Ancelotti: "We are where many others would like to be"

Real Madrid is just over a week away from playing its seventeenth final in the old European Cup, but the front pages and talk shows of the sports media continue to be dominated by the future of Kylian Mbappé.

Ancelotti: "We are where many others would like to be"

Real Madrid is just over a week away from playing its seventeenth final in the old European Cup, but the front pages and talk shows of the sports media continue to be dominated by the future of Kylian Mbappé. However, Carlo Ancelotti only has room in his mind for the duel with Liverpool at the Stade de France. «I do not consider the Mbappé issue. The only issue I have in mind now is the Champions League final, "said the transalpine.

Up to four questions Ancelotti had to answer with Mbappé as the protagonist in the press conference prior to the match between Real Madrid and Betis at the Santiago Bernabéu, which will serve as a dress rehearsal for Paris. The Reggiolo coach was limited to clearing balls in all of them. "All the fans are focused on the Champions League final," he replied at one point during his appearance. What is more important, to win a Champions League or for Mbappé to come to Real Madrid for the next twelve years? They tried to pull his tongue again. "Today, Real Madrid is excited about the Champions League final and nothing else. We all think about the same thing, which is to win the fourteenth », he interrupted. Does the dressing room bother you that there is more talk about Mbappé than about the Champions League? «I understand everything, but this does not change what our idea is. We are very well focused, the atmosphere is very good and we are going to prepare for this game to the fullest with maximum motivation and enthusiasm. Everything that is spoken does not affect us at all. We are very happy and we calmly wait for the game to arrive », he cut off.

Beyond Bondy's star, the Real Madrid coach had an impact on the great physical and emotional moment he is going through in the booth. «The sensations are good. We want to say goodbye to our hobby. It's been a very nice season, we've done well and we have to thank the fans. The objective is the same as always, to have good dynamics, intensity in the game, which will help us in the final, and win it in front of our fans », he stated about the match against Betis.

That lawsuit will be the last against the merengue parish of soccer players who end their contract, with Marcelo's doubt, who wants to continue one more campaign and has transferred it to the club, which strips the daisy. With Bale there is no room for questions. As of July 1, he will no longer belong to Real Madrid. The few minutes that he played against Getafe will be the last in which he has been seen trotting around the Bernabéu, because he is not expected against Betis. "Bale has not trained. He is still not one hundred percent. Tomorrow we will see if he will be on the bench or if he will stay out », Ancelotti said.

The coach downplayed the fact that the Cardiff Express may not say goodbye to a hobby with which it maintains a more than distant relationship. "Everyone knows that Bale ends his contract, that he says goodbye to Madrid. Whether he plays tomorrow or not is not that important. The important thing is that Bale has been part of the history of this club. He remains in the memory of all Madrid fans because he was important in the 'tenth', in the final in kyiv, in the Copa del Rey... He is a player who has written important pages in the history of this club", he asserted about the Welshman.

Ancelotti has almost all his Praetorians ready to face Betis, with the exception of Alaba, who did not train this Friday with his teammates due to overload. «Tomorrow Modric returns, also Marcelo recovered from the injury. Alaba is going to train with the group from Monday," said the Italian, who does not seem worried that the Austrian could miss the Champions League final.

Ancelotti faces that appointment that could be worth Real Madrid to sign a historic double with his usual phlegm. “We must not forget the happiness of playing this game. It may be that you have anxiety, a little worry. It's normal when you face such a strong opponent. But we are happy, we have time to prepare for the match, because we are in the place that many others would like to be, for playing the most important match in world football. We are going to enjoy it all week. Worry can come before the game, but afterwards there can be happiness or a little sadness, "he said.

It detracted from the fact that Liverpool have more pressure than Real Madrid in the days before the final at the Stade de France as the Premier League is still being played with Manchester City. "Liverpool have had more difficulty than us in this period because they are preparing very important games. But we have the same time to prepare the game. We have enjoyed winning the League, they have also won the FA Cup. It is true that we have had more time to think about this game, but I think this will not affect the team », he stressed.

He did not hide, finally, that he has already decided the eleven that will face the assault on the 'fourteenth' from the beginning. «I have no doubt, it is clear. The question I have is whether the players who start the game or the players who finish it are more important », he completed.