FC Bayern: Rummenigge and Hainer with a side blow against Kovac | Bayern

FC Bayern is German champion and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recalls how bad it went at the end of Niko Kovac. Herbert Hainer is doing the same. Hansi Flick, formulat

FC Bayern: Rummenigge and Hainer with a side blow against Kovac | Bayern

FC Bayern is German champion and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge recalls how bad it went at the end of Niko Kovac. Herbert Hainer is doing the same. Hansi Flick, formulated already the next goals. The votes for the championship.

The FC Bayern München * picks up the eighth German championship title in the Bundesliga in a row. the Karl-Heinz Rummenigge and Herbert Hainer remember the difficult period under former coach Niko Kovac . the FCB Coach Hansi Flick and the bosses formulate big goals for the Champions League - the voices .

Munich/Bremen - It is finished: The BVB can at 32. Round of the League* no longer catch up with the FC Bayern * - what is the Munich for the eighth Time in a row, German champion .

According to the 1:0 (1:0) the Bayern-Werder Bremen * it gave the bosses a little jab in the direction of the Ex-coach. Head coach Hansi Flick homage, Manuel Neuer, Bayern-missing striker Robert Lewandowski * the spectators in the stadium.

We have combined the voices of the Sky for you.

Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (Executive Board, boss FC Bayern): "Strange mastery"

... about the championship in the League* and coach Hansi Flick: "We are of course very happy that we are today evening, master. the may I remind you that we were in the autumn of seven, eight points behind the table leaders. Then Hansi (Flick, d. Red hat.) the team accepted, and since then, we play a really great football. Because you can make the trainer team Hansi Flick just a compliment . It is a curious championship , we stand here in an empty stadium. But we are totally satisfied, our team has earned this championship. the As Hansi has taken the helm, we have brought the ship back in the right track.“

... about the Delivery of the Cup: "The agreement is that we usually shell the 34. Round after the game against Wolfsburg presented to get. On the Saturday there will be in the stadium a little Celebration. Unfortunately, without women, the hygiene concept of the DFL does not allow. It is in these times.“

... is about the Restart in the Corona-crisis: "It is good, the championship not at the Green table, it was decided. You can see the example of France, which Drama has triggered and what the process of avalanche as follows now. The Bundesliga in Germany was one of the first League, which was allowed to record the game operation. This was important for the Image of the Bundesliga and the policy in this country.“

... about the importance of an eighth Bavaria championship for the League overall: "If you're going for the eighth-Time champion, is the League of course, not so passionate."

... about the chances in the Champions League: "First, I hope that we come up against Chelsea next. The quarter-finals will be played in a Single game. According to rumors, Lisbon will be the venue. Currently, this is all a blind flight. So, as it looks currently, we have a break of four weeks up to the Champions League. Hansi Flick will give the team a short holiday of twelve days, and then we are going to prepare us so that we can survive in the Champions League a round - in the best case, through to the final.“

Hansi Flick (coach of FC Bayern Munich): "This is Bayern Munich"

... on a risky trip from Manuel Neuer: "I know that we have a world-class goalkeeper in the goal. Manu has saved us in the game against Gladbach with a couple of Grand parades. That is simply a must. Compliment to him. The mentality can be felt at each game, that's passion.“

... about the game: "At the beginning of Bremen did not want to be too much, but after the Yellow-red card against Alphonso Davies* you have taken courage. This has made the team then, but a good one. That's why today, there is no criticism.“

... about the 'Mia san mia'-mentality of the Bayern: "You are never alone success, always together. The Staff around is just a unit. Since there is a very good communication, and you have to lift out. The 'Mia san mia' I must experience in my career. You live in the. the Thomas Müller is one of the shows, all with go. The 'Mia san mia' shows self-awareness - 'mia' are good. The players need to know that they have an enormous quality and a coach have confidence in you. This is the Basis for success.“

... on ambitious goals in the Champions League: "The Bayern Munich* . This also fits to me. We have reached our first big goal. In the Cup, we want to make the next step. But it is also clear Then the Champions League comes . The game against Chelsea we need to survive, and then we need to look at what's to come. It is just a game in the K. o. mode, from the looks of it.“

Robert Lewandowski (FC Bayern München): "Typical Manu"

... about the championship: "It is especially. We are German champion but to celebrate without the Fans, is a bit complicated. The missing Extra passion by the Fans. It was not an easy season for us, we had to fight long and hard. But by our quality, we have made it. I hope that we can soon celebrate again with our Fans in the stadium.“

... over the course of the game: "When we led 1:0, we know that we are close to it, to be German champion . In the second half we need to score a goal more, so it will be loose for us.“

+ Accurate: Robert Lewandowski of FC Bayern Munich in Bremen, Germany.©dpa / Martin Meissner

... about the trip from Manuel Neuer in the game: "Typical Manu. He likes this game forward to the Ball. It was a bit of a dangerous Situation, he must always be careful. But he made the class.“

... about the chances in the Champions League: "We still have a bit of time to Champions League . We have now played a lot of games. With such a load it makes a big difference, we only have three days until the next game. We have shown that we are the best team in Germany. Clearly, we want to go in the Champions League more. But we don't know how this new type of preparation according to Corona will be.“

Herbert Hainer (President of FC Bayern Munich): "the Triple"

... about the championship: "At the AGM in November, we were in fourth place, had a 1:5 against Eintracht Frankfurt lost (the day before the separation of Niko Kovac, d. Red.). And now we are German Champions, I'm really proud of the club.“

... about the chances in the Champions League: "I'm the expert quote: This team has the opportunity to win the Triple. The individual quality, and that is what made Hansi Flick in the last six months, is worthy of all honor. We are in the Champions League in the quarter-finals of the DFB-Cup-final - as everything is still in there.“

... the drawback is that the FC Bayern has in front of the king class-a longer Pause: understand "I have concerns. But The team has dealt with the break in the Corona-crisis extremely well. Of course, none of us know when we are three weeks after the 4. July break, as we come out of it. But I have confidence in the team and in Hansi Flick .“


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