From one person: Tenderly melting temptation: That's why a mini raclette is ideal for small groups

One pan, many possibilities.

From one person: Tenderly melting temptation: That's why a mini raclette is ideal for small groups

One pan, many possibilities. Raclette is very popular because it is so versatile. The small pan can be filled with various delicacies to your heart's content. Some like potatoes, others vegetables or meat. The main thing is that the creation is covered with melted cheese, called raclette. Thanks to the heat of the raclette device, the cheese melts and gives the dish that extra something. In most cases, the raclette also offers a grill plate on which meat or other things can be cooked. As a rule, the device offers six to eight pans and therefore cannot be accommodated in the kitchen to save space. If you are looking for a small version this year, for example for evenings for two, you should take a closer look at so-called mini raclettes.

For two, you don't need a raclette machine with six or eight pans, a space-saving raclette for two people is sufficient. This model also has the classic grill surface that the larger devices also have.

Even smaller than for two people is also possible. If you want to eat raclette alone, you can use this mini ​​raclette with candles . Particularly practical: The gadget only needs fire and therefore does not need a power source at all.

Although a mini raclette saves space, that doesn't necessarily mean that features have been skimped on. Anyone who not only likes to eat raclette, but also the classic fondue, can combine both dishes with this 2-in-1 device.

Still compact and space-saving, but for more than two people, this raclette is suitable for four guests. There are four pans and the popular grill plate for meat, vegetables or bread.

Raclette devices usually have components with a non-stick coating or optionally a stone plate. Clean the grill plate directly after using the raclette while it is still warm. This makes it easier for the residue to come off and not burn in. You can use a heat-resistant silicone spatula or one of the wooden or plastic spatulas used to empty raclette pans. Do not scrape off the grease residue and encrustations with sharp objects, you could damage the coating and the next time you use it, there is a possibility that small particles of material will come loose. Stubborn dirt can be soaked in a bath of washing-up liquid overnight and removed the next day. Most mini raclettes are also suitable for the dishwasher, follow the manufacturer's instructions.

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