Christian Ulmen on "jerks." end: "51 episodes is a proud number"

Christian Ulmen (47) and Fahri Yardim (42) will remember their successful series "jerks.

Christian Ulmen on "jerks." end: "51 episodes is a proud number"

Christian Ulmen (47) and Fahri Yardim (42) will remember their successful series "jerks." saying goodbye. From February 2nd, the final fifth season will be available exclusively on Joyn PLUS. In the new episodes, the friends look into the past and want to clarify the questions: Were the two "jerks" as children? And where do their masculinity complexes and inability to have romantic relationships come from?

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, Christian Ulmen talks about the reasons for the end of the series and tells which celebrity guests will be there in the final episodes. He also reveals whether "jerks." could ever return.

Christian Ulmen: Because we made the point, I think. We wanted to tell about failure, shame and Fahri Yardim's strange psychology - and that's what we've done. There is nothing new to add. 51 episodes is a proud number.

Elms: Fahri Yardim when he starts to freeze when shooting outdoors in early autumn. No one can freeze so reproachfully, his trembling is an accusation, his face is anger at everyone around him who didn't know how to prevent this cold. A natural event. I will miss it. On the other hand, we'll soon be shooting something new together again.

Elm: Not at all. Apart from family and loved ones. Otherwise, I love new beginnings. And they awaken from every end.

Ulmen: I've seen each episode at least 18 times on average. When an episode leaves the editing computer, I usually never watch it again. I know her by heart.

Ulmen: Absolutely: Tommi Schmitt, Bosse, Nilam Farooq, Sarah-Lee Heinrich, Marteria, Micky Beisenherz, Oliver Polak, Till Reiners, Ariana Baborie, Donnie O'Sullivan, Konstantin Kuhle and many more.

Ulmen: I always overlooked Fahri, he was very, very small, delicate, shy. He spoke very softly, one could hardly understand him, always had to bend down to him. That was exhausting. That's why I avoided him at first. It was only after puberty that everything turned into the opposite.

Ulmen: I'd have to ask Benjamin Kohzer, our assistant director from the first seasons, he's a walking "jerks." dictionary. I really don't remember. But it was a scene without Fahri. He came to the set a few days later. Not that much has changed. We don't rehearse, just start shooting. We've definitely become more experienced. Which is also a good reason to stop.

Ulmen: There is no ranking. I don't always rank things.

Ulmen: That it doesn't sound German. I don't know exactly what that meant, but I have a hunch, and somehow I like it a lot.

Elms: Definitely. In our mid-60s we shoot three more episodes.

Ulmen: First vacation. And then a new beautiful series together with my dear friend Fahri.