Streaming judgment: The now you must note, to avoid fines

What types of Streaming are there? Live Streaming refers to, for example, the Live broadcast of football matches on the Internet, where the data is independent

Streaming judgment: The now you must note, to avoid fines
What types of Streaming are there?

Live Streaming refers to, for example, the Live broadcast of football matches on the Internet, where the data is independent from the Server are exchanged. The opposite of Live Streaming, the so-called On-Demand Streaming, in which users have the option of Videos and films is - or to rewind. In the case of On-Demand Streaming such as YouTube or Netflix are sent according to the Clicking of the film or video data packets from the provider's Server using the Internet Protocol to the device of the user.

Since when is Streaming on websites such as be illegal?

The ruling is a bombshell. Who uses in the future, illegal Streams on the Internet, is committing a copyright violation. The ECJ has decided in April 2017.

"When it comes to platforms such as goes, such Streams are now clearly illegal," said lawyer Christian Solmecke, who is specializing in IT and Internet law. The same is true for illegal Bundesliga-Streams. Another circuit was made to the ECJ judgment possible. This has crucial consequences. The most important answers:

1. The Streaming judgment makes Watching illegal Streams now unlawful

This means that everyone makes punishable, the watch movies or series on a illegal Stream. Because from now on, not only the provision or reproduction of, but also the mere use of them is unlawful.

The judges assume that "user behaviour is always illegal, if you had of the illegality of the widespread Streams knowledge or should have had," says Solmecke. Users should therefore be careful, if one side makes a dubious or illegal impression. With Amazon Prime movies and TV shows to see sign up Now and test free 30 days

2. So you recognize any illegal Streams

On an illegal Stream indicates, for example, if a Transmission with a better quality of money will be required. Or if you can take advantage of an offer only if you need to bypass the Geoblocking, so the limitation of Film and sports rights to certain countries. That a deal may be illegal, is also more likely if the provider-to-date cinema movies and TV shows for free can be accessed.

3. This is true for the Stream in the past,

Many users are wondering whether the ruling is retroactive consequences. This depends, in the view of Solmecke by the IP addresses of the users leaves.

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"this IP address only the illicit Portal is known, however, which mostly anonymous operates and often does not stores IP addresses," explains the lawyer. Therefore, a tracing, you have little prospect of success. Users need to make here so don't Worry too much. Watching because Streams illegal? Lawyer explains the ECJ Hammer Wilde Beuger and Solmecke Watching because Streams illegal? Lawyer explains the ECJ's Hammer

4. Especially Premium customers warnings

the Greater the danger is threatening because even for a Premium User that have logged in to an illegal provider and money to pay. In this case, the user must be determined due to the storage of your data easier.

Solmecke advises therefore: "if you stop today, with the Streaming, is on the safe side." Now the best series to look at the Sky (displaying) Sky Entertainment for just 16,99 € a month here

5 order. So the money fall out of

Who but the use of illegal Streams can be shown to be the threaten cost up to 150 euros per procedure. The damage rate per consumed movie is expected to be approximately five to ten euros, how Solmecke explains. These amounts are added in addition to the Abmahnkosten. Nevertheless, the lawyers fees are capped in total for individuals for some time, at around 150 euros. Who will offer ten well-respected films, could be warned under certain circumstances, from ten different owners - so that the costs shoot up rapidly. More information on copyright and media law at (ad) Now inform

6. Peer-to-Peer networks (P2P) are also illegal

In P2P networks refers to the world-spanning networks, in which pretty much everything data can be found, including various movies and pieces of music belong. The Download of the data from programs such as BitTorrent, however, is also illegal. Once you use a Peer-to-Peer Software, the downloaded data is simultaneously available to others, which means that they are also providers of illegal movie Downloads. You are never anonymous in these networks, because using your IP-address can be found in the personal address quickly.

7. The need to parents for their children in mind

it is more Difficult in the case of children: if parents of the holder of a connection to the Internet and whose children have used illegal Streams, it must be examined how parents would have their obligations.

"in this Regard, the Federal court of justice has found that parents need to teach their children at the first use of the Internet extensively," says Solmecke. This instruction should hold the parents in writing, advises the expert.

"users move on thin ice": Even if the risk of a warning is currently rather low, users should avoid such websites, it is advisable Solmecke. The lawyer added: "users must be aware of the fact that they move since yesterday's ECJ ruling on thin ice, you should sites such as visit and movies to stream."

8. What Streaming platforms are safe and secure?

users must be since the judgment, more cautious, since they are only protected by the § 53 of the UrhG, which reproduction, for the purpose of a private copy is allowed. Each user has to check one's own duty, whether the platform being used is legal or not. In the case of content on platforms such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, or Disney+ you are on the safe side, in contrast, sees the Portal as because from. As a user of illegal offers you have to threaten them with warnings, where these costs are lower is likely to fail as in the case of Filesharing-Abmahnungen. DSL comparison-to-date listings of all the DSL Provider (indicator) compare Now and save!

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