Final 8 of the champions League : favourites on the bench test - The Point

They are no more than eight to be eligible to win the 65th edition of the european champion clubs ' Cup. All in a dream. However, six of them have never even r

Final 8 of the champions League : favourites on the bench test - The Point

They are no more than eight to be eligible to win the 65th edition of the european champion clubs ' Cup. All in a dream. However, six of them have never even raised the Cup with big ears. And only three teams are among the favorites.

Bayern Munich favorite, the new rich in ambush

out of The knockout stages of the champions League, we know the full list of participants at the "Final 8" of Lisbon. Among them, a club is unanimous agreement on the european stage : Bayern Munich. In fact, since the resumption of european football, the German club has won all twelve matches in which he has participated. The arrival of Hans-Dieter Flick, unwilling to shine in the beginning of the season, at the head of the bench, has transformed the institution. Better yet, the club is carried by a Robert Lewandowski at his best and enjoys the outbreak of the talented Alphonso Davies. In the Bundesliga, the club, bavarian-has demonstrated an impressive mastery, winning its 30th league title. And, in general, the Bayern Munich has won 26 of his 27 games in all competitions. In the fourth round, the club bavarian humiliated Chelsea (3-0, 4-1). It is, therefore, in seriousness, claiming that the five-time European champion (1974, 1975, 1976, 2001 and 2013) arrives in Portugal.

But Bayern Munich is not the only club to aspire to the final victory. The Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City – the two new rich – still persist unabated for several seasons to try to get their first victory in the C1. Worn by a Kevin De Bruyne amazing and carried out by the science of Pep Guardiola, the Citizens do not cease to impress. They have even managed to come to the end of the invincibility of the Real Madrid of Zinedine Zidane in the champions League. A true performance ! The Olympique lyonnais Rudi Garcia, Manchester City hope to confirm and track the semi-finals of the champions League.

In the other part of the table this time, Paris Saint-Germain signs finally its return to the quarterfinals. Tormentors of Borussia Dortmund (2-1, 2-0) in march, the Parisians have managed to get through the eighth. With one of the best people on the planet, the PSG – admittedly incomplete – has been a draw rather favorable, since Neymar Jr. and his teammates will face Atalanta in Bergamo, before facing possibly the winner of Atletico Madrid-Leipzig in the semi-final. The royal route.

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Barcelona and Atletico Madrid, the factors X

historical Club on the continental stage, FC Barcelona has the best track record european of this "Final 8" – tied with Bayern Munich. But, since the beginning of the competition, the club coached by Quique Setien (today on an ejector seat) in advance without any certainty. The qualification acquired against Napoli (1-1, 3-1), although valuable, has not had the desired effect : to reassure the people of the blaugrana. In fact, Barça is down. Led by a Lionel Messi condemned to the eternal achievement of the individual, the dauphin of la Liga has a level of play far from its standards. And at the time of receiving the eightfold German champion in title, the concern is implementation. The quarter-final between Bayern Munich and the Catalans Friday, August 14, the next announcement already intense. Teammates Antoine Griezmann should avoid at all costs the white season, while the German team wants to confirm his return to the top of the football continental. A duel with bated breath.

Still in Spain, the Atletico Madrid shows, as to it, more attractive – with a series of eleven games without defeat. Installed in Europe, in the favour of Diego Simeone, the Colchoneros found themselves in the quarter-finals of the C1 for the first time since 2017. In the fourth round, the people of Madrid had eliminated the defending champions Liverpool (1-0, 3-2) and have shown since the start of the competition a strength and a rigorous proof. Turn of fate, the Colchoneros are in the part of the table the most affordable possible and face RB Leipzig on Thursday, the 13th August next. Atletico Madrid can believe in... provided they participate in the competition. Two cases of Covid-19 of the cases were detected on Sunday.

Lyon, Leipzig and the Atalanta, the three outsiders

top of its group ahead of Olympique lyonnais (with 11 points), RB Leipzig, has eliminated the vice-European champion Tottenham in the fourth round of the final (1-0, 3-0), without conceding. Little flamboyant, the team led by Julian Nagelsmann is nevertheless one of the most consistent. But, faced with the rigour of the Spanish, the challenge will be to size.

on the French Side now, Olympique lyonnais, of course, an outsider. Then, of course, protected by Rudi Garcia have achieved the feat of eliminating the Juventus Turin of Cristiano Ronaldo as early as the stage of the eighth-finals (1-0, 2-1). Of course, this is also the first time that a French club manages to get out the Old Lady to the competition. But Olympique lyonnais is certainly the club most in trouble in this " Final 8 ". The Gons can be found in the table of death, as opposed to Manchester City, Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona. Their chances are miniscule in the face of such stables in europe. And in spite of a season of disappointing League 1, to continue the course in the semi-final of the champions League, or even in the final, would be a feat of the most divine. But as long as there is football, there is hope...

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Finally, the Atalanta Bergamo remains the great surprise of this season. Participate in the champions League for the first time in its history, was already a success for the club lombard. Reach the quarter-finals is a feat. Best attack of Serie A, and the third best attack in Europe (with 98 goals), Atalanta Bergamo has not done up to then, evidence of any complex in the competition. Without pressure, they could continue to surprise in Europe. Especially given the news of recent months – the region of Bergamo is one of the most affected by Italy with nearly 20 000 deaths Covid-19. This would, no doubt, the beautiful story of the decade.

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