Hospital GmbH: clinics in Corona mode | Weilheim

hospitals in Schongau and Weilheim wanted to the middle of may, gradually, in the normal operation. But then on an order of the state government came To the end

Hospital GmbH: clinics in Corona mode | Weilheim

hospitals in Schongau and Weilheim wanted to the middle of may, gradually, in the normal operation. But then on an order of the state government came To the end of July in Bavaria clinics capacity for Covid must keep up-to-19-patients. This has an impact on the normal business.

County – In clinics in Weilheim and Schongau prevailed at the end of April cautious optimism. The County's own hospital GmbH wanted in the Corona-crisis, in the face of stable disease gradually go from crisis mode to the normal mode. A strict safety and hygiene concept, should make this possible. From the middle of may scheduled operations would be carried out, according to the person in charge. But it was not to be: On the 9. May, a new General decree of the Interior and the Ministry of social Affairs entered into force – it restricts the normal operation of the Bavarian hospitals.

31-page paper

core statement of the 31-page paper: "The management of significant patients in hospitals" to pay for the time being to 30. July will be guaranteed. It is "as comprehensive as possible capacities for the supply of Covid-19 patients, and discharge to other hospitals to free up". In the hospital plan of the free state of the captured facilities are in principle, therefore, "to move as far as medically justifiable, predictable in - patient admissions, inpatient surgeries and procedures as well as inpatient rehabilitation and pension benefits or to suspend".

Almost full

The impact on the two County clinics. Both of them are almost fully occupied, as Dr. Michael court, Medical Director in the Schongau, in front of the home the newspaper says. "The patient's race the place. We have almost normal.“ You've tried the "first swing" operating. There were OP-plans starting at 18. May. About 50 percent of the operations are usually last-minute emergency interventions, says planned course, the OP coordinator is. But then the announcement from Munich came.

Each individual case must now be on his medical need to checked. This means Stress for the person Concerned. To move a SURGERY appointment is not an easy thing. "It put a human fates behind it," white space. The Medical Director, warns: "We have a lot of people waiting for an Operation. You could have what removed. But we have not dared.“


hold While the arranged shifts for frown worried, you can look forward to the GmbH, also of the state government required bed capacity for the Corona-fight left. The free state requires the provision of 30 percent of the intensive capacities velvet ventilator, as well as 25 percent of the normal care beds – but at least 15 percent of the beds for the care of Covid-19-patients. The GmbH creates according to its own information "significantly more" than the minimum standard. In Schongau, it holds 36 normal beds in the Isolation region (20.9 per cent) and four intensive courses (30,8). In Weilheim, there are 48 beds (25,0), and three intensive courses (to 18.8). At both locations, you could create "within a maximum of 48 hours" for more treatment options for Covid-19-Ill. The supply of medicines is also ensured through the cooperation with the hospital pharmacy in Garmisch.

more Than 1000 smears

For six weeks no Covid-19-case was not in Schongau in Weilheim a longer period of time. Approximately 1050 smear tests were carried out in two clinics until the end of April. The provision of beds is still "no Exaggeration," stresses managing Director of a GmbH Thomas Lippmann. "We are happy about every empty ventilator bed that we have." The shift of treatments and diagnostics provides the Medical Director place, however, with concern. "The delays does not make people healthier. A normal operation would be what we want.“ Corona will, however, accompany the clinics any longer. "I'm expecting a second wave. But the breather we need to use actively.“

impact on balance sheet

Thomas Lippmann, managing Director of the hospital GmbH, is under no illusions: renewal of the Corona modes for Bavaria's hospitals meets its business operations. "The full cost will continue to accrue," he says about increased investments in property, services and personnel. At the same time Weilheim and Schongau is a lack of clinics, the opportunities to generate revenue. Lippmann speaks of "greatly reduced services, we may provide". According to hospital GmbH, it was in February, 10.4 percent fewer operations than in the same month last year. Even more extreme than it had been in March (minus 29,3) and in April (down from 37.8).

GmbH is in need of money

The GmbH, a 100% circle, daughter, needs fresh money from the County. According to Lippmann were in the March and April monthly 1.5 to two million euros of liquidity is necessary. Of money to keep the business up and Running – for the most part, it flows in wages, but also in Material. Since mid-may have improved the Situation "clearly": Lippmann anticipates around 500 000 euros in monthly benefits. Reason: The health insurance companies pay for faster the hospital bills. Also, "to take patients to us in the last days very well, you dare back to the house".

government support

Lippmann expected, however, that this support at the end mean no deficit because state subsidies would. "For hospitals has quickly been responding." Among other things, on the empty bed financing: Daily Lippmann must report current occupancy rates, the comparison value of the previous year. As the difference between the Federal pay 560 Euro per day, and an empty bed. In addition, there is Bavarian support for the food supply to the employees for April and may. In spite of the financial injection molding: "It is not, of course, rich", knows the Manager. "At the end of us, patients and sales are missing." The County needs to stand up straight. "The operation will increase the grant costs." Circle Treasurer Norbert Merk had for this year an operating balance of just over 6.9 million Euro costs provided for 7.0 million euros, it should have each of the following years up to 2023 – in front of the Corona-crisis. How high the compensation is, ultimately, is unclear.

Date Of Update: 09 June 2020, 00:34