According to organic food, fair clothing, and social banks: Now you can buy green

FOCUS Online sustainability is in Vogue in many industries, and now also in insurance. How that supposed to work? Lydia May: The concept of sustainability

According to organic food, fair clothing, and social banks: Now you can buy green

FOCUS Online sustainability is in Vogue in many industries, and now also in insurance. How that supposed to work?

Lydia May: The concept of sustainability is not unknown in the insurance industry, but was considered for a long time as a niche product. The principle of sustainability can already be found in many areas and may look quite different. Capital investments by enterprises, for example, can be sustainable. Or rates and products for customers – each insurance product can be sustainably designed. In addition, insurance companies repairing Damage to the environment can be made.

FOCUS Online : And what is the difference between "green" variants from the point of view of the Insured?

May: Basically, they hardly differ from conventional Tariffs - in the case of damage, there are the usual Service. We give the customer the choice of: classic Fare, or the "green" variant, with environmental added value.

anyone Who buys the device sustainable replacement, gets more money from the insurance

FOCUS Online : How are we to view this in concrete terms?

May: "Green" insurance policies we offer in our Household contents, private liability and Car insurance rates, soon, accident, residential buildings and animal holding liability consequences. In the private liability and household insurance, for example, the policyholder receives more money if he decides in the case of a claim for the purchase of a household appliance, a sustainable company or a device with the highest energy efficiency class. Sustainable repair rewards will work, for example, when someone paints with biodegradable paint or wood floors from sustainable cultivation laid.

About the expert

Lydia May, Head of Claims at digital insurance, a start-up One Insurance. You will be responsible for the development and implementation of new insurance products in the claims, which also includes the integration of sustainable products. In addition, Jan leads One to the damage area.

we Take another example: The Insured is covered for home and contents insurance, it comes to a water damage, and the refrigerator is damaged. The Insured person then receives the time value of the device. Now he can actively decide to buy a sustainable device. He gives us the proof of purchase, and he gets up to 50 percent of the time value. This applies equally, if he decides to work for sustainable repair.

FOCUS Online : Even my car can I insure a sustainable...?

May: Yes, even if at first it sounds contradictory. But here, too, there are many possibilities. Parts of the contributions from our green Tariffs, and also the car insurance, to flow, for example, in the afforestation in North East India: Together with WeForest, our sustainability partner "green projects assured" there. Specifically, this means: For every new "green assured"of the Treaty, we plant WeForest in Meghalaya, in the North-East of India new trees. The restoration of the forest creates new local jobs, fights climate change and protects biodiversity. More than 28,000 trees planted by WeForest already there for us. Car insurance at FOCUS Online compare online here you will Find the cheapest rate

A more sustainable Option in the Vehicle area would be to get in the case of a repair, an electric car instead of a car with a conventional drive system provided. E-cars are not, in principle, be insured differently than nitro. We insure the same risks, i.e. accidents, theft, vandalism or damage caused by storm or hail. The price calculation is different and sometimes strong. In the case of Burners, much value - and potential damage - in the engine. The value of the E-cars are mainly in the battery and the body.

"Green" insurance to find so far, especially on the Internet

FOCUS Online Are such products because something for idealists, are a compromise ready?

May: sustainability in Germany is not a niche issue anymore. She has long since arrived in the middle of our society and appropriate programmes should therefore be accessible to everyone. Here is a great deal of responsibility in the case of the insurers, distribution partners and customers is the added value of sustainable Alternatives.

FOCUS Online : How do I find "green" insurance?

May: so Far, the customers of "green" offers especially on the Internet. But I assume that sustainable products will play in the future even for brokers a much higher priority. Laguna (display)

If you want to avoid in the future the garbage, then buy in the Laguna Shop sustainable, fair products without plastic.

To the Shop

the example of the Car insurance is not particularly clear why: eco-car is driving-friendly. But a green Car insurance offers a simple way to improve your own ecological footprint if I know of the possibility and I can be sure that the product is good in other ways, too something. So you can then make any of his contribution.

Whoever chooses sustainable rates, usually less damage to the volume

FOCUS Online for This contribution, but probably some more costs, or?

May: The more contribution is manageable, and moves mostly between 7 and 15 percent. But it is also at no additional cost. Our best-selling Offered, for example, we offer our customers, your current insurance policy into a sustainable policy to convert. We collect no surcharge for the "green" variant. We offer these Switch Rates even more power. Indeed, we find that those who complete a sustainable insurance, usually have less of a damage volume. The we reward.

Additional costs can arise from the fact that we need to use other channels of distribution. This means more expenses, which we pass on to a small extent. In the case of our Car insurance, for example, the additional costs for the green version amount to less than 5 percent compared to our normal insurance contributions.

No money for the arms industry or child labour

FOCUS Online you Can implement the idea of sustainability in their daily work, or to the products you offer is limited?

May: As a broker insurer we are trying sustainable insurance to make it accessible to everyone – so we do our work every day, contributing to more sustainability. As a company, we make sure not to invest insurance premiums or investments in so-called "negative criteria" such as the defense industry or in child labour. A principle, in my eyes, every company should comply with, regardless of whether a sustainable product is offered. So they produce their own electricity, Our PDF guide shows you how to make your own electricity independent from expensive suppliers.To the PDF guide

We have also from the beginning on digital paths and avoid unnecessary paperwork. The post-process is reduced to a Minimum. Our customers, but also Damaged and service providers such as craftsmen, to make use of this digital Service, by the way, very gladly. Many traditional insurers have responded to this willingness, much too late.

FOCUS Online How it looks with the popular comparison sites: there are green tariffs?

May: Who is looking for a Tariff on comparison sites, you will find mostly results that guarantee the lowest possible price. In electricity, for example, you can specify while in the meantime, from the outset, that you want also, or even exclusively green Alternatives is displayed, i.e., Green tariffs. In the area of insurance, we are far but still far. Especially as only a few insurance companies offer such tariffs. The green Option is needed as quickly as possible to the Standard. But there's a lot of education work is still necessary.

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