Triumphs and defeats for German Boxstars in AGON-Gala

French Cospolite against Culcay't stand a chance next opponent, Abass Baraou? "Golden Jack" Culcay (28-4, 13 Ko) defended his WBO International Title at s

Triumphs and defeats for German Boxstars in AGON-Gala

French Cospolite against Culcay't stand a chance next opponent, Abass Baraou?

"Golden Jack" Culcay (28-4, 13 Ko) defended his WBO International Title at super Welterweight against the French Howard Cospolite (18-8-3, 6 K. o.) by a point victory. The world champion of Amateurs and professionals was the better man, dictated the Tempo and always came back to good hits. But everything he hit against the head of the French national champion, was ineffective. Therefore, Culcay moved his fists to the liver. It was the right strategy at the right time, because Cospolite began to cheer to the suffering of the hook. After twelve rounds the judges (112:116, 110:117, 111:117) depreciated in favor of the "Golden Jack."Now the super world Boxing weight again as quickly as possible to a world Cup. Whom he wants as the next opponent, he revealed in an Interview with ring announcer Ronny Leber: "I would like to know if Abass Baraou is actually as good as is claimed. Therefore, I would'd like to compete against him!“

Björn Chic is in the fight for the EBU-EU title

Björn Chic is losing his EBU-EU title on Marten Arsumanjan (10-1-1, 5 Ko), the reigning Intercontinental Champ of the GBU, is also Cousin of Ex-world champion Arthur Abraham. Up to the fifth round, it was a balanced fight with a lot of hard hits. Actually, Chic is a Boxer that retrieves its full Potential in the long distance. But against Arsumanjan he committed the fatal mistake of the offered close range to engage. Send suffered in the sixth round of the violent hits and could not see. Therefore, the corner gave to AGONs head coach Michael Stachewicz the fight.

Vincenzo Gualtieri is the new German champion of the BDB

With a thin-point lead and an epic battle for the German championship of the BDB AGONs was undefeated Middleweight Vincenzo Gualtieri (14-0, 7 Ko) against up to date, also undefeated Alexander Pavlov (10-1, 8 K. o.). Gualtieri had to earn the title of hard, because Pavlov was sent to the front. Especially his long Jab Gualtieri prepared in the first four rounds of problems.Then of the Wuppertal remembered his technical Strengths and found the balance between hit and not hit. But he hit well enough to be able to clearly settle. In the last passage, he once again proved fighting spirit and took Pavlov under fire. It was enough for the points win (95:95, 96:95, 96:94). Traditionally, Gualtieri won the German championship belt from the hands of the President of the Federation of German professional boxers, Thomas puetz. It was a great fight between a very good Pavlov, and a better Gualtieri.

Jama Saidi arrived to victory in the Middleweight, Now he wants Patrick Wojcicki in front of the fists!

Jama Saidi (17-1-0, 7 K. o.) is moved up from super-Welterweight to Middleweight, and there arrived. In a tactically-run fight, he defeated Jay Spencer from Düsseldorf (11-2, 7 K. o.). Spencer delivered a strong performance, but he was able to make against the Ex-European champion of the IBF and WBO little. Saidi was the technically better Boxer with clearer actions. All three judges scored the Fight 80:72 in favour of the Mittelgewichtlers.Saidi wants to be in his new weight class as quickly as possible to the top. Therefore, he must think in terms of other orders of magnitude than from battle to battle. With this Knowledge, the choice of the next request opponent is understandable. He told the ring announcer that he would wish as a next opponent Patrick Wojcicki (14-0-1, 5 Ko). This fight would be a Board, because Saidi can box, he has shown today in the HALVELSTUDIOS again and his opponent, Team Sauerland Patrick Wojcicki, is not only the German number one in the Middleweight division, he is also the reigning Intercontinental Champ for the IBF.

Cruiserweight Artur man with a K. o. against the wheel Rashid in round three

With a Knockout victory over Rad Rashid (18-8, 14 K. o.) confirmed Artur man (17-1, 9 K. o.) his rising form curve. Crucial in a fight's Jab was. He held the Frankfurter so that at a distance and shook him effectively. At the end of the second round of Rashid after a Jab-punch-hand-combination down had to. The end came after 39 seconds in the third round. AGONs Cruiserweight drew a brutal uppercut to the head of his opponent and K. o.

beat him In the Preliminaries, Thomas Piccirillo (7-0-1, 2 Ko) from Cologne AGONs Middleweight Adam Amkhadov (7-1, 1 Ko) defeated in a scheduled eight round fight by unanimous decision. Piccirillo fought compact to the middle, held Amkhadov on the ropes and continued the better hit. Amkhadov was not in the fight. Especially the robustness to missing him, to be able to Cologne to be dangerous. In the penultimate round, he got a warning for holding, but since the battle was already decided. The Jury appreciated the battle with 77:74, 77:74, 78:74 and corresponded to the course of the battle.The battle for the Super Welterweight Said Rahimi in Hamburg (11-4, 9 K. o.), and AGONs Haro Matevosyan (10-0, 6 Ko) was not considered, and ended in the first round with a "No Contest." After the Hamburger was getting up out of a deep Meidbewegung, collided both with the heads. Matevosyan was a Cut on the left eyebrow and Rahimi a strong blood crack at the end. The ring doctor advised the Referee, the fight cancel.

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