Exclusive pictures: Ferrari Roma comes to life

It is still, the youngest horse in the Ferrari stable. Until the new Ferrari Roma dangers could be, to take it yet, is it from Italy. The more we were delighted

Exclusive pictures: Ferrari Roma comes to life

It is still, the youngest horse in the Ferrari stable. Until the new Ferrari Roma dangers could be, to take it yet, is it from Italy. The more we were delighted to receive the invitation to a photo Studio in Hamburg. There, we were not able to see the latest creation from Maranello, only, but also start. The vocal sample that promises ever Good.

Ferrari Roma with a new design language,

was presented As the Ferrari Roma in November 2019 in the world, were some – if not all – experts, surprised. Not because of the core data, because the are more as expected: 620 horsepower and 670 Newton meters. 3,4 seconds up to 100-bell and the 320 km/h, it can also. More surprising is the Aesthetic that is reminiscent of La Dolce Vita from past days. Ferrari GQ cars

In the case of any other specimen from Maranello, a note on the topic of driving dynamics can be found after a few centimetres. The Roma, though, with no word from Top Speed and corner exit. He gives the casual-casual connoisseurs. No Spoiler, no diffuser, an edge almost shy-looking demolition and no air. As this Italians would be above any Form of technical interference in the forces of physics. We remember: 320 km/h.

Ferrari GQ cars Ferrari, Roma: Casual timeless coupe

A hall, white painted, a couple of spotlights on the ceiling. It is quiet, the floor is a nearly sterile surface. The Ferrari with the rear output, the Front interested us. The radiator grille: so different, so striking. Openings Yes, but only the necessity of cooling of the engine due to. In addition, each of the LED lights as a sign of the Modern, the complete nose in the style of a Haifischmauls. Hungry, curious the front area absuchend. Ferrari GQ cars

the Rest of The car is reminiscent of a classic Coupé: the long Front, short rear. Front and rear, there are significant Overhangs, and the cabin has long doors, so ingress and egress not only for yoga driving is suitable. Behind the front a + seats twice. As a sign of everyday life – for sports bags, Shopping-yield or the short way of the Jackets, when the sun is shining and the interior is heated. Further back then the four tail lights, a Pair of left and right. Surrounded by the curve of the spout wheel arches, which don't seem muscular but a mix of experience and ends. As the Designer at the drawing table would advance to the terms, Gentleman, elegant, casual and timeless, has been briefed. Ferrari GQ cars

The Menettino: finger exercise for the more experienced Ferraristi

Then, before you sit down in the driver's seat: The views of the Menettino, the steering Wheel. More buttons, switches and settings would probably have found hardly any more space. What counts at Ferrari for years to good Tön, finds in the Roma a preliminary coronation. Right a Touchpad sits to control the content of the instrument cluster. A finger exercise that you have as an experienced Ferraristi without further notice. You will be informed on the neighboring seat now directly over speed, rpm and gear selection, you may find superfluous, but what the occupants in the great 812 law, should not be missing in the Roma. Ferrari GQ cars

The Sound of the V8 engine

the Sound from The four Ends of the exhaust system sounds like power and sovereignty. We have recorded the music. [  

And because Ferrari is presenting so much new technical innovations, we tell at this point, from the "Variable Boost Management," which is torque, and gear selection in a single breath is called. Software and clever technical developments, the optimum torque is delivered to the selected gear. The force increases with the speed, in the optimal case 760 Newton metres are in the aisles seven and eight. This then ensures the best possible suit, and consumption values, which you can experience in a walk. The gearbox is the Ferrari were aligned to the developers on SF Stradale. The Eight-speed dual-clutch gearbox of the Roma is a further development and, therefore, not only smaller but also lighter. Man saves six pounds of weight. Ferrari GQ cars

Modern Ambassador of La Dolce Vita

After several rounds of the almost 4.7 metres long and 1.570 kilos and Roma to answer the question as to the order or the meaning of this two-door car is quite clear-with one word: Lust. And, thus, only the desire to Speed or race track is not meant to be. Rather, this Ferrari wants to awaken the desire on the Boulevard, the Via Veneto in Rome, La Dolce Vita. The Ferrari Roma is such a thing as the modern Ambassador of the sweet life. For just under 200,000 Euro, you can take him in a couple of months to the first exit.

This article was written by (Ralf Bernert)

*The post "Italy's blades strengths most beautiful horse: Ferrari Roma comes to life" will be released by GQ. Contact with the executives here.

Updated Date: 21 May 2020, 19:26

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