Diesel-processes: BMW expects no wave of lawsuits

"The diesel scandal is only now really" believes the law firm that represented the owner of a VW Sharan TDI before the court, and for the first time, a "Dies

Diesel-processes: BMW expects no wave of lawsuits

"The diesel scandal is only now really" believes the law firm that represented the owner of a VW Sharan TDI before the court, and for the first time, a "Diesel-judgment" before the Federal court of justice brought. The now decided largely in favor of the plaintiff, which is a signal for all Diesel-processes: 60.000 running processes are likely to be in the sense of the plaintiff to decide. Means: The car owner can be compensated and allowed to return to her car, but a compensation for Use for the mileage from the purchase price paid deduct.

While Daimler already has numerous models, with Diesel models, were recalled by an official order from the KBA, remained a German Premium manufacturer spared so far, BMW exhaust gas to the scandal largely. Apparently, the group does not expect that the Supreme court ruling is now a wave of lawsuits threatens to analogous to the VW or Audi.

Only a few BMW drivers actions for diesel cars

in fact, a few BMW drivers complain comparatively against the manufacturer, as the company has announced a request by FOCUS Online: "a Total of approximately 500 lawsuits in the above-mentioned connection are currently pending. In 235 cases, comparable customers were claims against the BMW Group is already used by various regional courts in Germany rejected. All 46 of the previously adopted decisions of the courts of appeal are, without exception, failed in favor of the BMW Group. In one case, we hold the court's decision is wrong, we have appealed," says BMW. Insider grabs: There was the clean-Diesel - and that's why you don't want to grab him FOCUS Online Insider: There was the clean-Diesel - and that's why you wanted to gave him

so Far, at BMW, even a mandatory recall due to increased nitric oxide values. He covered the models M550d and 750xd. According to BMW it does not have values to a conscious Manipulation of the exhaust gas, but a faulty Software played acted. The Diesel engine with four turbochargers takes BMW 2020 from the program. The core element of the engine, a newly designed permanent two - stage turbocharging, consisting of two low pressure and two high-pressure exhaust gas turbochargers. "As a reason for the end of the Quad-Turbos, BMW announced the changes in the political, social and market conditions in Europe. A continuation of the offer is no longer economically justifiable proportion to the numbers in these markets", according to "Auto Motor & Sport". To suspect is that the exhaust gas cleaning for the high-bred the aggregate, would create, in spite of the BMW's usual elaborate exhaust Hardware with a plurality of catalysts, for the latest exhaust emissions standards easy to use.

ECJ decision creates new problems for the manufacturers

If the Supreme court case against Volkswagen to BMW or any other manufacturer, as there are many lawyers promise their clients, remains currently unclear. Regardless of all of the Diesel manufacturers are expected, almost another decision with far-reaching consequences, this time from the European court of justice. The ECJ must decide whether to shutdown facilities in the case of Diesel engines, including the famous "thermal window", to comply with the law. A report by the public Prosecutor's office has denied the recently clear, where it went in Detail, so that a Motor may not have two modes of operation (such as the famous "mode 0" and "mode 1" in the case of Volkswagen). With the deactivation of the exhaust-gas cleaning for engine protection are only allowed if the vehicle this is a direct damage threat. Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel FOCUS Online/Wochit Diesel or Plug-In Hybrid - which is better? The great duel

Are all Diesel-manufacturer of damage, in principle, liable for compensation?

it is Still unclear whether each of the "thermal window" - so, in General, any temperature-dependent exhaust gas cleaning-switch - off-is affected. This would then actually mean that, in addition to the fraud-diesel engines, of the type EA189 still hundreds of thousands of other Diesel-may be would not have brought cars from Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and Seat, but also from other manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, or Renault, with the corresponding emission control in the transport. Observers, such a blanket Interpretation of the ECJ is possible, but you would be pretty out of touch with reality. Because even in the case of the German Federal environment Agency publicised systems for Hardware retrofitting in Diesel vehicles, there are such a thermal window. BMW says this on request by FOCUS Online: "The BMW Group is not involved in the process. We will examine the impact of the forthcoming judgment and to rate. Generally, all BMW vehicles have an effective type Approval. This is followed by a future court ruling, whatever it will be, nothing will change our opinion." Numerous lawyers are likely to see, of course, is different - as a result of the ECJ ruling, you can expect many new lawsuits.

Date Of Update: 27 May 2020, 06:27