13-Year-old is filming is illegal, Tesla-construction - Elon Musk inspires - Video

Every Saturday, it attracts the 13-year-old Silas Heineken to the site of the 2021 500,000 new Tesla cars should be built. He documented the progress of the con

13-Year-old is filming is illegal, Tesla-construction - Elon Musk inspires - Video

Every Saturday, it attracts the 13-year-old Silas Heineken to the site of the 2021 500,000 new Tesla cars should be built. He documented the progress of the construction work for the project, which provides nationwide sensation: The new Tesla factory in Brandenburg.

About this site in Brandenburg is much discussed: Tesla is building in green Heath. The Protection Of The Environment, Jobs. This is Silas, not Heineken, presumably, are of interest.

The 13-Year-old is simply amazed by the Tesla factory, which is erected in front of the gates of Berlin and documented with his drone construction. the The shots you see in the Video above, are spectacular. permission, but it did not initially.

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security personnel discovered a drone Pilot and alerted police

And that was initially the Problem: When the Boy from the security personnel will be caught, they threatened to display him and called the police. This would have advised the security personnel, however, not to press charges, since Silas is only 13 years old.

The youth turned to after the incident in a Video to his Followers, and explained what had happened. dpa Silas Heineken is his drone at the construction site of the future Tesla Giga-Factory in the air to rise.

Elon Musk commented on Twitter: "Fine by me"

The Video was shared and eventually ended up at Tesla, founder Elon Musk personally with the question of whether Silas was allowed to continue to rotate there. Musk retweetete Silas Post with the words "Fine by me" - so "me".

Silas, and the guards were met by an agreement: He's allowed to continue with the drone filming, the security personnel, however, before each rotation thereof. the The shots are spectacular - see for yourself.

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13-Year-old is filming the Tesla factory should know: "For me, this is a Hobby,"

anyone Who thinks that the Videos are of interest to anyone, is wrong. Over 100 000 clicks Heineken Videos on YouTube. "Worldwide, there are really a lot of people are interested in it," says Heineken. Also in other factories of Tesla, people have started to document the progress of the construction. So Tesla could see Fans in the world, the factory developed and whether there would be even the production could start.

"For me, this is a Hobby and not a duty," said Heineken, which has now published a number of Videos - all in a clean filmed and set to music. "Certainly, there was a day where I would rather have looked to see Netflix, but when I stepped up, then, it makes me always fun and I am with the end result usually very happy."

The former reaction of the "big" Elon Musk on his Video channel was for Heineken is a real accolade. Against 0.30 at his cell phone exploded"". On all channels news - Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter came. "At the beginning I was a little skeptical. Is this going to happen or want to fuck me here someone?". When he had the certainty he was of course totally surprised. "At the Moment, it was for me the Greatest, that my giant has idol written such an important message."

Musks Plan: up to 500,000 Tesla cars per year in green Heath

Tesla wants to produce in grünheide, near Berlin, from 2021 to around 500,000 electric cars per year. With the Gigafactory, he wants to continue the success series of the U.S. electric car maker continued. Tesla worth more than Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW together is now. The pay-off for Musk: The star entrepreneurs, has earned hundreds of million-Dollar first Tranche of the high-doped long-term compensation plan, which is linked to the achievement of certain targets, such as when the market value or at the sales development by Tesla. The company said on Thursday (local time) of the U.S. securities and exchange Commission SEC.

The first Tranche includes 1.7 million Tesla shares, the last closing price was almost at 806 dollars and the Musk now at an option price of $ 350 could buy. The difference would result in a book gain of approximately $ 775 million (700 million Euro). However, Musk has to keep the documents for at least five years, until then the course could be already somewhere else entirely.

Musks objective: to Tesla based on the stock 650 billions of dollars value

of The Tesla boss, no regular salary, but benefits greatly if the group reached certain targets. So the contract extension had been agreed in the case of Musks for a further ten years as Chairman of the Board at the beginning of 2018, approximately twelve target marks in increments of $ 50 billion for the stock-market value. In fact, Tesla managed to reach a market capitalization of more than $ 100 billion, the last of which was almost 150 billion.

so Far, it is only the first step of an ambitious Plan to push Tesla's market value is ultimately up to a huge 650 billion dollars high. In this case, the 48-Year-old could end up, theoretically, even up to 2.6 billion dollars. However, the risk is high that Tesla missed the Performance of brands. As the largest single shareholder that already holds a share of around 18.5 per cent of the E-car maker, depends Musks assets one way or the other very much on the fate of the group.

Musk also celebrates with SpaceX successes

And not only in the case of Tesla, it is also SpaceX, the space company Musks celebrating successes: for the First time in about nine years, is launched in the US a manned rocket into space successfully - a rocket from SpaceX. Thus, it is the first manned flight of a private company to the International space station ISS. The Falcon-9 rocket, the company launched on Saturday at 15.22 PM local time from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida with the two U.S. astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken on Board.

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