heroes, and want to be as close as possible, is not a rarity. Even if an artist does not have the range and radiance a Bonez MC often interventions in the private life . The request for a photo is because only the smallest Evil. You must also notice the 187 street gang-Rapper , is harassed by a fanatical female followers of arg.

Rapper:Bonez MCGeboren:23. December 1985 (Age 34 Years), Hamburg, Germany Full Name:John Lorenz Moser Record Labels:Soul Force Records, On!No!Case!

Recently Moser declared in a Radio Interview that he will experience ruthless cuts in his privacy again and again. Whether it be "best" Fan was meant to be? Because Bonez MC with a penetrating Stalker face that has even the phone number from Pascal Kerouche , the yard-photographers of 187 street gang ,.

187 street gang photographer: Pascal Kerouche in the center of the "On-Fan"

This will receive messages from the particular well-known lady, the Kerouche asks constantly about the photographer with the 187 street gang-Boss is known to do. Also, the Stalker Kerouche calling again and again, such as the following Whats App chat history shows:

+ The chat history of 187 street gang photographer Pascal Kerouche shows how much he is beset by Bonez MC-Stalker. (Screenshot)©Instagram/mmpascal

Chat logs of this type will post to in the Hamburg living photographer , has spoken out recently about a possible cooperation with scandal-Rapper 6ix9ine *, by the way, often. The "Advertise" the Stalker can be some months, the request is always the same: contact with Bonez MC . Wherein, recently, is the "interested Fan" to German rapper RAF Camora *, buddy and "palm trees made of plastic" Partner from Moser ,.

The "Roadrunner" starts: Bonez MC with flashy Video

Even if a contact should occur, it is rather unlikely the 187 street gang-Boss with the Stalker use it. Has Bonez MC enough with the Promo for the new solo album, "Hollywood" to do. This is the 28. August 2020 released the German rapper via Instagram said.

enough: the first single off the second album Moser is now on his Fans released. This is the name of the "Roadrunner" , a clear reference of the eponymous cartoon character . The Video corresponding to this assumption is verified. In this Bonez MC shows how he lives and breathes surrounded by scantily clad women , he "equipped" with guns and a sports car.

Bonez MC: Without RAF Camora, but with a lot of Beef

"Hollywood" is by the way without a cooperation with RAF Camora , notified by Bonez MC already. A future collaboration with AK out of control was not, however, excluded. The German rapper brute Gangster Rap and masking , outside of Coronavirus-Sars-Cov-2 *, known. Both were> guests at the radio station "Kiss FM" where Moser already about his new Album and a possible career had spoken.

is . off music, it's not quiet to the 187 street gang-Boss and Gzuz-buddy This often has to do with the Gangster rap itself, the provocation afraid, and for some years a Social-Media-Beef with the Berlin discharged. Unfavorable close-UPS of counterparty , invective via plastic carrot and taunts with costly luxury jewelry included.

New from "deutschrap Hausen": choleric Sido, "Gang star Ella"-Bra and VW-opponent iamenzoletsgo

And with his propaganda abuse women * has Bonez MC once again sidelined. Of German rapper Sido can also sing a song. If the Arise as a conspiracy theorists or verbal freak out against the "picture"-newspaper of 39 – Year-old no fat cells. After all, the Support of TV-Stars like Jan böhmermann, and Olli Schulz * he certainly has. If the two "Roadrunner" Bonez MC would be to the side? This is in fact harassed for several months by a Bunny boiler .

+ rule-abiding German rapper: iamenzoletsgo wearing a mouth-nose protection and ledert against the scandal-plagued car company Volkswagen. (Screenshot)©Instagram/iamenzoletsgo

Similar support might also want to German rapper Shindy a dispute velvet juicy fine threatening. The reason: a wrong hallmarks , which had used the Ex-Bushido-pupil in his "Affalterbach"Video . But there are also more enjoyable to report news from "deutschrap Hausen". While Capital Bra stands out positively due to its "speed star Ella"-Pizza , which sold sensationally well positioned iamenzoletsgo the Volkswagen operated racism a spot .* advertising


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Date Of Update: 22 May 2020, 14:34

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