Interest rate rip-off of banks

When you Invent well-hidden account, banks are cost of extremely creative as well as: annual fees for the debit card, paid switch transfers, or even charges, if

Interest rate rip-off of banks

When you Invent well-hidden account, banks are cost of extremely creative as well as: annual fees for the debit card, paid switch transfers, or even charges, if the customer withdraws cash from the ATM of the own Bank. But that's not enough: banks, people's banks and savings banks overdraft interest (disposition of interest) is required in addition to average of just under ten per cent, showed an analysis of the financial advice FMH, which was given by the citizens ' movement "financial turnaround" in the job. At the same time, financial institutions on deposits, such as time of day, or money paid almost no interest. The range of the MRP interest-rich from 0 up to 13.75 percent.

A few exceptions: No interest for the agreed Overdraft required by the Deutsche Skatbank, the GLS Bank and the Sparkasse Nuremberg, Germany. Almost half of the surveyed banks, the interest rate would be 10 percent and more. The most expensive is it to 13.75 percent, to overdraw his account at the Volksbank Raiffeisenbank Oberbayern Südost.

Low interest rates, feasible

In an open letter to the associations of the banking sector, the organization points to the instance of maladministration and asks you to recommend the institutions to require no interest rate of 10 percent and more. That this requirement is implementable, proven according to the "financial turnaround" some of the banks and savings banks already lowered in the course of the corona crisis, at least for existing customers, the overdraft interest rates.

at the same time, some banks, including regional institutions were, for years, that you can also economies with MRP interest rates of well under ten percent. Obvious is, that in the case of the Overdraft of the account for the Institute cost. "But there is a difference of 10 percentage points between Deposit rates and overdraft interest rates is not justified in times of crisis, especially since the state uses the institutions currently by aid indirectly and directly under the arms", - stated in the letter of "financial turnaround". In fact, the money houses granted to saving deposits and money market accounts of virtually no interest anymore. At the same time you could obtain at the European Central Bank to negative interest money.

account exchange easily

If your Bank requires also to high fees and overdraft interest from you, you should replace it, if necessary. Willing to change have a choice between different account models. In addition, the offers differ in terms of equipment, fees, or the amount of the overdraft interest. There are hundreds of different combinations, it is worth checking comparison, as, for example, a financial tip, or check24anbieten. So, you can provide you with just a few clicks an Overview about which account at which Bank is best for you. To change the account that is now not a big hassle anymore. Since 2016, all banks have to offer in the European Union a current Account switching Service, the payment accounts Directive (ZKRL).

For this statutory accounts to change the old Bank of new provides an Overview of all the bookings for the last 13 months, the new Bank informs all payment partners about the new account. The switch is then days, at the latest, within twelve work. Without the paperwork, the Whole works. Because the legislature prescribes for the accounts exchange the help of a rather complex, three-pages long form, on the of the you some of the crosses have to put. After all, some banks fill in in the meantime, the box itself. You will need to check the details just yet. Easier it works, if banks offer a own Bank Account. In this case, the complex form is not necessary and the statutory requirements do not apply. Here, everything is digital and is done in a few minutes.


If your Bank increased the fee, or to high overdraft interest rates required you will need the do not like. Then you can switch to a cheaper Bank.

This article by Nils Matthiesen

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Updated Date: 03 July 2020, 17:27

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