Lockdown, recession and crisis, in Spite of The Bitcoin is one of the big winners

Three months Corona-restrictions have changed our everyday life and our habits are solid. Many companies have reacted to the challenges and their business model

Lockdown, recession and crisis, in Spite of The Bitcoin is one of the big winners

Three months Corona-restrictions have changed our everyday life and our habits are solid. Many companies have reacted to the challenges and their business models changed, or the products and services were already there, and are now used by a major mass worldwide.

The red thread is the digitization: office workers were predominantly from home, working so Hard - and Software had to be upgraded, so the Teams were able to virtually work more. In the supermarket the customers will not have dispensed only cash, but also to Enter the PIN. The Pay worked out all of a sudden completely contactless.

online trading and Internet services experienced an incredible Boom. The stock prices of Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Visa, Teamviewer, and finally Zoom to show which products and services purchased, used or have been subscribed to. And to whom is the payment service provider all the time to hot Wirecard already, had already invested his money in shares of the Dutch competitor Adyen. About the author

Benjamin Bilski is the founder and CEO of Social Trading and Investing platform NAGA is. The Ex-Pro swimmer, and series founder, was admitted to 2018 by Forbes in the list of "30 under 30".

digitalization is a Megatrend – has now received a significant boost. The systems were ready and were now used much well-known and more.

The re-flight of the Bitcoin

This, in turn, drives the engine of Development, especially in the case of block chain based technologies: companies invest heavily and can be optimistic to see thanks to rising sales of their money back soon. Investors benefit by buying stocks of companies in these sectors – or in the Medium of invest in, which is like no other and as a Synonym for digitization: the crypto-currency Bitcoin. So, such as stocks or Gold belongs in every Portfolio. Often declared dead, has set the price of Bitcoin has long back-to-height flights.

Who made the prophets of doom don't affect, and its Bitcoins held or what bought, can rejoice today over a good return, even compared with other investment objects: Bitcoin has surpassed already this year the American stock index S&P500 and outperformed the crisis, the anchor of Gold.

Similar to the precious metal, Bitcoins have the charm that the offer is limited and only small steps can be developed – in contrast to the past from the rudder glut of money, the Central banks in the world. Yes, the Bitcoin is created in the year 2008, almost as a reaction to the financial crisis and a limited amount of 21 million units, of which, of course, a few million, dug out of the ground still has to be produced, so.

Bitcoin is incorruptible

This capping mechanism is awesome, but only one of many practical factors. Because a Bitcoin is not an end in itself, living only by the Faith of the investors of its value. Rather, the Bitcoin, creates a source of energy, the digitization and has in the truest sense, incorruptible features: Blockchains and crypto-currencies, which are based on, are explicitly organized in a decentralized, encrypted and unchangeable, so tamper-proof.

they work democratically, and transactions of any kind are extremely cost-saving, since expensive middle men are needed. The technologies of the future to be brought about by crypto-currencies to life. Anyone who invests in this, buys the product directly from the fuel.

reasons for the rise of the Bitcoin

of Course, there are price fluctuations, and Yes, sometimes capers. Although the price of the other system is decoupled classes and the economy. But if Bitcoin owners are in urgent need of money, as in March, then sell and push the price. But faster than other assets has recovered to the Bitcoin of it. This is due to the strong acceptance of those who embodied as a Generation of digitization: 45 percent of Millennials prefer to use Bitcoins to stocks, real estate or Gold as a global survey from April, with several thousand respondents has shown.

There are many crypto-currencies and imitators. Bitcoin but the market leader, and market capitalization, computing power, degree of development or the price – but also in the size and commitment of the Community. Bitcoin is only alive because the members of the community to restore the Bitcoin in the first place, barter exchanges operate, act and Goods and services can pay.

more and more companies accept Bitcoin as a means of payment

The list of companies that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment, it is also getting longer and longer; more recently, by Shopify. The pressure on public and private institutions, to accept the digital currency, is bigger, and also because of the progressive digitalisation specifically digital means of payment needed. Why should, of all things, to run the future, currencies, technologies, stale, and on top of that dangerous-inflationary Fiat? From the Corona-crisis of Bitcoin will emerge, therefore, as the winner in practical applications as a driver of digitisation and as an investment object.

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Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 11:27