Korean Skin Care: Beauty secrets from the Far East: layer by layer to beautiful skin

When it comes to skin care, people are always on the lookout for new ideas.

Korean Skin Care: Beauty secrets from the Far East: layer by layer to beautiful skin

When it comes to skin care, people are always on the lookout for new ideas. After all, there are numerous products and methods that are supposed to work wonders. You can find inspiration in distant countries, for example. Same in Korea. A pure and tight porcelain skin is considered the ideal of beauty there. Korean women therefore attach great importance to a complex care routine. Korean Skin Care can include up to ten steps. Does it sound like you need to get used to it? Ingredients such as snail slime or horse fat also have an exotic effect. However, Korean cosmetics are also increasingly using products that are organic and vegan, so everyone can find something that suits them.

Of course you don't have to take over all the steps, there are many modified forms, because you don't always have enough time for the entire care program. Test out what is good for your skin and integrate these elements into your care routine. Anyone who values ​​healthy skin should also drink a lot of water , get enough exercise and eat healthily.

Korean women care for their skin with the layering method. This means they work their way through the beauty routine layer by layer. It starts with thin liquid care products, while thick, viscous products are only used at the end of skin care. First and foremost is the thorough removal of make-up. This works best with a cleansing oil that does not dry out the skin.

As soon as you have removed the make-up from your face, you should carry out a thorough cleansing to get all dirt residue out of the pores. Korean women like to use cleansing foam to gently remove make-up and dirt from the skin. The Face Shop brand has a practical set consisting of cleansing oil and foam.

Dead skin cells can lead to blemishes, which is why regular exfoliation is worthwhile. The popular Neogen brand has practical cotton pads that are provided with a moisturizing scrub. This is how cleaning and care should be combined.

The toner is used after cleansing and is the first step in skin care after cleansing. It is supposed to regulate the pH value of the skin in order to optimally prepare it for the further steps of care. Toner is also called facial toner in Germany. In contrast to the counterpart in Korea, German toners often contain alcohol. It is completely different with Korean products. There the ingredients are designed for a moisturizing effect. This toner from Klairs is said to be mild and to balance the skin's pH level. The natural human pH is between 4.2 and 5.6. pH values ​​above or below this range can lead to skin irritation and acne. If your face feels too tight after washing, that's a sign that the pH of the product is too high.

Korean Skin Care uses layers to maximize skin hydration. Rather than relying on a thick cream, Koreans believe layering products allow skin to breathe and avoid clogging pores. The toner forms the first moisture layer, the essence follows as the second layer. Korean products tend to be thinner in texture. They penetrate deeper into the skin and help absorb the other products. This essence from Missha promises a lot of moisture.

Hard to believe, but another layer of moisture follows. The emulsion layer is often a little tougher than the previous layers and is meant to give the skin body and shine. Be aware of your skin type because if you are an oily skin type, applying a layer of emulsion can make the skin too oily. For dry types, however, the additional layer can be worthwhile. As always, give it a try and adapt your skin care routine. This nourishing emulsion from The Face Shop with mango seed butter is designed to keep the skin pleasantly soft.

Depending on the ingredients, serums take on special tasks. It is a thicker texture that is viscous. For example, they can reduce wrinkles or pigment spots. The Klairs serum is 100 percent vegan and contains moisturizing hyaluronic acid.

Sheet masks can now be bought in almost every German drugstore. The masks are soaked in a nourishing serum and are placed on the face for 15 to 20 minutes. You can put the mask in the fridge before using, so care and cool the skin at the same time. Beauty Kei offers nourishing masks with aloe vera, which are supposed to give the skin more elasticity.

The delicate skin around the eyes in particular requires the right care because crow's feet and fine wrinkles appear more frequently with age. The use of an eye cream is not only represented in Korean Skin Care, but also in Germany. The right application technique is crucial. You should use your ring finger for this, as you would be putting too much pressure on the delicate skin with other fingers. The ring finger is just right, tapping the skin with light pressure. The Yeon Honey Eye Cream is designed to tighten the skin and prevent wrinkles.

During the day, it is important for Korean women to protect their skin adequately from harmful UV radiation. After all, this is mainly responsible for early skin aging and skin cancer. During the day, a nourishing sun protection gel is recommended. Gels have a lighter texture than creams and combine well with makeup. Eucerin's gel is light, does not greasy the skin or clog pores. Before going to bed, on the other hand, apply a moisturizer to your skin. This cream from the Make P:rem brand consists of twelve ingredients and is said to be good for sensitive skin.

Korean cosmetics are not only known for good ingredients, but also for special product design.

While the cosmetics packaging in Germany is mostly reserved, it can't be playful enough in Korea. The best example of this is this night cream against pigment spots in a panda design.

Not only the night cream comes in beautiful packaging, other care products also look great. For example, this banana-style hand cream.

You can easily tame unwanted hair on your face with a hairband. So the hair does not interfere with washing and caring for the face. Playful hair bands like this headband with cat ears are popular.

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