Smartphone Updates: New Software for mobile phones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and co.

Apple distributed iOS 13.5.1 for iPhones Important message for all users of the iPhones, the newer Generation. From now on you can install iOS 13.5.1, if you u

Smartphone Updates: New Software for mobile phones from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, and co.
Apple distributed iOS 13.5.1 for iPhones

Important message for all users of the iPhones, the newer Generation. From now on you can install iOS 13.5.1, if you use at least the iPhone 6s or the iPhone SE. New features iPhone users can't get with this Update. Apple itself speaks in its Release Notes state that iOS 13.5.1 contains important security updates and all users at the Installation is recommended.

it is presumed that part of the update probably is, that it is with iOS 13.5.1 no way to use the recently released uncover-Jailbreak. Thus, it is possible to install Software from the App Store of Apple is a potential security risk. By the way: for iPads the appropriate Update in the Form of iPadOS 13.5.1 is now available.

Google, with a large Pixel-Update

Also, Google will start in the month of June with a new Update. As mentioned above, includes it in the Form of the June Patches for Android, among other things, on the group's own Pixel-based Smartphones to numerous security vulnerabilities. But that's not all. Pixel users can also look forward to new features. As Google improves from the pixels 2, for example, the adaptive battery management. The Pixel Smartphones to detect when the battery is empty and automatically reduce unimportant background activity of Apps, to allow a longer battery life.

also New is, that you fall asleep with soothing sounds such as waves and let your favorite song Wake you. And also a Sunrise Alarm has integrated Google new. The screen of your smartphone is so that in the morning, becoming brighter, and you Wake up in a darkened room, like a sunrise. Also new: The Google wizard offers you the option of using voice command Meetings to be recorded.

you can Also install from that point on, all pixels Smartphones, the Personal Safety App. The detection of car accidents, is now available for Pixel-3 models available. However, only in English and only in Australia, the UK and the USA. A new emergency function, not informing them of pre-defined contacts, when you go, for example, after a conducted hike, as expected, to your starting point. If you want it to land also advice to natural disasters or other public warnings about the Personal Safety App on your Smartphone Display.

Latest Updates from Samsung

Afloat on the go is also, of course, again Samsung. As accustomed to from the past, the South Korean electronics group for the first Smartphones from now on, the June Patch for Android. It starts with the Galaxy-S20-series, other models will follow. Other Smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S8 Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus have received in the past few days, an Update to the may Patch. In Parallel, was managed by Samsung in the case of these two Smartphones, a Bluetooth security vulnerability from the world.

Sammobile also reports of a new Update for the Galaxy S20 Ultra, that improves the smartphone's camera. In the future, you can a sort of Macro-mode (Close Up Zoom) to get closer to objects, move and photograph this.

New update of Huawei and Honor

a Smartphone from Huawei is using you? Then we may also have for you important information. Because the Chinese manufacturer has revealed which Smartphones in Germany now receive an Update to EMUI 10.1. With the match in the following models: P30, P30, Pro, Mate 30 Per, Mate 20X 5G, Mate, 20X, Mate 20 Per, Mate 20 and Nova are 5T.

part of the Updates are several new features, such as the Golden Snap Feature. The camera then automatically takes multiple photos and an artificial intelligence then selects the best photo. With Huawei MeeTime you can on the above-mentioned Smartphones, a new Software for video calls in Full HD quality. With Huawei Share a fast wireless file sharing between Huawei is also devices. And also the voice assistant Celia is part of EMUI 10.1. However, the German is only at a later, not yet more precisely defined time.

do you use a Smartphone in the P20 or Mate series? Then you can't install over the next few days, although EMUI 10.1, an Update to the previous version of EMUI 10 but in more and more countries. The same applies to the Android-April-Patch available for the P30 lite and the P smart, for example, The may Patch will be distributed a few days ago, among other things, for the P30-series, the Mate 20X 5G, the Y9s, the Y9 (2019) and the Nova 5T. In addition, for the Mate 20 Lite and the flip-Smartphone Mate X.

And what applies to Huawei, of course also counts for the the group daughter's Honor. For the Honor 20 Lite, you can more recently, the may Patch install, the same applies to the Honor-30 series. And in the case of the P30 models, the camera has received a small Update has been.

Smartphones-Updates from OnePlus

To a small round blow up for the OnePlus is out. For several models new Firmwares are available. For example, an Update to OxygenOS 10 for the OnePlus 5 and the OnePlus 5T. And this is synonymous with a Upgrade of Android 9, Android 10.

For the OnePlus 6 / OnePlus 6T, you can recently an Update to OxygenOS 10.3.4 install. In addition to the may-Patch for the Android System OnePlus for this Update is called but only General error corrections and system improvements.

do you use a Smartphone, the OnePlus 7-series? Then you can install a new Update. For example, OxygenOS 10.0.6 for the OnePlus 7 and the OnePlus 7 Pro. Here, too, the may Patch is part of the new Firmware. But also, the volume control has experienced an improvement, and OnePlus also promises an improved battery Management. For a better camera experience, OnePlus has been working on the prevention of disturbing spots on photos.

For users of the OnePlus 7T and the OnePlus 7T Per the OxygenOS versions 10.0.11 or 10.0.9 is available immediately. The Update for the OnePlus 7T and the OnePlus 7T Pro brings next to the may-Patch, among other things, a 720p slow-motion function with 960 fps. In addition, the lens patch detection and the improved volume Management is also in the case of these two Smartphones is part of the new Version of the Software.

Realme patches more

Also Realme – a sister brand of OnePlus is more busy, to distribute Updates for their Smartphones. Such is, for example, for the entry-level Smartphone Realme C3. It brings the may-Patch for Android is an optimization for the front camera. Only the may-Patch, meanwhile, has a new Update for the Realme 5i in the Luggage.

For the Realme X2 Pro you can not only the may Update install, but after a corresponding Installation of various bug fixes to benefit. For example, look at screen shots or the Touchscreen problems with the game, "PUBG Mobile". In WeChat Calls, it could happen that the telephone resulted from Nothing a restart. Again, this will have fixed Realme with the latest Update for the X2 Pro.

Also, Oppo distributes Updates

New from the house of Oppo: An Update to the Reno3 Pro. It not only integrated the may-Patch to improve the security of the system, but also adds visual enhancements for phonebook entries. A improving the phone call experience, the Oppo performs in the appropriate Release Notes. For the Oppo Reno an Update to ColorOS 7 on the Basis of Android 10 is for a few days.

General notes

it is Important to know for you: All Android Updates you can't install in all countries at the same time. Instead, the new Smartphone Firmwares are regional different time points.

a new Update is available for your mobile, you will receive a corresponding message on the Display of your mobile phone. But you can also in the settings, to manually check if a Software Update is available. Not infrequently, you get a new Firmware a couple of days earlier.

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