Camping Awards 2023: These are the ten most popular campsites in Europe

Camping is in.

Camping Awards 2023: These are the ten most popular campsites in Europe

Camping is in. Holidays on four wheels is one of the travel trends that have been booming since the coronavirus pandemic at the latest. In the past year alone, more than 15 percent of German holidaymakers decided to go camping. In Germany, the number of overnight stays on campsites in the summer of 2022 even exceeded the pre-corona level by more than seven percent.

If you decide to go on a camping trip, you are spoiled for choice from more than 28,000 campsites in Europe. Most of these are located in France, Great Britain and Germany. But which campsite is really good? The online portal "" asks this question anew every year. Again this year, 230,000 ratings from more than 150,000 campers were analyzed. The result: the 110 most popular campsites in Europe.

Several German campsites are among the top-ranked. The Campingpark Kühlungsborn in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania made it to the top of the ranking for the third time. Third place also goes to Germany, at Camping Rosenfelder Strand Ostsee in Schleswig-Holstein. A total of 69 German campsites appear in the overview, 20 sites in Austria, seven in Italy, three in Switzerland and one in the Netherlands.

It doesn't matter which campsite you end up choosing for your camping trip - this year it's all about being quick. Due to the rising prices and the announced flight chaos at German airports, many holidaymakers are likely to switch to this type of travel. In any case, the campsite operators are expecting a large rush for the warm months.

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