Attempted murder of ex-partner: mother and son convicted in Paris

Conspiracy beliefs also exist in families.

Attempted murder of ex-partner: mother and son convicted in Paris

Conspiracy beliefs also exist in families. The American Hopkins is convinced that her ex-boyfriend is after her and her son. Both attack the man several times. A court is now issuing a harsh verdict on the attacks.

A US citizen and her son have been sentenced to long prison terms in Paris for the attempted murder of the woman's French ex-partner. June Hopkins and her son Brendan Walsh were sentenced to 16 and 12 years in prison, respectively. According to the court, the two of them were concerned with the crime of the son's father about the family inheritance.

The circuit court also imposed a permanent travel ban on 60-year-old Hopkins to France and a 15-year travel ban on her 30-year-old son in the Paris area. Neither showed any emotion when the verdict was announced.

In 2010, Hopkins and Walsh had just reconnected with his father, Grégoire L., whom they hadn't seen in 15 years. A dispute broke out in the summer when L. found that his US family had searched through documents about the family estate.

According to L.'s version, his son then sprayed him with a grill lighter and tried to light it with a lighter. The court decided not to count this first attempted murder as such "mainly for lack of material elements," as presiding judge Christophe Petiteau reasoned.

However, the court found Hopkins and Walsh guilty of attempted murder of L. and his sister outside their home in 2015. Grégoire and Frédérique L. had been attacked in front of their house by "the Americans" with motorcycle helmets on their heads. They tried to strangle her.

The investigation had revealed that the mother and son "had lived in secrecy and secretly in Paris for more than two years and had done nothing but monitor Grégoire L." and "convinced themselves of the existence of a conspiracy" which "was not supported by any only element is supported", as the presiding judge emphasized. Both defendants had always denied the allegations.

Hopkins claimed during the hearing that they were instead the victim of a "plot" by the father and his relatives to eliminate them. Walsh said he "believed his mother's stories" at the time, but has since realized that he was "never in any danger."


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