Now pensioners are allowed to earn a lot more money

the The additional earnings limit for early old-age pensions increases increase applies to New and existing pensioners -pensioners with the exception

Now pensioners are allowed to earn a lot more money
  • The additional earnings limit for early old-age pensions increases

  • increase applies to New and existing pensioners -pensioners

  • with the exception Of reduced earning capacity pensions and survivors ' pensions

As in previous years, there is for the 21 million pensioners in Germany this July, noticeably more money. The Federal Council agreed in early June of the appropriate regulation of the Federal government.

Specifically, it is stated in the social protection package: in order To continue working or to facilitate the re-employment after the retirement age rises in 2020, the additional earnings limit for early old-age pensions from the current level of 6300 euros on 44.590 Euro.

This has a positive effect on the incomes of many retirees: "pensioners can earn up to 44.590 Euro in the calendar year of your pension without it being reduced," says the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (DR) to your website.

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note that All pensioners can take advantage of the option

The new rules are restricted, according to DR, however, are not the only recipients of early old-age pension ("Early retirement". "The increase in the earnings limit, it is considered for New and existing pensioners and pensioners ", is it on the DR website. Expressly from the generous scheme of pensions due to reduced earning capacity and survivors ' pensions are excluded.

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the increase, it is a Seven-fold multiplication of the previous amount. But the measure only applies to the limited to 2020 : Starting in January 2021, the authorities of the previous earnings limit of 6300 euros per calendar year. Everything you know about your pension

Our PDF guide explains on 100 pages the answers to all the important questions around the topic of retirement. Plus 58 Pages Of Forms.

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As a pensioner of the scheme

The legislature will benefit Early will ensure the expansion of the additional earnings opportunities for retirees that is currently "met with particularly high demand for medical staff", as it says on the website of the Federal Ministry of labour (BMAS).

However, the measure is by no means limited to this group of people. Also (Early)retirees from other industries can take advantage of the generous system.

pensioners deal was thousands of euros deductions

to Date: amounts that the additional earnings limit of 6300 euros a year, will contribute 40 percent to the pension and reduce the pension accordingly. For the current year, a reduction occurs only when more than 44.590 Euro deserves to be added.


Old arrangement: , A pensioner must annually earn 6300 Euro without having to suffer pension cuts.

pensioners A. refers to 1400 € monthly pension and earned in the year 6300 Euro. This has no consequences for his monthly Pension.

add to this the Deserved pensioner A. but 10,000 Euro, the following applies: 40% of the amount in excess of the free limit of 6300 euros, is offset against his monthly pension.

So: 10.000 € - 6300 € = 3700 €. 40 % = 1480 € to be charged with his monthly pension, you will therefore decline to 123 Euro . So much money you get at the age click Here for pensions calculator

New scheme: The exemption limit rises to 44.590 Euro. Only in the case of amounts, the amount is offset against the pension.

Who deserves to be in the year 2020 as a retired 44.590 Euro to get his full pension. According to the previous provisions of 40 percent of the 6300 Euro would add to earnings in excess of recorded amounts with his retirement:

The previous bill: 44.590 € - 6300 € = 38.290 €; 40 % = 15.316 € annual reduction in Retirement benefits per month 1276 Euro .

even If not every retiree has the opportunity to earn annually up to five-digit amounts, in addition, may nevertheless benefit from many of the large national increase in the salary limits.


Because of mothers ' pension: retirement age

increases The age in the Insured, on average, receive your old-age pension is increased from 2018 to 2019 from about 64.1 to about 64.3 years. As the German Federal pension insurance, announced on Monday in Berlin, there were in women, a significant increase from 64.1 to 64.5 years. "The main reason for this is the mothers' pension II is the 1. January 2019 is in force. The average age of the women due to the additional recognition of child rearing times for the first time, a claim to a retirement pension, is above average," a spokesman for the pension insurance. For men, the retirement age had remained age compared to 2018 constant at around 64,0 years.

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