Freising: day-care centre staff will be happy about the return of the preschoolers | Freising

in the Corona of the time in Bavaria, all children in the nursery. But to be able to challenge all the rules to comply with is huge. In Freising can finally go

Freising: day-care centre staff will be happy about the return of the preschoolers | Freising

in the Corona of the time in Bavaria, all children in the nursery. But to be able to challenge all the rules to comply with is huge.

In Freising can finally go back to more children in the Kita. After the decline of Coronavirus-infected persons, 50 per cent of the children are now back in there. The staff is happy.

Freising – The daycare centers in the district of Freising fill up again. Although the offer has been trading in the nursery schools as emergency care, but the utilization of the facilities is already at 50 percent and more. Educators report to the new daycare everyday with Corona.

Corona in Freising: More utilization in dr Kita

The Little rascals in zolling were the first Kindergarten, had to close in the district of Freising due to Corona. The happier the teaching staff is, that life comes into the building. "The children have greeted us today, beaming with joy," says Stephanie More, the head of the Little rascals.

Almost all of the preschoolers had returned. "The social contacts of the children are with each other simple Gold value. Even the best parents can not replace a free game from child to child.“ And also the supervisors are happy that the children's laughter back in the house, stressed Stephanie More. "The silence of the last weeks was already hard."

Coronavirus Freising: special welcome for the of preschoolers

Also in other kindergartens for all preschoolers from the Lockdown are back to almost – often with the siblings, which may as well come back, as Tanja Schranner-Seehofer, head of the Nandlstädter Johannes-kindergarten reported. "Therefore, we have in our seven kindergarten groups, including inclusion group already has a utilization of 70 percent."

A special welcome awaits the preschooler in the house of the child of St. Lantpert in Freising, as head of Alexandra Hampel reveals. "The staff has rehearsed a punch and Judy show." The performance will be filmed and put online, so that the children have to stay at home, come to short.

daycare in Corona times: masks and Hygiene

children are not required to be in the nursery mouth protection. And also the caregivers not to take him in the groups. "We need to put on the masks only if the children are brought and picked up, nappy changing and food," says Stephanie More.

Hygiene will, however, be respected even more than prior to the Corona. "The regular washing of hands takes longer than in the past," says Tanja Schranner-Seehofer, who has developed even a unit of time. "We sing twice a song while washing hands." Thereafter, the water valves can be turned off. In addition, each group has own toilet allocated. "The children will do well. Don't let that mess up.“

Corona-the rules in kindergarten: solid groups

Small support groups are by then a thing of the past, when, after the Whitsun holidays again, 80 percent of the children return to the day-care centres. Distances cannot comply with, like Stephanie More emphasized: "even after six, seven weeks of contact time with the children behind." But the managers can't stay in your Job at a distance, says Tanja Schranner-Seehofer. "If a child is sad, then it needs to be in the Arm."

Decisive is therefore not the absolute size of the group, but the Form of solid groups, explains Christl Steinhart, Freising city hall spokeswoman. This will, of course, also implemented in the urban kindergartens. "Thanks to our motivated staff, we'll manage quite well."

thanks to Corona rules: No contact to Kita-friends?

For the children it means that Other groups in the house can not be visited. The staff also remains firmly in the group shared. Also it is the only children of the same group may play each other to keep any risk of Infection as low as possible.

garden and gymnasiums are used in the Little rascals, therefore, in the shift operation. In John's Kindergarten, the garden has been divided into several zones, so that at least three groups can be parallel to the outside.

Corona Tests

A push by Johannes Becher meets with the centre heads on a positive response. The Green MdL has been required to test the day-care centre staff once a week free of charge on Corona. "This initiative is very welcome," said Christl Hard as a rock.

Tanja Schranner-Seehofer is in favour of Tests. To protect "not only to our staff and the children, but also that in the case of the case, only one group needs to be closed and not the whole Kindergarten. Because if we were to set the entire operation back, that would be fatal.“ Alexandra Hampel goes even a step further: "This deal should also apply to Daycares and schools."

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Date Of Update: 27 May 2020, 05:34