Höchstadt brakes when you land

How to develop the town of Höchstadt in the next few years? Where is there new construction and commercial areas? On these issues the new city Council discussed

Höchstadt brakes when you land

How to develop the town of Höchstadt in the next few years? Where is there new construction and commercial areas? On these issues the new city Council discussed in its first meeting after the Constitution and set the course. After that, it should be in Höchstadt no unbridled land consumption and more.

With the significant majority of, respectively, 21:3 vote, the city Council decided on Monday evening in the aischtal-hall - in-Corona-times must be kept distance. Both in the case of building land designation, as well as in the commercial areas is not the method with the maximum possible exposures to the approval of the new zoning plan went.

Green for very small solution

at the preliminary meeting with representatives of all the groups out a week ago, it became obvious that they wanted to step on the brake. The new group of the Greens was but still far enough. Their spokesman Peter Winkler pleaded the land for a "small solution" and in commercial areas only for a "measured track densities".

Winkler complained a lot too large of the Landscape, a mistake, in his opinion, all the neighbouring municipalities make. It is spiral in Growth, habitats destroy, said the Green speaker.

In all other groups it was agreed, also, new commercial spaces in the new land-use plan. These are reported in the area of Greiendorfer way on the Western edge of the city. This completely does away with possible additional commercial space along the Birkach East of Etzel churches.

The entry in the land use plan discussion emphasized mayor Gerald Brehm (JL), that it was in the case of this Plan, only a Declaration of intent by the city. In the very many ideas of the carriers of public interests and of citizens fed. There will always be conflicts of interest, so Brehm, but Höchstadt means of the centre and had to hold land for more housing and commercial. Of course, they wanted to make the development plans in an ecologically.

That Höchstadt definitely need to a commercial area, stressed Bernd Herberger (CSU) and JL speaker Michael Ulbrich. "We have to bite the sour Apple," said Martin Oberle (JL). He would like to create an "ecological industrial Park". Even if Joseph Bessler (JL) warned strongly against the landscape of the valuable area on the Greiendorfer way as a commercial area, voted in a majority for it and stroke the area at the Birkach.

500 requests for land

the development plan will be Developed in the Höchstadter engineering office Valentin Maier. Engineer Georg Schreiber presented the draft at the meeting, in the from the point of view of the planners the maximum possible area sizes were characterized. The target was now the designated areas to the extent that a vote to create a preliminary draft.

The demand for building sites for residential houses is in Höchstadt, such as. Among the approximately 500 requests 300 of Höchstadtern that want to build here, whether Brehm said. They should get opportunities. According to the engineer's scribe, a total of 55 to 65 hectares of housing land could be reported.

At twelve sites per hectare could arise over 600 parcels of land. 24 hectares in the area of Etzel churches-West, six acres in Höchstadt-South direction of the town of Gremsdorf and the largest part, with about 500 sites in the continuation of the area hackers dough.

At the request of the city Council majority is lost in this area. In order to allow a denser development on the hackers of dough, should there be a water fountain up. CSU spokesman Alexander Schulz, also called the small solution, and spoke of a "compact rounding off". He is not that Höchstadt, in spite of land-expulsions is increasing since years inhabitants, and the old land would slowly die out.

the AfD has a single fighter Christian Beßler voted for a smaller, häcker dough and also proposed, from old mix of pure residential areas, make areas.

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