Rays pitching prospect hospitalized Following line drive into the Mind

A little league pitcher at the Tampa Bay Rays business is in stable condition after being hit in the head with a line drive at a dreadful scene Thursday night.

Rays pitching prospect hospitalized Following line drive into the Mind

Tyler Zombro, 26, was removed from the field at a stretcher in a Triple-A match between the Norfolk Tides and Durham Bulls after the relief pitcher fell into the floor and started convulsing after a line drive into the mind.

"As of the morning, Tyler stays under the care of the nurses and physicians at Duke University Hospital," that the Rays stated in an announcement on Twitter Friday.

"The upgrades from immediately have been favorable, and he remains in stable state. We're overwhelmed with the help of Tyler and the fantasies for his speedy and full recovery from enthusiasts along with the baseball community equally. Will offer updates as he advances."

Players from both teams looked on in terror because Brett Cumberland, the very first batter Zombro confronted on peak of the eighth, attached using a fastball that struck back at him.

Zombro, who combined the Rays business in 2017, lay motionless on the floor before then looking to grab.

Players on the area took a knee however, the match was finally suspended with Norfolk top 12-4.

The extent of his injuries aren't yet known.

He's got a 3.18 ERA this year and Thursday indicated his general appearance of this year.

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