Quique Setién replaces Ernesto Valverde

“The film, regardless of the script, it always ends the same way: kill the coach,” confessed Ernesto Valverde in a moment of success, after winning the League

Quique Setién replaces Ernesto Valverde

“The film, regardless of the script, it always ends the same way: kill the coach,” confessed Ernesto Valverde in a moment of success, after winning the League and Cup in his debut in the club, in the season 2017-2018. Have not passed or two years, the Barcelona also won LaLiga last and is the leader of the current, and the Catalan club announced on Monday the dismissal of the Txingurri and its replacement by a Quique Setién , the last coach who has won at the Camp Nou, on the 11th of November 2018, with the Betis: 3-4 in LaLiga.

The technical cantabrian, of 61 years, without a team since his departure in the summer of Benito Villamarín, won the open casting on Thursday for the policy to coaches, as Massimiliano Allegri and Mauricio Pochettino, and signing a contract for two seasons and a half, until 2022. This Tuesday will be presented at 13.30.

Bartomeu went on the Monday morning at the Sports City after Valverde lead the training and after a talk of an hour, he invited the legal services to negotiate the settlement of the still coach of fc barcelona. The output of Valverde del Barcelona had to be approved by the board gathered for the evening at the Camp Nou.

The agreement was for dismissal. Although I knew that outcome was coming, presumably to the end of the season, the skeptical Txingurri never imagined a plot as absurd as the one that has lived in Barcelona. Valverde had been asked on different occasions why she is still at the club, after the many episodes experienced, and has now been fired by surprise by Bartomeu. To counter, the president decided to keep the technical in the summer, missed the Cup and hit still the club for the defeat of Anfield, a continuation of Rome, and now dispensed with his services after the defeat in the semi-finals of the Supercopa of Spain against Atletico. A decision at the wrong time, similar to the one that took in 2015, when dispensed with the sports director Andoni Zubizarreta, and that expresses the lack of a sport policy in the club. To Bartholomew's successor, Sandro Rosell, he is interested in more players, new signings such as Ronaldinho, Neymar and Griezmann, which managers and trained technicians to give continuity to the style of Barca.


Setién, a life worshipping the ball The fear of losing the Barça

this explains why some candidates to occupy the bench as Xavi and Koeman discarded momentarily the offer barcelona by the lack of stroke and the loss of credibility and authority of the rectors of the club, obsessed with the Champions league. The fiascoes in Rome and Liverpool have made their mark both in the club who have been dragged to Valverde despite the leadership league Barça next to Madrid.

you do Not remember a case like that of Valverde from the time of Radomir Antic in Madrid. The Txingurri has happened to him also as to Van Gaal, the last technician dismissed at the Camp Nou, in 2003, after his first stay at Barca (1997-2000), when his successes in the tournament Spanish were conditioned by the failure in Europe with the Valencia Piojo Lopez.

The continuity of Valverde was unsustainable from that Bartomeu made the decision to substitute for him in Saudi Arabia. The whistles that he received the technical for the fans in Jeddah, delivered by the opposite to Messi, sped up in any way in order to barca's Txingurri. The club, however, has cost him to find a replacement by the time of the season and the uniqueness of the template captained Leo Messi. An alternative finally rejected was to ascend the coach of the subsidiary, Francisco Garcia Pepper. In the end, however, we opted for Setién.

One of the illusions of the technical spaniard has always been train to Barcelona. “I would have given a pinky finger to play with Cruyff”, he went on to state Setién, a distinguished chess player, columnist and supporter of the dream team and, therefore, close to the style of game that always presumes the club. The obsession of the board of Bartomeu is that the team recovered their best version of the game and aspire to the dispute of the different titles, and in particular the Champions league.

The enthusiasm of Setién, extécnico also of Lugo and Las Palmas, anxious to take on a big challenge that is now posed at the Nou Camp, in contrast with the gloom of Valverde, a technician of the club excellence devoured by the that is més que un club: the club.

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Updated Date: 14 January 2020, 13:00



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