On sickness benefit under The great bagedyst

Hands shaking, the sweat stand out on his forehead, and the participants running panic-stricken around to get their cakes in 'The big bagedyst' to be perfect

On sickness benefit under The great bagedyst

Hands shaking, the sweat stand out on his forehead, and the participants running panic-stricken around to get their cakes in 'The big bagedyst' to be perfect and fall into the judges ' taste.

The baker, as it was a matter of life and death, and through the recent years of fast-paced bakery for the rolling cameras, we have seen participants break crying together, when a mousse is over and a cake slapped together.

- We've all been insanely pressure. When you get out there, where you are really pressed, you learn so much about themselves. So, it can be a little more than you bargained for, Louise Jensen previously said in an interview with the news agency Ritzau. Photo: DR

It is not for the wimps to be with in 'The big bagedyst', which challenges participants both physically and mentally in the weeks, the competition is on.

Anyway feel Louise Jensen, who had to put the apron on last week's episode of the kagedysten that it has been a stress reliever for her to participate in the tv program.

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During the spring recordings on claus holm Castle, she was on sick leave with stress. It confirms she is in a sms to Ekstra Bladet.

'It is true that I have been involved in the spring - including in the period where 'The big bagedyst' was recorded. It is a sickness that has bound in the stress of my then work. Of professional I have been advised to ’do something, which for me was de-stressing’, and it has been for me to participate in bagedysten', she writes, among other things.

According to Ekstra information was Louise Jensen, who is a trained dentist, on sickness benefit, while filming was underway for the popular DR program.

'It is also true that I have been on sickness benefit during my sick leave. My participation in the bagedysten is not something I have kept secret for the connection. The sickness benefits I have received is from a purely private retirement insurance', she writes.

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The hectic baking seems to have had a good effect upon Louise Jensen, reporting that she has it much better now.

'today I am happily upstairs and started on a new great work', she writes.

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Bageredaktør knew nothing

It is not a work to be in 'The big bagedyst'. Therefore, participants are not paid for their participation in the program. It tells the program editor, Søren Olsen.

- What we say to the participants, is that they do not receive honorarium for their participation in the program, but they will recover their costs, among other materials, hotel and transportation, he says, and continues.

- We see participation as a hobby or as a leisure activity. How they operate in relation to have the time of the filming, we are not interfering in.

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Søren Olsen tells that DR, of course, asks about the future participants in the programme are equipped to cope with the rigors.

- We ask, of course, if it hangs together for them to participate - also in relation to their work and their family. We ask for, whether they have children or hurt the spine and such a thing, he says.

According to Søren Olsen, he did not know that Louise Jensen was on sick leave with stress from his work during the spring recordings.

- No, I was not familiar with, he says.

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Lawyer: - It is not black and white

What and how much you have to make when you are on sick leave from his job, is always an assessment from case to case. It tells Mathias Staugaard Nielsen, who is a lawyer in the trade union Krifa.

- First and foremost, it applies after all for the people to get better as quickly as possible, so the person can get back to work. What it then means is different from situation to situation, he says.

however, It is always important to have her doctor in such situations, when the medical assessment is weighted heavily.

- A doctor can, in principle, well consider that a work has the better of that trip to the Caribbean than to stay at home in novembermørket. It can a employer good tearing their hair over, but if the doctor determines that it is the best, may the employer most often abide by it, says Mathias Satugaard Nielsen and continues.

- There is a big difference between what you work with. Is it a broken leg or stress caused by the employer. You can work a little or not at all. In such cases, it is not black and white, he states.

Date Of Update: 22 November 2019, 21:53