Letter choice-Chicane: Trump dismantled U.S. Mail, in order to defeat Democrats

the battle for the postal ballot is conducted in the United States bitterly. Unlike in Germany, the letter choice is not in the United States in all Federal Sta

Letter choice-Chicane: Trump dismantled U.S. Mail, in order to defeat Democrats

the battle for the postal ballot is conducted in the United States bitterly. Unlike in Germany, the letter choice is not in the United States in all Federal States. Just because Corona and a infection increased the risk in the choice of local the Democrats are pushing to make it easier for the postal ballot in the United States.

The fear of the Virus is in the democratic voters-spectrum large. And the Corona-deniers are in the ranks of the Republicans, who fear going to the polling station less than democratic voters. The absentee ballot may 3. November election will be crucial.

Donald Trump Biden in all the polls conducted by up to ten percentage points behind his democratic Challenger, Joe. The Republicans are fighting, therefore, in 17 States tooth and nail against Changes to the election rules, went to court and based on a campaign Budget of $ 20 million . In the context of the Trump campaign, twelve staff attorneys, and several dozens of work, according to the US magazine Politico country's external lawyers to discredit the letter choice. The democratic party fights back: According to election experts, more than 160 lawsuits nationwide are now pending.

US Postal Service becomes the target in the election campaign of the Republicans

The crush at the remote voting could result in a definitive winner in the presidential race between Trump and the Democrats, Joe Biden, in a few days or even weeks after the election day on 3. November is. The venerable U.S. Postal Service (USPS) in 1775 by Benjamin Franklin established is therefore a key role in the elections. Of all places, the national the USPS, the Congress, with budget cuts in decades, down has managed. Here, loan rates compare quickly and easily (display) To Focus Online loan comparison

rates, According to a study by the liberal Institute for Policy Studies, it is a wonder that the USPS is not breathing at all and letters can put : In the year 2006 the Congress has adopted under the presidency of George W. Bush, the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act (PAEA). The law required by the USPS for the establishment of a Fund in the amount of 72 billion dollars, to the cost of his employees ' health care after Retirement for the next 75 years. This burden applies to no other Federal Agency or private Corporation. The USPS is ever after high a deficit.

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The Democrats insist on $ 25 billion for the Post-authority in the next Coronavirus-recovery act, to elections to hedge Whether this move will be a success is uncertain: The Democrats dominate the house of representatives of the United States, the Republicans have the Senate majority.

Trump is pushing unabashedly for the dismantling of the US Post office

in fact, the USPS delivered the least in the primaries, the ballots too late. Ironically, even in the Swing States such as Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, or Pennsylvania, the Trump for the re-election needs to win. Votes were not counted and the Counting delayed by days . Blame the Post office, and Trump can feel pressed.

And he is doing everything to ensure that it stays that way: As a Supreme, Mr. Trump began in may with Louis DeJoy, a new Post-chief. And DeJoy, in the sense of Trumps to work and ordered the USPS in the middle of the Corona-crisis and shortly before the election, this is a decent saving-program: DeJoy, bar a few shifts, reduced Overtime, changes in established delivery routes and had sorting machines for the early call it a night. Better you can't organize Chaos. FOCUS-MONEY - buying-Alarm! The new Corona a buying opportunity

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By the way: DeJoy, the new United States Postmaster General, is an ardent Trump Fan, donated already fighting about two million dollars for its election, such as the Washington Post reported. In addition, DeJoy and his wife own, according to other U.S. media reports, shares in the amount of up to $ 75 million to the private carriers, UPS and J. B. Hunt. It is exactly the right man for trump's attack against the Post.

The letter the election is the Corona-presidential elections to decide

five States - Colorado, Hawaii, Oregon, Utah and Washington - already choose completely by Post. California, Vermont and Nevada want to follow suit because of Corona. In most other States, voters may request, without stating reasons, by Post, a postal ballot. FOCUS Online

Donald Trump is tweeting at 3. August 2020 against the US Post office, his opponents and the letter choice: "The Post could agree to the onslaught of absentee ballot never without preparation to cope with. To use Covid, to steal the state. We'll see you in court!"

The Republicans are counting on now since months again and again to relish the possible problems of an absentee ballot: voters lists may be in error, the ballot could be sent to the wrong address or the Post will be lost. And Trump repeatedly on Twitter like a mantra , the rush to the ballot. The new Postmaster General, Louis DeJoy, the insured, however, the postal Board of governors on Friday of last week: "We will do everything we can to make the choice to deliver mail in Accordance with our operating Standards in a timely manner." You may be worried.

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