BMW 2 series M Gran coupe in the Test | car

"Provocative", "extroverted", "muscular". BMW sets the description of the M235i xDrive Gran coupe to stuff. How is he really on the streets? The BMW M2

BMW 2 series M Gran coupe in the Test | car

"Provocative", "extroverted", "muscular". BMW sets the description of the M235i xDrive Gran coupe to stuff. How is he really on the streets?

The BMW M235i xDrive Gran coupe to join seamlessly into the in-house "M"variants*, the form is the sporty spearhead of the model series. Externally, the 4,53 meters long Compact suggests its Power, among other things, a narrow spoiler and two powerful exhaust tailpipes. Under the hood is a 306-horsepower gasoline engine -for powerful Power.

The strongest two-liter, four-cylinder BMW , in which the engineers drove the crank, reinforced pistons for a higher compression ratio is modified and the injectors have adapted to the higher pressure, also sits on the smaller M135i xDrive under the hood. And on the technical Basis of this smaller 1-brother, the 2 series Gran coupe is. Also there is now offered a six-cylinder and more.

Who's why: The "small" four-cylinder leaves nothing to be desired, even by the Sound: When you Start grumbles and he snarls quietly, he can quite comfortably and quietly through the city. With a stronger pressure on the accelerator is a powerful feed , which is limited in the top only at 250 km/h, however, results in. On top of that, the two-liter roaring petrol engine in such a crisp, as one would roar over the Hockenheim ring.

Okay, the Sound volume does not approach, of course, to a six-cylinder. But at least the four-cylinder engine is less thirsty. We arrived at the Test of the Topsportlers on a section of 8,8 l / 100 km . Still a lot in today's time. But for cars, the sprints with up to 450 Nm of torque in less than five seconds (4,9) from a standstill to a speed of 100, without a doubt, a very good value. With economical driving away from the city, the fuel consumption is also may fall below eight litres , with a lot of Stop-and-go and high speed, of course, over ten liters .

+ Externally, the 1.41 meters flat notchback sedan similar to the BMW-brother-Gran-Turismo.©BMW

The cost of the BMW 2 series M Gran coupe

Clean externally is similar to the 1.41 meters flat notchback sedan in his BMW-brother to Gran Turismo. The 2 series is the third BMW Gran coupe, after 4-and 8 – seater four-door, transverse engine and all-wheel drive, not rear wheel driven. A typical fixed-head coupe. The all-wheel drive Top model M235i xDrive will cost from 51.900 Euro , in addition, there is still the front-driven variants, the 218i with a 140-horsepower gasoline engine (from 31.950 Euro) and 220d with 190-HP Diesel (from 39.900).

+ The Cockpit of the BMW 2 series M Gran coupe.©BMW

The interior

In the M it's also on the inside-sporty and high quality. The four doors look when Open and Close a little easier than the new 1-series, maybe because the side Windows are surrounded by no door frame. The very good seats in the M235i xDrive Gran coupe offer perfect lateral support and are upholstered to hard, although the suspension is in the suspension setting "Comfort" is relatively tight.

+ The four doors work when you Open and Close a little easier than the new 1-series.©BMW

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The driving behavior

Munich is a pretty hard on the road , so that he can play to his strong athletic skills. He roars nimbly and luscious curves, always looks very agile. With the standard four wheel drive by plate clutch , the deep-laid M sports suspension , a mechanical limited-slip differential on the front axle, sports steering and a bissigeren brake, he seems to know no limits. And on the highway it can be, in turn, also absolutely comfortable travel. The eight-speed automatic switches used to quickly, accurately and unobtrusively.

+ The rear seats in the BMW 2 series M Gran coupe.©BMW

The internal controls the Operating System 7.0 or organized, as the iDrive is now called. In addition to the usual rotation handle, the menus let you tap to operate, – or with the voice control. And things with small Gestures. On the back seat two passengers, with decent legroom. For people from 1.80 meters body length of the head space is there, however, scarce. Stately 430 litre compartment fit into the Luggage. With the three-part Backrest the transport possibilities can expand.

+ In the boot space is 430 liters.©BMW

The conclusion

+ The xDrive version of the BMW M Gran coupe.©BMW

The four-door Coupé speaks to those who have no hatchback model, which can visually get over a short tail, and the convenience of two extra doors appreciate. And, of course, those who love it very sporty – that is the most.

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data sheet for the BMW M235i xDrive Gran coupe

engine and transmission:

four-cylinder in-line petrol engine with exhaust gas turbocharger (emission class EU6d-Temp),

engine displacement 1,998 CC,

the 306 HP to 5,000 U/Min.,

max. Torque 450 NM at 1,750 to 4,500 rpm.,

all-wheel-drive "xDrive", the Eight-speed automatic "Steptronic"


0 to 100 km/h in 4.9 sec.,

top 250 km/h

fuel consumption:

8.5 l/100 km, EU-standard, urban,

5.6 l/100 km extra-urban,

6.7 l/100 km

8.8 l/100 km (Super) combined Test consumption

CO2 Emission 153 g/km

dimensions and Weights:

length/width/height 4.526/1.800/1.410 mm,

the trunk volume is 430 to 1,200 liters,

empty weight 1.645 kg,

payload 460 kg


EUR 52,500

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