Raiffeisenbank im Oberland: 1000 customers got immediate help | Bad Tölz

The Corona-crisis has also made in the banking sector in many of the certainties shaken and processes on the head. In the case of Raiffeisenbank im Oberland, bu

Raiffeisenbank im Oberland: 1000 customers got immediate help | Bad Tölz

The Corona-crisis has also made in the banking sector in many of the certainties shaken and processes on the head. In the case of Raiffeisenbank im Oberland, but the Board, at least, is no business reason to be a sustainable concern.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen", We are nevertheless very satisfied," - said the Deputy Chairman of the Executive Board Manfred Gasteiger on Wednesday in the balance sheet press conference of the Bank in Bad Tölz. In the catchment area of the Bank, ranging from Endlhausen to the Jachenau and from Bad Tölz to Fischbachau in the Kreis Miesbach are currently "no default risk".

Normally, the Raiffeisenbank in the Oberland in such discussions with an Overview of the business data of the previous year. "But now we have Corona, and it is interested in actually hardly still someone, which was last year," said Chairman of the Board Hans jörg Hegele aptly. And so the balance-sheet for 2019 from the current developments in the Background.

the Board of Directors reported to members, increased with the outbreak of the pandemic and the Lockdown of the advice needs of the customer, usually by telephone or in digital enormous. Over 200 customers have received a suspension of its loan repayments granted with a break of up to one year, "so people can get air to Breathe and have the feeling of, 'We trust you'," said management Board member Manfred Klaar. In April, the Raiffeisenbank im Oberland to also said loans for EUR 13.1 million of that, "partly for investment and partly for operating costs to keep the place going," says Klaar. According to Gasteiger, around 1,000 customers of the Bank received emergency aid in a total amount of 6.7 million euros from the free state and the Federal government. As a "not-so-easy to use," have proven to be the applying for of loans from the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW). "60 percent of the requests we have supported at the end of their own resources," says Manfred Klaar.

Even if the Bank is responsible for the economic hardships, particularly in the hospitality and tourism knowledge of the area: "We see in the case of any company, that it would be in acute danger of insolvency," said Gasteiger. "The Healthy, the had enough reserves, it's okay", according to the forecast of the management Board member Josef Bernöcker. More difficult it'll be for the company, "which had earlier been chewing on to". Hegele quoted the statement of the Hoteliers from the Region: "If it stays with the previous closures, then we got a black eye." Was to be seen, however, how the revenue impact of failures with time delay, for example, in the case of suppliers, said Klaar.

A continuous "Boom" observed Gasteiger meanwhile, in the sector of craft and construction in the uplands is reflected in both the credit requests, as well as the demand for building materials in the three construction and were centers of the Bank in Thanning, Lenggries and Warngau.

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in Spite of the Corona-crisis would make the Bank your is currently 18 842 members in the profits of the previous year and a dividend in the amount of two percent of their deposits to pay off. In the case of a usual Deposit of 2500 to 3000 euros, the 50 to 60 Euro would be. The banking Supervisory authority BaFin has already made it clear that the financial institutions do without given the current situation on dividend distributions and instead, your equity should increase.

"We find, however, that there is a difference is whether Deutsche Bank or Commerzbank pays a relatively large amount to their shareholders, or whether a co-operative Bank as we operates a policy of continuous dividends," said Hegele. "We are clearly of the opinion that our members a dividend is entitled to," says Gasteiger. It is decided in the representative Assembly, which due to the contact restrictions on the 6. October has been postponed. The Board members hope that the line of the Bank supervision relaxed until then.

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Raiffeisenbank im Oberland supervised 48 642 customers and operates 15 business and 25 ATMs. It has 334 employees, of which currently, eleven trainees. Six apprentices will be set in September 2020. As Of March 31. December 2019 fraud, the status of the loans to customers EUR 980 million. Of which included new commitments or extensions of existing loans for a total amount of 300 million euros in 850 individual credit transactions. The deposits of the customers were the end of 2019 at 1017 million Euro in loans and deposits, respectively, an increase of 5.2 percent compared to the previous year. The balance sheet total increased in 2019 to 3.4 percent to 1289 million euros. The Bank generated a net income of 4 241 683 Euro, the balance sheet profit amounted to 1 229 527 Euro. The Bank wants to pay – if possible – be happy to 313 333 Euro as a dividend to its members. "We have exceeded our forecast and the us stabilized at a high level," says Board Chairman Hans-jörg Hegele. "It was for our house to be a very good year."

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Date Of Update: 04 June 2020, 03:34

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