Vettel can imagine switching to Aston Martin - but under one condition

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Vettel can imagine switching to Aston Martin - but under one condition

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Sebastian Vettel has media reports that he is directly in front of a signature in the Racing-Point Team of the canadian businessman Lawrence Stroll, decided. There is no agreement with him, "I could write, and I have signed anything yet for next year," he says in an Interview with the Italian Pay-TV channel "Sky".

Generally speaking, he was thinking "so close" to an agreement with Racing Point or another formula 1 Team in it, "as all of you. If it were not so, I would say it" followed by Vettel on his last demonstrated openness. And adds with a mischievous Grin on her face: "Or maybe not ..."

"The truth is: I'm not close to it. I don't think it will happen in the next couple of days. It will take a while to understand the entire Situation, and then I still need a bit of time in order for me to determine what I like and what not," he explains. "Besides, I need to see if everything fits for a collaboration."

What would like Vettel at the best, at least since Spielberg clear. There, he has publicly announced that he would accept any return offer of Red Bull immediately. In the further course of the weekend he was filmed in a loose gossip, with Red Bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz. What the two have spoken, is not known.

Vettel remains: return to Red Bull would be it is

Vettel stimuli, as before, to his statement that he would return to Red Bull at any time: "What I said is my honest and open opinion. But whether I come back or not, depends on the possibilities at all. And what I want and what is the best way for me. This is a top priority."

media reports, according to him, Red Bull motor sport consultant Helmut Marko in Spielberg, with a heavy heart I declared that there is no possibility of a return, commented on Vettel, with all the openness that he has not placed last in the day: "I talk more often with Helmut, not only because of the current Situation," he says in an Interview with the German Pay TV provider "Sky".

On demand, whether he had given Marko a basket, responds to Vettel: "We also have the issue discussed. But I have swept such things are never to the outside, and would like to keep it that way. Also out of respect to him. What we talk to each other, what is that to us. When it comes to more people, then the will know more people. At the Moment it goes to more people." Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel with regard to his decision to 2021 non-push.

Ralf Schumacher could imagine Vettel at Red Bull in any case very well: "I think he feels Red Bull personally very well. Since he has achieved a lot, like Alonso at Renault," analyzes the 'Sky'expert in the air of the 'Warm-Up'.

"If he feels good and when the car suits him, he is very probably a Max Verstappen equal. Maybe even a bit better. Max has an extremely good Speed, but is still a hot porn. If Sebastian has a car, in which he feels comfortable, he can retrieve a perfect performance," said Schumacher.

Schumacher: In the case of Aston Martin, there's a lot of question marks

"On the other hand, Aston Martin is of course a huge topic for the future, also in relation to Toto Wolff, who has invested there, and Mercedes, which are in some Form as well. By the by, it's great. However, you have to wait and see what happens with the Protest from Renault. If something goes wrong, it would be neither Mercedes nor for Aston Martin, or now Racing Point that is good."

Schumacher believes Vettel would be well advised not to early to Aston Martin set, as long as "a couple of question marks" are not clarified. For example: "What happens with the Team in the future? Mercedes remains really committed? Up to now, has not confirmed the."

"sounds Like this combination? Aston Martin, Mercedes? Maybe even sold the current Racing Point again to another billionaire who wants to have his son in the formula 1? There are a few question marks still, and that is why, I believe, wants Sebastian to wait first, what's happening now."

And while Racing Point of Sergio Perez, according to 'Bild'-Zeitung until December 31. July, you need to tell whether it will terminate by the end of 2022 current contract due to Vettel (against a million heavy severance pay), has Vettel under pressure.

"In the past week, nothing has changed. I have already said that I'll probably time. To meet most of all for myself, to make the right decision. If there is, then, to say something, I'm going to say it. But as of right now everything is open. I don't know whether I continue or not. I have no pressure to decide. And I'm not going to be put under pressure," he explains.

FIA-PK: Leclerc in addition to Vettel only an extra

In the FIA press conference on Thursday, the Aston-Martin-rumors were, of course, the defining theme. Charles Leclerc, who sat in the same round as his German team-mate, was demoted to extras. As at the end of the 20 minutes is hardly a question for him was, he mumbled: "That was an interesting press conference ..."

The journalists were interested only for the four-time world champion who was sitting next to him. What did he say to the of the 'picture'newspaper set in motion, rumors, and wanted to know a Journalist. Vettel: "There's a reason rumors are called rumors. All the talk about Racing Point. The first two races were impressive. But in terms of me, there's no news."

dpa/Darko Bandic/STF/AP/dpa In Budapest not only for Ferrari in focus: Sebastian Vettel (2.v.r).

If the Aston Martin was his only realistic chance to stay in formula 1, asks another Reporter. Vettel: "There are two ways to look at the Situation. The paper is form, what seats are free and which are not. Since I don't have probably enough info on who has what contract and how those contracts look like."

The 33-Year-old stressed, however, that contracts in formula 1 need to often be an obstacle: "I'm long enough in business to understand that you can never tell. Things can always change."

General assumption: Wolff has

gives the Next question: Has taught Strolls close friend Toto Wolff, the contact to the Racing Point? "In the Paddock, everyone knows each other", deviates from Vettel. "I've been around so long that I know all. Almost all of them. It does not need the mediation of someone, to meet someone, or to make contact."

It is a highly interesting game of cat-and-mouse game between the journalist and Vettel, in particular, after a short time before Sergio had spoken to Perez. The stresses that he has a contract until the end of 2022, and also Lance Stroll's unwavering determination to be the Cockpit, not to give up. Team Manager Otmar Szafnauer says, it would "only logical" to conclude that you can make Vettel no offer at all. Using the subjunctive.

the obvious question to Vettel: you Have the feeling that Racing Point a Cockpit for you would be free? "Currently, these are only discussions," he replies. "Last week I said that I've been talking with Renault. These were only discussions. Eventually, the house will be of concrete. Currently, this is not it. The truth is that there is nothing to report and that there are only loose talks."

And then still want one to know whether his decision to Protest against the Racing Point could be affected, the Renault started. Vettel: "I don't Think so. I don't know what is really behind the Protest. It is a matter for the FIA to decide. I've only heard that Renault has filed a Protest. I don't know whether what comes out. I don't think so."

of course, only one is currently: Vettel needs to convince in the next race with brilliant performances and team mate Leclerc beat, because no Team that has been awarded for 2021, a Cockpit comes up, past him. Especially when he maintains that money is no longer an issue for him, and he would also have substantially more favorable than in the past ...

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