Corona provides plans of young Generation on the head: Nevertheless, the crisis is your Moment

at the end of March, the Robert Koch Institute, it switched to a nondescript job posting. Were looking for so-called "Containment Scouts", which you should tr

Corona provides plans of young Generation on the head: Nevertheless, the crisis is your Moment

at the end of March, the Robert Koch Institute, it switched to a nondescript job posting. Were looking for so-called "Containment Scouts", which you should track down as a Corona-detectives of possible chains of Infection, to prevent the spread of the Virus. It was not a week, as the application window had to be closed prematurely. To big of a Run on the Jobs: Almost 11,000 people had applied - on 525 available Places.

A taste of what was to come. The load, with the Corona on the labour market pushes, is immense. Unlucky to those that were before the outbreak of the crisis on job search, especially Enzo Weber of the Institute for labour market research (IAB), says. Because The number of newly reported Vacancies fell in the months of March and April, more than 50 percent, from 160,000 to only 73.000. In addition to the unemployed, this development is above all a group hits hard: young professionals.

a few months ago the jump was in professional life for the vast majority of graduates are no more an issue, while the economy complained almost on a quarterly basis about the shortage of skilled workers. Now everything is different. Those who ask around among the Generation Y, the one between 1985 and 2000-Born – listens to these days, often the same stories of rejection and waves of redundancies in the trial period. Risk capital for a Startup-to get idea, is a momentary, almost hopeless undertaking. A whole Generation in a stranglehold Coronas so?

Corona: Generation Y is crisis-tested

"Quite the contrary", says Klaus Hurrelmann. For years he has been with the Generation Y and provides you actually well prepared for the impending turbulent times; they are referred to be tested rather than crisis. Of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, on the 2008 financial crisis, up to the reactor disaster in Fukushima "had to accept this Generation of violent strikes". Added to this is the rapid digitization.

In the course of Generation Y will uncertainties are therefore included in the usual environment. The hardens, the youth researchers were convinced. "Generation Y has become in crisis mode, had to Worry, in training and professional penetrate, and many people keep, therefore, has always been a Plan B, C or even D for your future." To improvise, the ability of the Generation of benefit now. The basic competence "with unischer fixes, deal", will demand from the company in the coming years due to the corona crisis in addition, the scientists are sure. FOCUS Online / Shuang Liu

An opinion also shared by an entrepreneur and author Margaret Heffernan on the DLD-Sync, a virtual round table of the digital conference DLD,. It is now the Moment for young people, to existing patterns. Corona also offer a great opportunity, because even traditional companies would be forced by the crisis, to be open to new ideas and changes.

crisis is a gap between educational strata exacerbate

Despite all this euphoria, there are concerns about whether a whole Generation of so lightly by a crisis that shakes our economic Foundation. Just people with a lower educational level are unlikely to benefit from the now auftuenden opportunities. But they, too, are part of the much-discussed Generation Y. the Problem, which is also recognized by Hurrelmann. "Even before the crisis, the number of simple Jobs took, instead, the qualification profiles have been more challenging and more abstract. The crisis will exacerbate the gap between the Educational groups, more,“ he warns.

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there is also a concern in the short-term view of the acute employment situation of many young people is preparing. Although the skills of young graduates may be in demand in the future, but government subsidies such as the short-time work is exclusively on it Workers to keep their employment conditions. Space for new hires remains as little.

subsidies for new hirings

"in the past, on the labour market is still blind in one eye," says IAB expert weavers and combines his criticism with an appeal to the policy. Necessary subsidization of new hires to be in crisis in order to stabilise the labour market.

As a suitable measure, Weber proposes a Takeover of the social contributions for new hires by the Federal government. In the case of the labour costs make up more than 40 percent. In the event of a Takeover of these costs, companies would have a Weber that is considerably more leeway for young people to re-adjust it, for the crisis is an existential challenge. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

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Updated Date: 28 May 2020, 12:26

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