Massive failures: Now it needs a Plan B, so that the new school year a success

FOCUS Online In the last days a lot of criticism came up, the States would have overslept in the summer holidays, to develop a concept for the digital distance

Massive failures: Now it needs a Plan B, so that the new school year a success

FOCUS Online In the last days a lot of criticism came up, the States would have overslept in the summer holidays, to develop a concept for the digital distance education, were not prepared to re-possible school closures. How could this happen?

Heinz-Peter Meidinger: This is due to other Priorities and excessive demands on the state administration. the I get a as a school principal between March and July 140 Letter from the Ministry of culture. It was about emergency care guidelines for persons at risk, and much more.

The bureaucracy is not borderline wrong, there was plenty of capacity. Because some rules are probably needy circumstances, first, a little faded into the Background. The digital distance education.

FOCUS Online : How you perceive the Situation at the schools?

Literature: The digital facilities of most schools is flawed. At the least schools there is a fast Internet connection to many devices and a comprehensive Wlan coverage is lacking. To 80 percent of the educational institutions there is no professional maintenance. The need to make the teachers themselves, who are not trained at all and also no time to budget for it.

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in addition, there are, as before, in most States, there is no good and user friendly learning platforms. In Bavaria, there were Mebis, but also the initially to be broken at the same time. All of these state proposals were not prepared for the mass onslaught. Therefore, many teachers are invested in working with commercial Tools such as MS team of what was then called again, the privacy advocates on the Plan. That was frustrating.

in-service training offensive for teachers would be useful

The supply of terminal equipment is a construction site. In the context of the digital Pact, it was decided a few weeks ago that nationwide, a Million Laptops to be distributed as loaner equipment – for 500 million euros will be provided. Whether the rich are, is another question. At my school, only 25 students have used a device. The appearance in the focal point schools, such as, for example, in Berlin-Neukölln or Duisburg-Marxloh different. These devices, however, are arrived so far, almost nowhere in the schools.

It's been missed, with a safety a lot. But whether it is possible to have a coherent concept of a patchwork, as we have him in Germany to submit, because I have doubts. At least there should be clear objectives, such as remote under enough you must look. The you can expect. This, however, must be first of all created the technical prerequisites.

FOCUS Online What measures can be taken to facilitate the lessons in the coming school year?

Literature: is A training offensive for teachers would be a useful measure. Because our core question is: How can digital distance education can also be designed pedagogically and didactically productive?

One thing is clear: We will not make the qualitative leap forward that many would wish. Schools during the Corona-crisis in need of massive support, the policy did not respond until today appropriate. It was really a lot of money pumped into the economy, but it would have to be a billion program for schools.

country cross-learning platform must be

FOCUS Online : there Is a project from a state that can act as a national lighthouse project?

Literature: Because of the policy in the beginning of time, as little support came, have been developed, the best initiatives and the most creative solutions often at the base on the ground. Then, the networked teachers and their own experiences with digital Tools replaced. As a result, it has been a huge digitisation thrust, we will also benefit in the post-Corona period.

If we were to get it, countries learning across an easy-to-use to create a platform through which every teacher, every student, all parents would be accessible and could be used, we would be a giant step further.

FOCUS Online , Some of the teachers were able to respond well to the new Situation and have brought through the fabric properly, and others were completely lost. You need to in the future, perhaps an additional component in the teacher training?

"'ve pain a bit of a belly"

Literature: has, of Course, there are also deficits in the case of remote schooling and not all colleagues are equally clear. But the large majority has hung really fully clean. But I felt the limitations.

For a teacher in a secondary school with specialist teaching in maybe up to eight classes , the expectation that one could digital will give each student in each week for individual feedback, iillusorisch.

My wife had a baccalaureate course in English this year. Since she was alone with this a course during lock downs a week from Monday morning to Sunday evening via e-Mail and video conference in the duration of contact.

FOCUS Online As you look to the coming school year?

Literature: I've been in a little pain the stomach, whether we manage the full operation, with all the limitations. But the principle of hope is with us. We as a teachers ' Association in the hope that no change in the distance lessons is necessary. Our aim is, therefore, that the hygiene measures in all countries to be implemented in a way that can develop in schools, no uncontrollable infection to happen.

NRW's with the Mask requirement for older students and teachers in the classroom, the way of the greatest possible caution. This is not the case in all countries. I always say: Better to have more health, than too little. If we because of the lack of hygiene protective measures schools nationwide re-sealing, that would be the "Worst Case". The Main sufferers would be the students. On the question of responsibility Minister of health, soaked in TV-Unlock from PCP On the question of the responsibility of the Minister for health gives way in a TV-Turn off De Maizière is surprisingly open response to Merkel's "can-do", FOCUS Online/Wochit De Maizière is surprisingly open response to Merkel's "can-do"

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