The police of Mettmann: break-ins from the circle area

the following cities: were Affected --- United --- In the time of Saturday morning, 25.07.2020 until Sunday evening, 26.07.2020, penetrated so far unknown p

The police of Mettmann: break-ins from the circle area

the following cities:

were Affected --- United ---

In the time of Saturday morning, 25.07.2020 until Sunday evening, 26.07.2020, penetrated so far unknown perpetrators through the lever out of the front door in residential areas to the lohbach road in Velbert. You have searched objects of the premises, specifically according to the value that has been stolen according to the current state of the investigation, jewelry and cash. Probably on the Einstiegsweg they left the apartment and fled undetected in an unknown direction. The burglary was discovered on Sunday evening at 20:25. A specific amount of damages could not be named at the show recording.

what the police in Velbert, phone 02051 / 946-6110, at any time. In case of suspicion of current did you choose the 110!

--- the sacred house ---

Unknown perpetrators broke in the basement of a row house at the Bottom of the industrial road in the Holy house in the time from the 25.07.2020, 11:00 am to 26.07.2020, 02:00 PM, a disc to arrive in the residential premises. Access to the garden area of the house, the burglars gained probably over a company's site, which is adjacent to the rear of the house. The one or more unknown perpetrators searched items in the rooms according to their value and stolen, presumably for cash. As the perpetrators left the scene of the crime, according to the latest investigation it is still unclear. The amount of damage is estimated at several hundred euros.

In the period from 17.07.2020 to 24.07.2020 unknown offenders forced their way so far to force a multi-family house on the Ratinger Straße in the Holy house. They broke forcibly in all four of the residential units of the house and the apartments to the value of the searched objects. A specific damage listing was not available at the show recording. Since the homes are only inhabited sporadically by their users, extends the time of the crime room over several days. The specific Day can currently not be closer limited.

in what police in the Holy house, telephone 02056 9312-6150, at any time. In case of suspicion of current did you choose the 110!

--- Erkrath ---

In the period from Friday evening (24.07.2020), at 22:30 until Saturday morning (25.07.2020), 07:00 PM, hebelten previously unknown perpetrators of the lock of a rear-mounted access door of a kiosk on brought. They entered rooms and stole a targeted tobacco products and cash. Probably on the Einstiegsweg they left the scene of the crime, and fled undetected in an unknown direction. The specific amount of damages could not be quantified at the recording of closer.

On Monday, 27.07.2020, were the forces of the police, to the sales rooms created a consumer market of x-road in Erkrath, after a burglar alarm had tripped several times. At the location the officers observed fresh damage to the sliding doors, which had been pressed to the eye to the inside. Whether the one or more unknown perpetrators were able to enter the actual sales space in fact, and whether the Goods were stolen, could not be determined in the context of the recording of the first. The property damage is estimated to be approximately 1,000 Euro.

what the police in Erkrath, Germany, Telefon 02104 / 9480-6450, at any time. In case of suspicion of current did you choose the 110!

--- Monheim ---

In the context of an alarm trigger the use of force by the police on early Saturday morning (25.07.2020) to 05:40 p.m. were called to a business complex at Lerchenweg in Monheim. A garage door on the left side of a specialist shop for hearing AIDS were found to be fresh Lever marks on a door panel. The offender will not be reached by the subsequent Garage in the business premises of the trade and stole cash from the cash drawer. Probably about the Einstiegsweg they left unnoticed the scene of the crime and fled in an unknown direction.

with all the Relevant information the police will accept in Monheim, phone 02173 / 9594-6350, at any time. In case of suspicion of current did you choose the 110!

--- hints and tips to the police ---

given the occasion, the district police authority of Mettmann gives the following advice on the topic of burglary protection:

- Let for residential/home doors with glass filling never the keys in the ignition.

Avoid hiding a key outside to be able to, for example, in the case of an involuntary Lock-out help, because burglars any place to hide know.

- you Should have your key lost, replace immediately the lock cylinder.

- Close the window, balcony and terrace doors, even if you only go away in the short are tilted window, open window.

- Secure Windows and balcony doors in the upper floors, because burglars are sometimes true climbing artists. Ladders, garden furniture, crates, garbage bins, trellises, etc. can be used as climbing AIDS.

- Leave the shutters at night, otherwise the impression, the residents do not have since be arises during the day.

- Close always doors of cellars and attics.

- basement light wells and cellar Windows should let you, for example, with solid, well-anchored bars or gratings secure.

- Let apartment or house in the case of a prolonged absence by relatives, friends, neighbours, or, where appropriate, the "house Keeper" to inhabit or inhabited appear: mailbox, press to empty, shutters, curtains, lighting, Radio and TV irregular.

- you Waive a message about your absence on the answering machine.

- Inform your neighbors about the use of time switches for rolling shutters, lighting, Radio, etc.

- Leave valuables lying open around the house.

- Mark your valuables (engraving, UV pens, etc.) clearly and record the most important data in a value object list. Photographing difficult-to-describe objects.

- Keep a particularly Important or valuable (e.g., documents, savings books, collections, Gold, or jewelry), you will rarely need in your financial institution in the locker on.

- If you want to keep valuable things in the house, put it in a value container (e.g. safe).

With the campaign, "bolt" ( ) against the apartment burglary, the police NRW responds to the nation's growing Numbers during a break-in. In addition to significant material damage even long-lasting mental stress are often many victims of the dire consequences of such acts. And the number of cases is rising, seemingly more. We don't want you to be a victim and want to put together with you the burglar in a bar !

notices from you to any suspicious persons, vehicles or other observations are important to us. To prevent the chances of break-ins or burglaries to educate and to take the perpetrator to rise with the number of their notes. To good neighbors ! - Be aware of unknown persons and/or suspicious situations, "next door". Alert suspect, the police immediately on emergency call 110.

for your own protection of your police for advice. Information about the safety of your house or apartment and the appropriate value of the containers you get at the criminal police counselling centre of the district of Mettmann phone 02104 / 982 - 7777. This also informs you about the manufacturer of tested and certified burglary-resistant products, as well as to companies that can incorporate fuse technology in a professional manner.

by the Way: New or improved doors, Retrofitting of Windows, grilles and shutters - measures, which are used alone or in addition to the burglary protection, to be funded by the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) and the NRW-Bank.

Further advice you will find in the police network "home safe" at:

questions of media representatives/journalists, please:

district police authority but the police press office - Adalbert-Bach-Platz 1 40822 Mettmann

phone: 02104 / 982-1010 Telefax: 02104 / 982-1028


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