The Russian authorities are intensifying harassment to the opponent Navalni

MORE INFORMATION Navalni: “Putin has decided to be a monarch with absolute power,” The opposition leader Russian Navalni denounces the “kidnapping” of a collea

The Russian authorities are intensifying harassment to the opponent Navalni


Navalni: “Putin has decided to be a monarch with absolute power,” The opposition leader Russian Navalni denounces the “kidnapping” of a colleague of Putin's party loses a third of its seats in the elections of Moscow

police Forces Russian have been appearing this Thursday at the offices of the Fund of Struggle against Corruption, which presides over Alexei Navalni, and have made new records in what is interpreted as an intensification of harassment against the most charismatic of the political opponents of the current Government.

The same Navalni, who in the last elections to municipal organized in Moscow a successful campaign for electing councillors to members who were not of the government party, was arrested during a short period of time along with other activists who were in the place.

"Navalni was detained and not resisting," reported through the social networks, Kira Yarmish, the spokesperson of the foundation anti-corruption. However, all of them were the later released.

The reason for the new investigations it is not clear, but according to police sources cited by the newspaper Védomosti, these were performed in the framework of an old criminal case opened for illegal financing of the central anti-corruption Navalni. According to the same source, the police operation practiced on Thursday is not connected with the investigations into alleged money laundering (billion rubles, about 13.5 million euros) carried out by the Committee of Investigations of Russia.

The fact that it happened the next day that Navalni grades of "hijacking" the arbitrary actions of the authorities against Ruslan Shaveddínov, one of his close collaborators. Shaveddínov, who is project manager in the central anti-corruption chaired by the political opposition, was arrested on Monday in a showy operation, during which the agents cut off the electricity to your house, knocked down the front door and blocked her mobile phone. The next day, Shaveddínov, who for medical reasons had tried to avoid military service, was already on a base in the Arctic.

In the new records, the agents were the portable computers of the workers of the Foundation for the Fight against Corruption, which the executive director of this, Ivan Zhdánov, calling it "theft", because, as stated, the investigation did not think to return the equipment, nor have returned to the computers commandeered last summer during one of the numerous previous records, because they are considered essential elements in the investigation into money laundering has been opened against the foundation.

Yarmish, which is also defined as theft the action, considered that this operation was conducted on Thursday, is not accidental, because that was precisely the day on which Navalni had to burn a new program for its YouTube channel. The programs of the opposition leader, in which he denounces the corruption in the country and often show properties in the millions of officials, are extremely popular. As said Zhdánov, the Thursday, 19 has had almost a million and a half views.

according To some reports, the new research could be related precisely with one of these programmes, specifically with the refusal to remove YouTube one recorded in 2017 on the Russian prime minister, Dmitri Medvedev. But Navalni, in his account of Istagram, ensures that the video will not be erased, despite all the pressures.

For Navalni is a persecution against your foundation, anti-corruption, and it is in the framework of this new campaign are made to both the new records as the harassment of their co-workers. The organization was ranked this year of the "foreign agent", a designation introduced by law in 2012 to designate to an organization that receives funding from another country and exercised a "political activity".

Alexei Navalni has been one of the main drivers of the protests against the Kremlin, including those developed before the municipal elections of moscow last September. The opposition leader, however, could not participate in the latter, since he was arrested preemptively for 30 days, due to calls to take to the streets.

Date Of Update: 26 December 2019, 21:00