Palzinger bliss after the fourth start-up | Landkreis Freising

This climb was long overdue: in 1989, the Kicker of the SVA Palzing managed, thanks to the victory over FC Freising Eintracht for the first time, the leap in th

Palzinger bliss after the fourth start-up | Landkreis Freising

This climb was long overdue: in 1989, the Kicker of the SVA Palzing managed, thanks to the victory over FC Freising Eintracht for the first time, the leap in the district League.

Palzing – The path to the SVA Palzing took place in the 1980s, was a rocky one, paved with many disappointments, but also with a historic Triumph. The former, now deceased coach George Schepp ("There are two football coaches, who have without a license success: Franz Beckenbauer and me") had in 1985 a played force, which was ascended for a year previously from the B-class. Young, ambitious and, above all, talented players formed together with a couple of veterans for a strong Team, that made in 1985 for the first time, a start-up from the A-class (now district League) in the direction of the district League. Behind Champions and newly promoted SG Moosburg, the SVA was the Second. In the jubilee year (the Club was 60 years old) should the success of the Coup.

first start

opponent in the first relegation game was the TSV Dachau is another A-class runner-up. The match took place in Eching – for Schepp, who lived there, a kind of home-field advantage. But the Match was kicked off, because of the dream of the rise seemed to be burst. Because after nine minutes it was 0:3. The Elf responded and started prior to 630 visitors a comeback. Captain Fritz Karin Check (35.) as well as Norbert wooden Maier (54.) set to 2:3, but the already injured in the game past goalkeeper Michael's Past had yet to attack once. The SVA-defense made fahrigen and nervous impression.

installation: Past – Linsmeier, Blocker, Gottschalk, Kowoll (60. Mair) – Karin Check, Huber, Riesch (46. J. Thalhammer), Erich Wöhrl – Thomas Wöhrl, Wooden Maier.

Second attempt

Only a year later, in 1986, was Taufkirchen, the almost identical team again runners-up, this time behind Himolla. First opponent in the relegation round with four teams was Kösching the TSV. Was played in Geisenfeld. The Palzinger took this hurdle required a lot of strength and nerves, to 8:6 victory after a penalty shoot-out was. At the end of 90 minutes the score was 2:2 (goals by Norbert wood, Maier, and Fritz Karin check), the extension 3:3 (Herbert Lorenz). Then the penalty was followed by shooting, in which the first shot of the SVA-trailers caught our breath. The Ball from Thomas Wöhrl landed in because of a hole in the goal net. All Palzinger Protect met.

opponent in the "Finale" was the SV Sulzemoos – taken care of by the Ex-Eintrachtler Erich Meidert and head of Department, Heribert Winklhofer, both of which were in the following season at TSV Eching active. The venue was once again the stadium on the Dieter Heimer road in Eching. A bad Omen for Schepp and his Elf? In fact, it was with the go a League higher again, nothing. Palzing lost with 1:2, Lorenz was concerned with the interim compensation. The Sulzemooser winning goal in front of 700 spectators fell in 89. Minute. The former captain Karin check recalls: "A real cave kick, we were bitterly disappointed."

third-party calls

walk in the middle of the 1986-87 season, the SVA has a new coach: Schepp had to. Karin check was promoted to player-coach – the man who has green and white blood in the veins, with the SVA was strongly associated, and still is today. In a deciding game in the relegation of the participants was determined. The TSV Allershausen and the SVA were point went straight over the goal line. 500 spectators in the Savoyard Au saw an exciting game, at the end of the Oberhausen were in the penalty, the luck to shoot more. This was the last active appearance of Karin check as a player, as he gave his commands by the Bank.

Fourth start-up

To fifth place in the season (1987/88) was the SVA a year later, back in front, stand a number of weeks in the number one position and it was clear on the title and ascent rates. "All thought, we are already masters, in the Background the plans for the ascension ceremony had gone on," recalls Karin check. The last round should make everything clear: tracker Eintracht Freising had two points and was able to draw in a direct duel with the SVA, the leave a week earlier, at 0:0 in Allershausen, a counter had, still the same. And, in fact, The Eintracht won in front of 1000 spectators in the Savoyard Au with 3:1 and forced the game to a decision. Karin check did not despair: "Always, when it comes down to it, some of us on the height."

But then followed the 7. In June 1989, a Wednesday, should everything at the club change the lives of the SVA. Karin check pondered a lot these days. "I had to think of something. In Freising, we were no chance – our three forwards were covers of the Eintracht defenders of course.“ His idea: Wast Mair advanced for Hans Radlmaier to the Team and reinforced the midfield, the Freisinger defender had to do it with just two strikers to. "The Wast had a super day – it was, in my view, the decisive point that changed the game completely," says Karin check today.

+ The Moment when all the levees broke: Thomas Wöhrl is cheered for his hit to the preliminary rounds, 3:1.

was Played in Allershausen. 1300 spectators saw at high temperatures, an exciting game, the decision was made late in the regular season. Gunther Philipp had earned the playful stronger favorites from the Cathedral city in Front brought, Thomas Wöhrl, with a controversial penalty offset. But the unorthodox way of playing the Palzinger was, ultimately, the Amper Taler forced the Eintracht defense with a lot of long balls to errors. Hans Radlmaier and again Wöhrl get the crucial goals, the second goals from Philipp came too late.

After that broke at the SVA stock all the dams. Only on the playing field, then in the village itself. "The next day, none of us has worked," says Karin check. "In front of the Zollinger city hall, we have hoisted the green-white club flag." Ultimately, this success have changed a lot in the Club – even if you descent in. The Palzinger had to Dodge because of a course renovation to Zolling. "The home advantage was gone, but the would have been in the first year is important." Nevertheless, it was the beginning of another, more successful game times. The renewed rise in 1991 in the district League, and even the almost successful jump, in the district of the upper League are evidence of strong years of the SVA.

SVA Palzing – FC Eintracht Freising 3:2 (0:1)

(Wednesday, 7. June 1989, in the village of Allershausen)

SVA Palzing: engraving Linsmeier, Kowoll, Gottschalk (71. Radlmaier), Huber – Mair, Widmann, M. Castle (82. Reiser), Grove, J. Castle, T. Wöhrl.

FC Eintracht Freising: Sinicki – Weinberger, Forster, Kronthaler, D. Rosic (77. Chic) – Frank, M. Rosic, Hackers – Philipp, Bikowski, Götz (46. Ranner).

goals: 0:1 Philipp (43.), 1:1 T. Wöhrl (64./Penalty), 2:1 Radlmaier (74.), 3:1 T. Wöhrl (80.), 3:2 Philipp (85.).

viewers: 1300.


no Corona-crisis, now would have been a relegation of the time in Amateur football for the Fans the most exciting encounters of the year, extra time and penalties are often included. We will remind, in a series of legendary decision games, between 1980 and 2000. See also: TSV Eching: A year with Willi Bierofka

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