Police Headquarters Aalen: Press Release

The accident fled immediately from the scene in an unknown direction. The first investigations by the police revealed that the 'polluter pays' vehicle attache

Police Headquarters Aalen: Press Release

The accident fled immediately from the scene in an unknown direction. The first investigations by the police revealed that the 'polluter pays' vehicle attached to the registration plates had previously been stolen in the district of Heidenheim. The accident vehicle was discovered in the framework of the initiated investigation on the B19, shortly before Oberkochen in the direction of travel of Heidenheim, by a police patrol. In recognition of the police patrol, the Mercedes accelerated sharply and fled in the direction of Heidenheim. The Mercedes overtook several vehicles and threatened several times by the oncoming vehicles to brake heavily and in the green area Dodge had to. At the exit of Stan lowing of the B19-South, he left the B19 and collided first with a guard rail. Its further escape through the upper cooking he came a Cropper in the Heidenheimer street at the roundabout to station road with a road sign and a wall, his journey, however with very high speed on the Heidenheim and Aalen road through upper fort cooking. In doing so, he overtook several vehicles and grazed a Car in the side mirrors. At the entrance to B19, the Mercedes was surrounded by more police patrols, and to Stop to be forced. In the case of the driver of the vehicle was a 16-year-old youth from the district of Heidenheim. The 14 -Year-old co-driver comes out of the Ostalbkreis. The Cars of the 16 had taken-Year-old without the Knowledge of the owner of a vehicle without authorization in use, and the previously stolen license plate attached. During the escape the two occupants threw several sachets of illegal narcotics from the vehicle, which were seized. The resulting property damage is 15,000 Euro. On the escape vehicle, a damage of 10,000 euros was also created. Against both of the young people, criminal proceedings were initiated. The police station Aalen asks road users, which were endangered by the Mercedes, to call the phone number 07361/5240 at the police station in Aalen.

Oberkochen: scooter in the traffic circle overlooked

A 64 -year-old scooter driver drove out of the station road in upper cook in the roundabout, and wanted to leave at the second exit in the direction of B19/Heidenheim, Germany. A 68-year-old Toyota driver drove out of heidenheimer road in the roundabout, saw the passing scooter driver and collided with this. The scooter driver was dismissed over the hood and came out on the roadway to rest. In the process, he suffered minor injuries and was transported with an ambulance to a clinic. The damage to property is 3.250 Euro.


large salmon: witnesses sought: pedestrian with a Car and

On Saturday evening around 20:00, escaped sailed a previously unknown Car-driver, the K1903 of grave in the direction of the B14. In a curve area in Erlach, the Car recognized a 58-year-old pedestrian, who was on the roadway. The pedestrian has been dismissed from the Car and came in 10 meters distance on the road to Lie down. The accident-causing Car-driver fled after, without a care to the severely injured man in the direction of the B14. According to witnesses, it was in the fleeing Car to a black Car sedan, older models. The police station Backnang invites witnesses to give evidence on the accident vehicle, or the polluter, to call the phone number 07191/9090.

Oppenweiler: accident with tractor

On Saturday at noon, 12:30 PM, a 63-year-old tractor-Arm travelled with a trailer from Reichenbach in the direction of the B14. Due to a medical cause of this lost control of the tractor trailer, from just went into a local Garage and crashed against a concrete pole. The tractor arm was trapped and had to be freed by the Volunteer fire Department. Subsequently, he was brought by the ambulance service with minor injuries in a hospital. The accident damaged the side of the Garage and the tractor still in the Garage parked Car. The property damage is 10,000 Euro.

winter Creek: bike rider, with motorcycle

collides On Saturday at 18:35 sailed a 53 -year-old Bicycle rider, the K1865 of winter stream-Manolzweiler in the direction of Weinstadt-Schnait, on the left-hand lane. At the same time, sailed a 23 - year-old Honda rider with his motorcycle is properly the K1865 in the same direction on the right lane. The bike driver swerved suddenly to the right into a dirt road and collided with the motorcycle. The cyclist, who was wearing a Bicycle helmet, suffered serious injuries and was flown by rescue helicopter to a hospital. The motorcycle driver was slightly injured. The damage to property amounts to several Thousand euros.

Althütte: motorcycle rider plunged

On Saturday afternoon at 14:00, sailed a 29-year-old motorcycle rider, L1120 of Althütte in the direction of the Kaiser Bach. At the height of the Ebnisee crossed directly in front of her, a free-running dog in the roadway. The motorcycle rider tried to avoid and slowed greatly. As a result, they came to the case and slid across the oncoming lane into an adjacent green area. Here she came to a few metres, to Lie. The motorcycle driver was slightly injured. The property damage is not yet known.

the district of Schwäbisch Hall

Gaildorf: scooter of the road strayed

On Saturday evening at 18:00 and sailed a 23 -year-old scooter driver, medium red with his motorcycle, the L1066 from Gaildorf in the direction of. In the curve to the left participation is not yet understood, the cause came up to this without a third-to the right of the roadway, hit a stick with the helmet is a curve leittafel and crashed. He sustained minor injuries. It is a property damage in the amount of 200 euros.

Sulzbach-Laufen overthrown: cyclists.

On Saturday afternoon at 15:20 o'clock ran on a 77 -year-old Bicycle rider to the paved community path of angels hofen in the direction of Sulzbach am Kocher. Approximately 800m to the junction Brünst of the cyclists wanted to obsolete a forestry tractor. When Overtaking, he came with his bike independently to the left in the green strip and crashed. The bike rider, which is the first investigation that no Bicycle wore a helmet, had to be slightly injured taken to hospital.

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Updated Date: 19 July 2020, 12:26

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