Hamburg: racism in Germany: the Problem is the daily write-downs are

MOPO:Many dark-skinned German, is made since the deadly police assault on the US-American George Floyd, the question is, ' Are you glad to live in Germany?' H

Hamburg: racism in Germany: the Problem is the daily write-downs are

MOPO:Many dark-skinned German, is made since the deadly police assault on the US-American George Floyd, the question is, ' Are you glad to live in Germany?' How do you feel about that?

Benjamin Asare: just last week, I was asked exactly this question! From someone who is absolutely not a Right. And that is the Tragic. Because the question is not excluding. It carries a subtle racism. Where am I supposed to live because otherwise, if not here? I'm a German. I was born here. Hamburg is my home. Everyone living in Germany should not be happy that it happens here as in the USA.

This means that not only rights are racists?

exactly. Racism and right-wing extremism are not the same. Everyday racism occurs when the majority of society, We can be a "feeling" to arise to a "The feeling" for a minority.

As of the everyday racism manifests itself?

For example, I'm often praised for how great I speak English! Or I'm asked how I "come original". The people who ask me such questions, my bad. You don't notice the subtle racism behind such a question, even.

What is it with you?

It hurt me. If I answer for example the question of where I come From Hamburg!', then the questioners are not satisfied. I'm sorry to have to me explain. There is a sense of exclusion, fired at me, even though I'm part of this society. It sucks that I have to justify myself constantly. And it's all because of my skin color.

How was your Childhood? Since the bear sure to be a lot more difficult, isn't it?

I can't count with two hands how many times I was insulted on the street as "nigger". And then, of course, often the "chocolate kiss"-spell. If man is reduced to his skin color, entmächtigt a the. For children this is especially bad. A child needs to feel beautiful and to develop comfortable in his own skin, self-consciousness. I don't want to be ashamed for my skin color. I'm proud of it!

As far as social discrimination goes, now as an adult?

I can find endless stories of other Black tell no apartment. Or not get because of your appearance, a Job for which you are actually well qualified. Us access in the club will be denied. The old lady in the underground path is, if someone comes as I near her. And Yes – here, too, there is police violence.

Have you experienced this?

I don't drink, I smoke pot. However, I was stopped in this year already three Times by the police and controlled. My white friends didn't happen. That is exactly the Problem. And in Black came into the police custody death of Oury Jalloh, Robble Warsame, Yaya Jabbi, Achidi John, Laye-Alama Condé.

What needs to change?

The Problem is from my point of view, that of the subtle racism of the majority society accepts breastfeeding, or not at all is perceived. If discriminatory values as universally valid and are a matter of course, it can result in violence. Sure, there are regional differences. In Hamburg, the Problem is less virulent than in Dresden. But you must not always point to the East. Hanau is just a year and a half. You can talk about the fact that the perpetrator was mentally ill. But he has acted from a place of fear, behind the wide-spread prejudices.

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the incident in the USA a Chance, the topic of work?

Yes! The incident has brought the barrel only to Overflow. But what happened in the US and happens, is a dumbing-down of humanity anywhere in the world. If Trump speaks quite naturally of "Shithole countries", it promotes the spread of disrespect and an attitude that implies, Essentially, mutual contempt. The death of George Floyd challenges us not only to Pause but also to Act. The citizens should ask themselves: In what kind of society we want to live in? We want to rely on hate and division? Or do we want a fair, caring society, in which everyone has the opportunity to build a future? It is only when dark-skinned people to gain social standing, because they participate in recognized occupations or important positions to fill, then will increase the acceptance also.

What the Individual can do?

There can be no new beginning, if only the minority fights for their rights. The majority must protect the minority. So how it happens is connected in the US, where many White the Demos. This is an important sign. Such characters we need here. Otherwise, the idea of a fair society is a utopia.

This article was written by Nina Gessner

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Date Of Update: 09 June 2020, 01:26