The same coach, since there are Smartphones: How a provincial club in the Bundesliga dashes

Of the many touching stories to the 1. FC Heidenheim and Frank Schmidt this is one of the most beautiful: How the long-time Coach managed using the documentatio

The same coach, since there are Smartphones: How a provincial club in the Bundesliga dashes

Of the many touching stories to the 1. FC Heidenheim and Frank Schmidt this is one of the most beautiful: How the long-time Coach managed using the documentation "Trainer!" to be in the year 2013 not only to a broad Public, but to resolve at the same time, intra-familial node. "My wife said after the documentary that she understands now, finally, what I do actually," said Schmidt, later of "time".

And that was probably the most Important. League: the first leg of the Relegation LIVE on DAZN (display)

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Schmidt can see is the one movie Protagonist, who then worked at the most successful, without a single Bundesliga game completed. His 467 inserts as Heidenheimer exercise head to stretch down to the upper League, where it all began, more or less in the football Pleistocene. Since then, Schmidt was responsible for three of the climbs, 2008 in the Regionalliga, 2009 in the 3. League, 2014 in the 2. Bundesliga, Heidenheim grew up with his duties, but remained always Heidenheim, and Schmidt grew up, but remained always: Schmidt.

Frank Schmidt had in Heidenheim, only

be persuaded On Thursday (from 20.30 clock in the Live Ticker of FOCUS Online) charged in the province of the club in the first relegation game against Werder Bremen in the Bundesliga. Schmidt's games numero 468, and 469. And then, in 470, in the second floor...?

"RUB the eyes: Wow, that's incredible, what we have done and where we've been," marvels Holger Sanwald, Chairman of the Executive Board, for 26 years in the FCH. "This is mainly the merit of our great Trainers." dpa/Tom Weller/dpa Heidenheim is playing in the play-off against Bremen

the great coach wanted to be first, no great coach, not even a normal coach; he didn't want to be a Trainer. As Schmidt in September 2007, suddenly and on an interim basis, took over, he had to be persuaded. "Holger said: So, take the time for two games," says Schmidt, with a 13-year retrospective of the ARD. "My wife was not thrilled, weeks and months. With all the Successes in the beginning she has always said: everything is random!"

It was probably really the most Important. So with the documentary.

Schmidt: "Heidenheim began industry, small and medium enterprises, work"

As Schmidt, George W. Bush was still US President, and Angela Merkel, a young Chancellor. In 2007, the year was not, as a so-called smart phone was thrown on the market, decadent frills, something no one needs but, in life.

What has not changed: That Heidenheim is overlooked an der Brenz in the triangle between Nuremberg, Stuttgart and Munich, in the East württemberg, on the Bavarian border in Baden-although the FCH stadium, a venue of 15,000 seats, make a triumphant return to the Schlossberg rises 555 meters above sea level as the highest German Arena. Where: we'd like to Remain in the stadium. Fits better. dpa/Uwe Anspach Frank Schmidt gestures at the edge of the field

Cute, though the comparison is, moreover, according to Heidenheim, Germany, has about 50,000 inhabitants and the Hamburger SV a (warning!) magnificent Arena for of 57,000 spectators. Heidenheim third, the HSV was not.

"Heidenheim is industry, Heidenheim, Germany is the Mittelstand, and Heidenheim means to Work," says Schmidt, a native of Heidenheim, near the stadium, was born. Plenty of cheesy, but the way it is. "The people of the Region drudgery the whole week, many on weekends, so it goes to you and your family well. Then we have to play football. Our football is not always beautiful, we bite, but ' til you drop."

Schmidt made a miracle against Bayern and was scraping on the second pass

Schmidt, 46, represents and personifies the values of the Association: ambition, Emotion, enthusiasm, cohesion and will. "There was no day I was not in the mood," he says. "At the beginning I had a seven-day week, today I know that I can't drive a car always with full throttle." In the meantime, he give a day off per week.

"If it is as long as coaches like Christian Streich in Freiburg, Germany (since 2011, editor's note. d. Red.) or I here, then it is not enough to be a good specialist. You need social skills. We also talk about other things, laugh and cry together. So this what life is all about. Football is the life for me," says Schmidt, who keeps his head while Speaking in a slightly inclined, ossification in the cervical spine. imago images / Lackovic, Frank Schmidt, with the former Bayern Coach Niko Kovac

As an Active he was in the 1994 Cup-the wonders of vestenbergsgreuth against Bayern (1:0), in the pre-season he delivered in Munich with Heidenheim an epic battle, 4:5 at the end. "From the players, we do not expect that you are only salary earners," said Schmidt, captain Marc Schnatterer is, 34 years old, once in the second team of Karlsruher SC sorted out, since 2008, in the club, a Heidenheim-based Hero.

Heidenheim-farewell? "Maybe something else"

And now, after 2023, despite the turbo-capitalism that infests the football of the Modern play Schnatterer and colleagues to the admission to the League. "This is for the most a chance to live. I believe in the Unbelievable," says Schmidt, the Boss Sanwald laconic a "lifetime contract" offered, "he can terminate it self".

  • Bundesliga Relegation in the Live Stream: Where you can Bremen - Heidenheim

will be able to see Notarized Schmidt's contract runs until 2023, the Coach acknowledges other offers, "but I feel valued here, so I renewed. There are also many who say that Frank Schmidt can only Heidenheim. I'd like to show it to both Camps at once: my, and elsewhere, successfully training for. Maybe Yes, 2023 something else, as it may be, however, that I will end my career, which I began here, here."

Then rather not in the Bundesliga, but surely, with the blessing of the wife. Gottlob. Five Stars, five exchange rumours: Superstar Neymar is FC Barcelona, much to expensive FOCUS Online Five Stars, five exchange rumours: Superstar Neymar is FC Barcelona's way too expensive


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