FritzBox 6660 Cable in the Test: it's the fastest box in the world

if you look at the technical specifications of the Fritz box 6660 Cable, especially of a feast. The latest Internet router from the house of AVM is fast. Both o

FritzBox 6660 Cable in the Test: it's the fastest box in the world

if you look at the technical specifications of the Fritz box 6660 Cable, especially of a feast. The latest Internet router from the house of AVM is fast. Both on the side of the Internet cable connection as well as on the home network side of the Router promises much. Starting with DOCSIS 3.1 and Gigabit Internet, and ends when Wi-Fi 6 with 3 Gbit/s, and a network connector with 2.5 Gbit/s data rate.

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to buy The home network-ports: 2.5 GBit/s LAN and WIFi 6

This is indistinguishable of the Router at the first sight of its VDSL-comrades-in-arms, such as the FritzBox 7590. The form factor is the classic flat design with the shark, the Exterior is completely White.

the high-speed you do not see the Box – almost. Because on the back of the box 6660 Cable you will find a remote LAN Jack, labeled "2.5 G". This is not a mobile radio standard, but the built-in speed class of Ethernet adapter. Four more Bushings Gigabit data rates. Will need the 2.5 Gbit/s-port currently is certainly the least users, most of the devices, and also switches for home use today are equipped with Gigabit Ports. In the absence of the appropriate terminal, we could not test the performance.

On the radio side, the Fritzbox is equipped 6660 Cable with Wi-Fi, 6 AX. So this Router is the first box in the large range of Berlin, which comes with WiFi 6 therefore. But what's the point in practice? 2.400 plus 600 Mbit/s promised by the data sheet. The are a whopping 3 GB/s When operating in a Gigabit connection from Vodafone, it should be no Problem to get a Gigabit on a Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, the supports also Wifi 6. At least, that the normal user thinks.

Wi-Fi, 6 in practice

in fact, the Wi-Fi-6-practice is different. First of all, it is in the expected 3 Gbit/s, once again, a gross data rate. These advertise all router manufacturers across the Board, although the user rates, this data is never, in practice, can get. You will also need a terminal that supports Wifi 6. And then on the Gigabit data rates must support the terminal, a 160-Megahertz of spectrum in the 5 GHz range (HE160).

This is not the Galaxy S20 Ultra the case, it is only the half of the can with a HE80. The result is that the practical data rate is not over about 700 Mbit/s, and only in direct proximity to the FritzBox. Surely this is the fault not of the FritzBox, but the phone – it shows how far the Router is from AVM ahead of its time.

The FritzBox Software 6660 Cable in the Test: A Feature is missing

The Software of the Fritz box 6660 Cable there is little to say: it comes with almost all the known Features of the FritzOS. It starts with the Wi-Fi Mesh, and the child lock is about the telephony and Fax function to the first Smart Home approaches. Recently, the Router has the Version 7.15 of the FritzOS. Gross errors in the daily use we could not determine only the count of the data consumption work. Since the counts but in times of flat rates as a freestyle, can be described as a real flaw.

Disappointing, however, is that the FritzBox is the other cable-the Fritz boxes known DVB-C Streaming function offers 6660 Cable. It is not advertised, but is for Fritzbox-users expected. With the function of the Fritzbox converts the cable TV signal to a Streaming Signal, that you then in your whole house via your Smartphone, Tablet or web browser can see. Weak: The USB interface only supports USB 2.0. Annoying for anyone who wants to use this interface to his NAS in a home network.

conclusion: high-end Box to the future-visions

the Bottom line remains the Test of the AVM FritzBox 6660 Cable is a solid high-speed-cable-Fritzbox as a result. Everyone who revised its home network, in combination with a fast cable connection, should draw this Box at least considered. In the long-term test of the Box in a typical AVM-style: it is a working animal and creates it easy to distribute the Gigabit from the Internet in the home network if the devices fit.

Whether a change of the Fritzbox for example, only for Wi-Fi 6, or the 2.5-Gigabit-LAN-is worth Jack, may be doubted. Only if you're sure that your terminal can process the corresponding data rates, it would be worthwhile. You want, however, is already in a new home networking invest and by cable connection to the Internet, do you do with the FritzBox 6660 Cable nothing wrong. With the FritzBox your networking needs in the coming years should be covered. The current requirement that they be about 230 euros for the Router are created so well.

This article was written by Thorsten Neuhetzki

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