John Litvinov sharpens the senses of the RB Leipzig-women

sports played in the life of John Litvinov always been a great role. In his Childhood tried to "Vanya," as he is of friends and family, lots of sports, studie

John Litvinov sharpens the senses of the RB Leipzig-women

sports played in the life of John Litvinov always been a great role. In his Childhood tried to "Vanya," as he is of friends and family, lots of sports, studied sports science and came to his profession as a teacher in the International coaching course (ITK) at the University in Leipzig. There Litvinov leads the football and athletics coach course. In addition to professionally, he is as athletic trainer for the women's team of RB Leipzig, the last season promotion to the 2. Bundesliga has managed.

"The ITC tele I give means of the theories of sports science, while I use and thus develop these in RB practically," says the 30-Year-old the link of his two Jobs. "The goal is," he said about the work of the Sport science faculty, "in developing countries sport structures in terms of content, as well as to improve structurally, through our further studies, to break down prejudices, to strengthen minorities, as well as to provide educational opportunities for children and young people."

From the soccer to the athletic trainer

in 2018, the contact to RB Leipzig came to be then, because Litvinov as a youth coach for the U14 SG Olympia was active. First of all, the 30 should be brought to-Year-old as a U15 coach in the boat, the "football coach-business," returned Litvinov at this time, however, the back. A week later a new offer came, this time as an under-17 athletics coach. In the summer of 2019 finally, the carriage followed in the first women's team. In Litvinov would not be landed almost at RB, as he was on the verge of being self-employed.

Since 2016 Litvinov further formed in the area of neuro-centered training abroad and is building in the Background is a third leg to stand on. With this approach, he expanded his core competencies of the physical and cognitive performance enhancement, prevention and Rehabilitation. "Due to the training I created the "neuro-meets" - a platform, when it comes to educating people from different areas, institutions and businesses on this subject and to integrate, when needed, in the long term." In the case of RB Leipzig, he makes the neuro-centric Training already included.

"The Basis for motor actions sensory stimuli, which are transmitted by visual, vestibular, and propriozepeptive information. If one of these systems is not functioning adequately, it can suffer from the motor Output including," says Litvinov. "The goal of my work is to test these systems and train to improve sport-specific action." Thus, Litvinov covers topics such as performance enhancement, flexibility and pain reduction.

"I see great potential"

As an example, he wants to work with one hand player from the 1. League approach: "I work with a hand player, the has joints, among other things, a limitation of Movement in both jump. By special visual Exercises, we were able to improve their range of Motion. For technically clean squats this result is essential. This approach can also be used in other areas outside of sport, as people in the workplace, appreciate in rehab or even in school often, the visual or vestibular System or not pick up on. Here I still see great potential."

The topic seems to be slowly in Europe and also in Germany to arrive. "I'm excited to see where this goes," said the 30-Year-old. Contact to Fulda maintains John Litvinov, but rather the wire to parents and friends: "The contact is good. In time, I can't afford it, however, every month herzufahren. Since my parents and some friends live here, miss Fulda to life, nevertheless, am glad to be in such a great city such as Leipzig." (Tino vineyard)

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