Tennis kick-off in the district: Twelve clubs with 82 teams | Region of wooden churches

Twelve clubs with 82 teams from the district compete this year at the tennis courts. Without the Corona, it would probably be some more wooden churches – "ga

Tennis kick-off in the district: Twelve clubs with 82 teams | Region of wooden churches

Twelve clubs with 82 teams from the district compete this year at the tennis courts. Without the Corona, it would probably be some more

wooden churches – "game. Don't cut in!“ Far in front of the stretched tennis racket, Tim (7) jumps to the Match in the direction of the network in order to adopt with the necessary distance from his opponent. Instead of hands, the racket will shake at the completion of each other knocked on the door. To sport greeting Corona imprint on the transition of the season 2020, which began play last week with the point. Also in the district, where, according to one or the other tag Match of the seniors on the weekend, the majority of the Teams competed.

So, as Tim from the TC wooden churches in the Kleinfeld U9. It is unusually quiet on the facility in the hospital Park. Only on positions one and two of hustle and Bustle of the youngest tennis pros there. Square three and four are empty, although even there, the games would have been scheduled. But corona due to lots of backtracking. The five-a-group 539 of only two teams. Instead of excited cause gesehntem the beginning of the season the girls and boys are free game.

6800 teams are Teams in Bavaria at the Start – less than half of the originally reported 12 410. Especially in lower Bavaria (60 percent), Swabia (59 percent) and the upper Palatinate (49 percent) were the clubs restrained and took advantage of the option of penalty-free opt out. In the district, only the TV pulled back Dürnbach completely. The other clubs compete, sometimes easily decimated –mostly with children and Teams in advanced age. A total of 82 teams from twelve clubs are part of the mix.

coffee in a thermal mug instead of in the club home

17 of them by the TC, wooden churches, in which all ten children, who are registered-Teams play. "Cool that everyone is committed and clean to hang," says youth maintenance Roland Schuler, accounted for the first game of the weekend is thoroughly positive: "All of them have held up very well to the team leaders communicated requirements, which were implemented in collaboration with the parents. Just because the parents go along, it goes.“ By the Bank, the Tenor was good, and "without exception, all are glad that the children have what to do".

For this, everyone takes the rules into account. This begins with the registration of all, staying on the plant. Only on the match report anyway in writing to the registered players do not need to register. While on wet cold days, usually in the Club house parents, with a hot coffee to warm up, they are now scattered in the Park and drinking out of thermal mugs Brought in from home. A mom distributed with a Mouth guard, and gloves between single and double bananas, and Muffins.

leberkas cakes-to-go

"From our guests-the children have brought in this time, the opponent at his own request, what. In the men s leberkas cakes to go there,“ says Weyarns sports Director Axel Petri. "It was super. All were glad that they were able to on the place,“ he summed up the weekend, it started because of the rain, with a shift of the U9.

are Not among the six out of ten teams this year, the land League-women as the figurehead of the Association. She withdrew at an early stage. As the men's 65, had feared that no double would be played. To all who played, came, in any case, the positive mood over. And from a respectful distance behind the fence that would have also observed the one or the other Passer-by.

Further relaxations for Monday

Also on the square, where the Saturday game of the Bambini 12 in Otterfing the double-Teams with Corona-elbow check-motivated, while not able to go to the facility of those well out of the way, which were just in use. That you don't, could later sat as usual, at the big table together, and zealous about God and the children of the world to discuss, they took left. "Corona," explains the tennis Junior, and grabs the bags.

Monday, may tennis player changing rooms and showers under the pads again. For the arrival at an away game driving back to communities is possible, provided that all except the Chauffeur mouth-nose protection. Also club meetings with up to 50 people in indoor spaces, up to 100 are allowed now. Here, too, the distance and hygiene rules apply. Clubs that run their clubs and houses of self-management, may between to spend six and 22 hours for drinks and food that can be consumed Outdoors. This also applies to the usual team dinner following Medenspiele. Buffets are not provided.

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