Vitus Eicher: This was only the semi-finals | Landkreis Erding

As Vitus Eicher experienced the Heidenheim-Hammer against Hamburg. And now its time for the master to Bielefeld. Erding/Heidenheim– What it has done for a sea

Vitus Eicher: This was only the semi-finals | Landkreis Erding

As Vitus Eicher experienced the Heidenheim-Hammer against Hamburg. And now its time for the master to Bielefeld.

Erding/Heidenheim– What it has done for a season for the football pros from the district of Erding: Co-Trainer Sebastian Bönig with Union Berlin in the relegation in the Bundesliga. The Dorfener Andreas Voglsammer is ascended with Arminia Bielefeld in the highest League. Stefan Lex and his lion must also from the jump in the 2. League dream.

For the Hammer of the week, the 1 has but. FC Heidenheim made the thrust through the 2:1-winning goal in the injury time of the Hamburger SV from the third place. Vitus Eicher from experienced this as a replacement goalkeeper from the Bank. On Sunday, his Team can make a Surprise final perfectly. Of the opponent: calculated Voglsammers Arminia. How's a week of decision? We asked the 29-year-old long geislinger.

Mr. Eicher, as you have experienced in the last minutes of the game against HSV?

That was a bit extreme. Everyone knew, of course, the importance of the game. The HSV was superior in the first half, playful, and 0:1, we have conceded in the second half, 20 seconds after the re-start. But I've always had a good feeling. The last-minute nerves were wracking. We have fires to the Bank from the boys, the boys pushed. Only ten minutes before the end, the balance fell. Then, the stoppage time was almost over already, you win a head to the ball, and then Stefan sheen puts in a perfect cross for Konstantin Kerschbaumer. That was awesome.

you mentioned the Cheers from the Bank. Now, since there's no audience, even more pronounced?

Such games the life of the emotions. By means of the Corona Situation has developed because, perhaps, still more life, because this is perceived on the pitch is also different, since no audience is there.

How was the game? How to celebrate in Corona times? When celebrating a goal after the 2:1-victory hit were momentarily forget all of the distance rules, right?

In the Moment, not a footballer thinks on the world of Corona. Since this is the only irrepressible joy was easy. You can celebrate not currently, of course. But we will sit down to a game still in the cabin. That took a while on Sunday a little bit longer. So a game you have to process only once.

The FCH in the League – even at the very grounded Swabia is likely to be the euphoria at the moment, major. How is that noticeable?

Heidenheim is a city with almost 50 000 inhabitants. Logically, that since now all the cheer and for you to address. It is important, however, that in the club are all fully focused. We know that the game against HSV was only the semi-finals. Now it's time to Bielefeld. We have a good starting position, because we have it now in Hand.

it Makes the Situation easier, that the Arminian is already?

Bielefeld is now as a master. The actually speaks for itself. Whether this is an advantage or disadvantage if the opponent can play without pressure? This is difficult to say. The Club should have been against Stuttgart actually points and 0:6 is gone. On the other hand, the Hamburger SV has to win only once against the SV Sandhausen. The 2. Bundesliga is so tight. We rely on no one and just do our stuff.

Have you already written Andi Voglsammer? The FCH-past and dates back to as from the district of Erding.

I've written him after the climb, of course, and congratulated him. But since then, we have had no contact any more(laughs).

Would have to climb to your personal Situation?

I'm now really at all, no thoughts. I have a contract for the next three years, and various leagues. Now only the season finale counts.

Stefan Lex could win a professional player from the district properly. Your tip: to Create the lion was still in the 2. Bundesliga?

Five points are not little. But these 3. League is so tight. If you win the next four games, is still all there. I would wish Stefan and the other guys from the heart. If it doesn't work but, one should not forget, however, that the Blue languages before the season from relegation. The lions have already played a good season.

Updated Date: 24 June 2020, 17:33

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