Putin may officially stay until 2036 in Power

The state Duma in Moscow on Wednesday in the third and final reading, the largest change to the Constitution in the history of the country. The expanded powers

Putin may officially stay until 2036 in Power

The state Duma in Moscow on Wednesday in the third and final reading, the largest change to the Constitution in the history of the country. The expanded powers of the President. Therefore, the 67-year-old Putin is supposed to have according to the will of the members the Chance to apply the "virtually new Items". The next presidential elections are 2024 and 2030. A real competitor for Putin is not in sight.

According to the state Duma waved the Putin weighed the Federation Council - the upper house of the Russian Parliament - the amendment to the basic law by. Federation Council chief Valentina Matviyenko praised the Constitution as the Basis for political stability and social security in Russia.

in Total, had been made to the under President Boris Yeltsin 1993 Constitution adopted 390 Changes. It is the first constitutional reform under Putin, who was elected in 2000 for the first time as President.

return to the Kremlin

The Ex-intelligence chief had stressed in the past that he does not want to lay hands on the basic law. "Under no circumstances do I intend to change the Constitution," he said, for example, 2005.

An amendment to the Constitution, there were under President Dmitry Medvedev in 2008, had to extend the presidential term to six years. Of these, Putin benefited for the first time after his return to the Kremlin in 2012. Putin had to leave the Post at that time, temporarily, because according to the previous Constitution, only two terms in a row were possible. The addition of "in a row" is now deleted.

"constitutional coup"

The state Duma, "Putin cal Ve collection took" now, with 383 of 450 votes. 43 deputies of the Communists abstained in the second reading on the previous day. They had criticized that Putin's previous four terms in office at the date of entry into force of the new Constitution will not be counted and he could again be a candidate.

Putin wants to have this procedure nor from the constitutional court to confirm. The judges, however, have so far taken no decision against the Kremlin chief. Kremlin critics accuse Putin of a "constitutional coup". Already on Tuesday there had been in Moscow protests against its eternal hold on Power. For the 21st century. In March, the Opposition requested a protest rally in Moscow.

Allows you are not likely to be good. The city said because of the Coronavirus mass events up to the 10. April. According to official data, there are hardly any infections in the Russian capital.

the referendum planned

The state Duma had changed on Tuesday after a speech by Putin in the second and crucial reading of the Constitution. The third reading was purely technical. There was no vote against. For the 22. April is scheduled a referendum on the basic law. Only then will enter Putin, according to the reform of the Constitution in force.

Many people in Russia are unsettled, due to the severe economic crisis. On Land only the sanctions of the USA and the EU because of the conflict in Ukraine, not loads. In addition, Russia, which is from the sale of its raw materials depending on the power to create the Crash in the Oil price.

Because of the crisis the ruble depreciated against the Euro and the US Dollar massively. Putin presented himself as a proven crisis Manager, and assured the people of the speech in the state Duma in spite of the problems of social security.

warning against "dictatorship"

Kremlin critics have accused Putin, to lure the people with the constitutional promise of a minimum wage and regular pension adjustment to the polls. The opposition politician Ilya Yashin doubted that the vote on the 22. April honestly will expire.

Putin has "raped" the Constitution, said Yashin in a video clip. Putin know his own sins, and I fear, therefore to be condemned - and therefore the Power, forever secured.

he also criticized that now is a sanctity of the President in the Constitution was written. In addition, judgments of international courts have now as the for human rights in Strasbourg is not a priority anymore. It's the count now, what the Kremlin-controlled judges in Russia to be decided. Commentators in the Kremlin-critical radio station Ekho Moskvy warned of a "dictatorship" in Russia. (step/sda)

Created: 11.03.2020, 16:53 PM

Updated Date: 11 March 2020, 16:00

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