Brunnthal - trachten Verein will precious white 100 years old - a Small Celebration in the fall? | Brunnthal

The folklore society almrausch Brunnthal is one of the most active of its kind. Straight to the hundred-year-old, he is a hell of a but at the moment, to do not

Brunnthal - trachten Verein will precious white 100 years old - a Small Celebration in the fall? | Brunnthal

The folklore society almrausch Brunnthal is one of the most active of its kind. Straight to the hundred-year-old, he is a hell of a but at the moment, to do nothing. Which is actually this weekend due hundred year celebration you want to catch up on but soon.

Brunnthal – Generational traditions with folk dances, Plattln, alternating theater performances, music and singing groups and, not least, the costume care: This constant Canon of the traditional value of placement in the home - and folk costumes club precious Brunnthal know since his early days with a lot of meticulousness and success of prescribed. To meet the fast-paced spirit of the times through valuable customs and traditions, since the founding of the constant approach. In this year, in the municipality of Brunnthal and its districts deep-seated Association is 100 years old.

But the big anniversary celebration with a Potpourri of celebrations, five days of May has to be cancelled for known reasons. Light looks send out the costumes friends yet. If possible, should take place this year in the fall or at the latest next year, a "stripped-down" Feast. Fix is, of course, in these days, still nothing. The on-site visit to a rather sad picture. "Actually, it was supposed to start exactly today," expressed the Executive Board Siegfried Hauser and shakes his head. But instead of a joyous celebration and bustle in and around the beautiful club house at the Maurerweg have arrived today, only a few Board folks, for crisis talks.

25 helpers have been in vain the effort

seems to be Outside the group photo with quite a wry group, the sun smile, almost as if in mockery. Inside, the despair is obvious. Empty rows of seats, where else, the mood spill would coat-of-arms. The very back of the large poster with the program still hangs. "A hard core of 25 volunteers has been working for this Fixed – unfortunately in vain," laments Hauser's colleague on the Board, Franz Mayr.

+ today, The Board of Directors (v. li.) Franz Mayr, Anita and Günther Fendt as well as the Association of chief Siegfried Hauser hope to have a small anniversary celebration in the fall.©Harald Hettich

everything would have been so nice for the approximately 180 members. A marquee should be erected, at the opening concert of the "3 men had played only with a guitar is" (New date 21. May 2021 – cards will remain valid). The "Hoagascht" and "Brunnthal rocking with bar" would have expanded the musical generations of the bracket. Large marquee operation, a Central celebration of the divine service, or the procession through the village with lots of friendly Clubs and supporters now fall into the water.

With heart and soul for the club

During the table and rows of chairs in the club house, sad empty look, the Board of management, in spite of the pandemic Malaise combative. All four have appeared in their jaunty costume – almost a kind of armor against the rampant despair. "It would be important for the club that we could align with, in spite of Corona in the autumn or in spring, nevertheless a smaller anniversary celebration," emphasizes Anita Fendt. With her husband Günther, Fendt is a "Zuazogne". Twelve years ago, the two came to Brunnthal, love the village life and in particular "their" national costumes Association. "The dance is a practiced tradition, here the important village structures will be maintained," stresses Günther Fendt. Both are now in the Board of Directors of the Association, actively and with heart and soul. To remain in spite of all the current Provide.

Forty young people diligently

Just on the Junior care in the Association is the "precious white" pride. "We maintain a very intensive youth work", emphasizes Siegfried Hauser. "A lot of dedicated practice Manager to take care of our offspring." The word has spread. While there are tweaks elsewhere in the offspring, have the Brunnthaler forty young people in their ranks. "Of course, would have been a Feast is important to the Banner to hold high," emphasized With Board of Mayr.

+ read the value of the already ready-made, lovingly-crafted publication is.©Harald Hettich

In the truest sense of the word. Since 1980, dedicated to Flag-is a particularly elegant piece. Once in eight months of work in the monastery Schlehdorf intricately embroidered, it was in 2010 restored. To 100. Club birthday, had donated to the honorary members, another, jewelry, full volume. The Brunnthaler hope that it is as similar as possible in the fall to use. "Bad is that you do not know yet how to do it", emphasize the Four almost in unison. After all: "The financial damage will not break the back of the Neck," emphasizes Hauser. The club have managed in the years and decades before, and some of the patrons enjoying themselves in the community.

"we're still there!"

"The next Festival is coming!", Franz Mayr is an important approach. "We're still there". He knocks on the table, the others nod in agreement. A little life is still the club's home. You can imagine vividly what is going on when the pandemic is over. If the precious white again shines, you will be dancing on the tables.

Date Of Update: 31 May 2020, 08:33

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