Ex-movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein has to 23 years in prison

The former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (67) has been convicted of sex crimes to 23 years in prison. Judge James Burke announced the sentence on Wednes

Ex-movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein has to 23 years in prison

The former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein (67) has been convicted of sex crimes to 23 years in prison. Judge James Burke announced the sentence on Wednesday in New York.

around two weeks Ago, a Jury had said the 67-year-old Weinstein, convicted of rape and sexual assault are guilty. The maximum penalty would have been 29 years in prison. Weinstein, was published the proclamation in a wheelchair in court.

In two charges free

The Prosecutor had asked for in advance to again Express a harsh sentence spoken. Weinstein have needs for decades, women abused and show so far no regrets. The defense has already announced plans to audit. A Jury had found cream of Tartar at the end of February for the rape and sexual assault guilty. Not guilty he was but in the two most serious charges of "predatory sexual assault", as well as of a more serious charge concerning rape are liable.

In the sensational process focused primarily on two allegations: cream of Tartar is forced in 2006, the production assistant Mimi Haleyi to have oral sex and today's stylist Jessica man 2013 have raped.

After the guilty verdict, Weinstein had come first in a hospital and then in prison Rikers Island in the metropolis of New York. Now he should be in a prison in the state of New York housed.

After the pronouncement of the judgment to the hospital

Weinstein has been discharged after the announcement two weeks ago in handcuffs. He had to go up to the promulgation of the criminal masses by judge James Burke on 11. March remain in prison. As initially planned, he was brought but for the time being, in the infamous prison Rikers Island on an island off New York, but in a hospital.

He had complained of pain in the chest and had to be investigated because of high blood pressure, the American media reported, citing the Tartar Team. According to the research, he should be brought to Rikers Island.

milestone #MeToo Era

wine stone lawyers announced after the guilty verdict two weeks ago, to want to appeal. You could, for instance, the role of the Jury or of the judge in your sights, and the method as a judgmental pose.

Since 2017, more than 80 women have accused Weinstein of sexual Assault. In the sensational New York trial was in January, but especially to two allegations: cream of Tartar is forced in 2006, the production assistant Mimi Haleyi to Oral Sex and today's stylist Jessica man 2013 have raped. The process is regarded as a milestone of the #MeToo Era, which was triggered by the case.

women's rights activists and actors facilitates inside responded, gifts, but also a fighter. The President of the #MeToo connected to the Foundation of the "Times's Up", Tina Tchen, spoke of a "new Era of justice". 23 women who have accused Weinstein of sexual Assault – including celebrities actor defendant inside like Ashley Judd and Rosanna Arquette – that Weinstein was not spoken in all counts guilty. "Our fight is far from over".

Brave victims

The New York district attorney Cyrus Vance spoke after the guilty verdict of a "big day". The witnesses for the prosecution and the two prosecutors Joan Illuzzi and Meghan would Have changed "the course of history in the fight against sexual violence".

The Journalist Ronan Farrow, whose reporting had contributed about cream of Tartar substantially at the Start of the #MeToo movement, paid tribute to the courage of the victims: "the judgment of The New York process against Harvey Weinstein is the result of the decision of several women, with high personal risks to journalists and prosecutors".

Huge pressure on the indictment

In the past few weeks had been trying, the public Prosecutor in the procedure, using a total of six Main witnesses in dramatic detail a pattern of wine-stone to disclose – to make of a man who took advantage of his Power in the movie industry systematically to young women to heel. Of a man who promised women for Sex career assistance and a no to the sexual intercourse forced.

The process was associated with a tremendous pressure on the prosecution to prove because of the difficulty of sexual offences, with the possibility of an acquittal.

defense witnesses complicity

The defense, however, had given the witness a complicity and cream of Tartar in the role of a victim are shown. Women have used him over the decades because of his influence and money, they had been of their actions, and signals to him to be aware of. Any Sex was consensual.

wine stone lawyers had highlighted that Jessica's husband had led to a longer relationship with the 67-Year-old. They showed messages and E-Mails, which should show a positive relationship between the two, even after the alleged actions. Thus, the defender tried to sow in the jurors a doubt as to the guilt of wine stone.

have at Least indecisive made the most serious allegations of "predatory sexual assault" – which a life sentence is possible – rails, the jurors and the witness Annabella Sciorra, actress believed, not unanimously. This increased requests from the Jury to the judge by Friday's close. In the case of the allegations of Haleyi and man, the five women and seven men recognized but unanimously adopted a debt-to-wine stone.

relocation of the negotiations required

The accusations against the producers, in the autumn of 2017, the "New York Times" and the magazine "the New Yorker" published, were the beginning of the #MeToo movement.

Anywhere in the world, many women and some men recognized their own stories in which the alleged cream of Tartar-victim – they began to collect these stories under the tag "Me too" ("I").

judge: "This process is not a Referendum on #MeToo-motion"

The process had to fight from the beginning to the possible prejudice of the defendant – because of the broad social debate, and the intense media coverage in recent years. Rallies and chants against male abuse of power and sexual violence led the defense at the beginning of the procedure to request a relocation of the meetings outside of New York. This has been rejected.

In the selection of the jury, it is striking how many of the potential candidates declared from the outset for self-conscious. The ultimately selected jurors, judge Burke had spoken to the Conscience: "This process is not a Referendum on #MeToo movement," he said. It is only a question to clarify the legal fault in the two incidents, in 2006 and 2013.

Additional charges in Los Angeles

Weinstein was bent to the meetings in front of the Supreme New York court after a car accident in August, always deep and on a Walker based in the hall, 1530 in Manhattan with a limp. He himself had been denied in the process the statement.

The legal battles are not for the Weinstein outside of the procedure in New York to end. In Los Angeles he was accused also for rape and sexual assault. Even there, it could come to trial. Of negotiate except his lawyers, largely to the exclusion of the Public with civil plaintiffs compensation. (chk/step/sda)

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