Survey by stern and Statista: These are the best employers in Germany

The most popular employer in the republic is Porsche.

Survey by stern and Statista: These are the best employers in Germany

The most popular employer in the republic is Porsche. In the ranking of a total of 650 employers, the sports car manufacturer has improved from 7th place in the previous year to 1st place. Another car company, BMW, came in second. The chemical company BASF also made it onto the podium. Audi's fourth place also shows the strong appeal of the automotive industry. The sporting goods group Adidas comes in 5th place. With Google Germany, a subsidiary of a US group achieved sixth place. As the most popular retail employer, DM-Drogeriemarkt is in 7th place. With the German Aerospace Center (8th place) and the Fraunhofer Society (9th place), two public research institutions are represented in the top ten. The climber of the year is the pharmaceutical company Boehringer Ingelheim, which has improved from 91st place to 10th place.

Apparently two success factors come together at Porsche: the appeal of a strong brand and good pay. The group employs around 33,000 people in Germany. "A strong employer brand is a key success factor for our future," said Human Resources Director Andreas Haffner to stern about his company's performance. An environment has been created that appeals to potential employees as well as to the core workforce. That would be confirmed by employee surveys and external rankings. "We are very pleased with the results, but we are not resting on our laurels," says Haffner, "rather, we are continuously working on our attractiveness as an employer.

For the study, more than 43,000 employees were asked via professional online panels whether they could recommend their own company and companies in their sector as employers. All companies with at least 500 employees in Germany could be evaluated. The companies could not apply for the study themselves. A total of one million ratings were used for the study. The survey took place between June 3rd and 29th, 2022.

The list was created by the renowned market research company Statista, which collects and processes statistics worldwide. The institute conducts employer studies in eleven countries. "The shortage of skilled workers is one of the major challenges for companies. Many employees today expect much more than a good salary," says Managing Director Friedrich Schwandt. "With our large-scale survey in cooperation with the star, we were able to examine how the change in values ​​affects job satisfaction."

More than 43,000 employees took part in the online survey using online access panels. They were recruited by professional market research providers, allowing for interviews independent of the employers. The company itself and other companies in the industry were evaluated. A total of one million judgments could be used in this way. The questionnaire about your own company covered more than 50 topics, but the decisive point is the recommendation.

All companies with at least 500 employees in Germany could be assessed. Statista had previously researched a list of over 2,600 larger employers and assigned them to one of 24 industries. The employer brand with which the company appears in public and advertises for employees was evaluated in each case. Respondents were also able to select companies from their industry and then rate them. Despite the great effort and great care, the ranking does not claim to be complete. The media industry, which includes stern and Statista, was not included for reasons of neutrality. The survey took place between June 3rd and 29th, 2022.

At least 100 judgments had to be submitted for each employer to be included in the evaluation. Even some well-known companies could not jump this hurdle. The fact that they are absent does not necessarily mean that they are bad employers. In the end, Statista was able to determine a result for more than 1,300 companies. The judgments of the company's own employees and those of the industry employees each counted for half. The results were converted into a score between zero and 100. Then the companies were sorted according to the value achieved. The list starts with values ​​over 83 and ends with values ​​of 35.

The company right in the middle of the row got a score of 64.9. The 650 highest rated companies were included in the ranking. They are all above average and are therefore among the best employers in Germany.

For ease of reading, the results are divided into 24 branches. The total place achieved is in the last column. The total number of companies listed is greater than 650 because some conglomerates are listed in up to three industries.

The stern editorial team only works with test partners with a high level of expertise. This brings Statista. The independent market research institute works for a large number of clients. However, the neutrality of data collection and analysis is always guaranteed. No employer could apply to take part in the survey or influence inclusion on the list. The stern editorial team decided on the questionnaire and the evaluation scheme. The winners have the opportunity to acquire a star seal for their public image. Detailed information here.