Coronavirus in Mallorca: The next shock for leisure is because

It all could be so beautiful: Starting in the plane, around two hours and fly off to the South and at 30 degrees, and more sunshine on the beach of Mallorca to

Coronavirus in Mallorca: The next shock for leisure is because

It all could be so beautiful: Starting in the plane, around two hours and fly off to the South and at 30 degrees, and more sunshine on the beach of Mallorca to enjoy. Many tourists had their holiday exactly, but since Friday, the Spanish island re-Covid-19-risk area. The Foreign office has pronounced because of the in the Balearic Islands-oasis-spreading Coronavirus is a travel warning. The largest German tour operator, TUI, has now responded remarkably quickly, with a decision expected to be pleased no tourists.

TUI is cancelling all package tours to Majorca

You have decided with a heavy heart, all the package tours to Mallorca to cancel and cancel. This applies to all holidays, the TUI up to 28. August to take place, the company said in Hanover. For payments already made to put on a TUI-travel credit. Depending on the height of the credit TUI get a Extra of up to 150 euros on top. Alternatively, affected customers can request a refund of your already paid travel price. Such refund may however, due to the large number of expected cancellations to wait some time.

See all the TUI should customers who currently spend already on Mallorca or another Balearic island for their holidays. You will be asked by your tour operator, namely, within the next few days of your holiday to cancel. Those who booked earlier than originally back want to travel, you can contact the Service staff (a Service-number is to be found in any travel plan) or the tour leader are to organize for a faster return trip

Important: All of the Balearic Islands-holiday makers travelling from a high-risk area back to Germany. You are therefore obliged a Covid-19-Test and to go first into home quarantine. Only after a negative result, it is allowed to leave the house again. This approach serves to keep the infection happen in Germany on a level that is manageable. If you didn't, risked a fine.

travel to the Canary Islands (Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Tenerife, etc.) are not currently affected by a travel warning and can take place as planned. It looks totally different for trips to Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and Israel. TUI has all of the travel, up to 30. September should be already cancelled.

what is Mallorca-travel with FTI, DERTOUR and Co?

If you are in the coming days with another tour operator TUI to Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza or in a different Corona-risk area of travel, you should you the best to the customer service of your tourist group. Der Touristik (DERTOUR, ITS, Jahn Reisen, etc.) has canceled with the exception of the Canary Islands and all Spain-travel also. First of all, up to 21. August. Affected guests will want to inform THE tourism proactively if a mobile phone was highlighted in number at the time of booking the trip.

Of the FTI Group, there is currently no official opinion on the new Balearic Islands-travel warning by the Federal government. Alltours provides free customer is currently in, whether you want to start your Majorca holiday or not. "A travel warning is a ban not a tour," says the company's chief Executive Willi Verhuven. New bookings for travel to Mallorca to stay at alltours possible, the company's own allsun Hotels remain open. All of the other Spain-traveling up to 15. September should take place, have been cancelled by alltours but. Canary Islands-holidays are not affected currently (as of yet).

airlines fly to Mallorca and co.

Basically, you, as a customer, according to the officially by the Foreign office issued a travel warning for the Balearic Islands, but the option to cancel your Mallorca-holiday for free. This only applies to package travel. Anyone who has booked its Mallorca holiday individually, so the purchase of airline tickets and hotel stay separately carried out, can not perform a free cancellation. Here it is now, with airline and Hotel contact in order to check whether the planned trip can still take place. By major airlines such as Lufthansa, Eurowings and Condor there are currently no messages in the coming days, flights to the Balearic Islands or the reduced set.

For the German travel Association, it is a "major setback" that the Balearic Islands are now considered as a risk area. Nevertheless, the health of passengers is above everything else. Some 30,000 German tourists, according to figures from the Association in the Balearic Islands, which have booked a trip with a tour operator. It is expected that in the coming days, all of the scheduled Arrival of the package tour guests would be cancelled.

This article was written by Hayo Lücke

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Date Of Update: 16 August 2020, 06:27

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