Premature end for Ferrari? Sebastian Vettel explains how more

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Premature end for Ferrari? Sebastian Vettel explains how more

formula 1: Grand Prix Spain - see LIVE on Sky (display)

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Now, formula 1 stream LIVE, "Obviously, not everything is in the Moment in order and all is quiet. So it's a pretty rough seas, but it is what it is." So Sebastian Vettel describes his current situation at Ferrari in formula 1. The German does not want to speculate, after another disappointing race at Silverstone in about a premature end of the season.

"no, I'm not frustrated," emphasizes the edge of the front of the Grand Prix of Spain. However, he must confess that it worked for him even better. "I love it, of course, to fight at the top, and this feeling, when you win, and great results arrives - we have not managed so far."

Vettel had a mixed start to the season 2020. After a disappointing season-opener in Austria with a ranking of ten will follow in the second Spielberg-race collision with Charles Leclerc - the first noughties. In Hungary he was able to log in with a solid sixth place back in the first Silverstone race in tenth place, followed once again.

the climate at Ferrari is no different than "two weeks"

last weekend, he struggled in Qualifying, he didn't make it into the Q3. Starting from grid position eleven, the four-time world champion wanted to make up for the ground, but in round one he turned. From the very back of the catch-up race ended on the again disappointing twelfth place, also because the driver and the Team in the strategy were not in agreement.

For the first Time this year Vettel has criticized his team in public. Of tension he wants to know however nothing. "I think we try everything we can. If it doesn't run or something goes wrong, then one is relaxed, never."

Its on the radio ("you know you've messed up") he does not want to know over-interpreted: "If you judged the emotions directly after or during the race, I don't think this is a fair representation of what's going on." Tip of the Sport-editorial office

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do not download App Now What he denies, but: "I had no great race. We have tried to catch up and have to switch to a different strategy, have not done it but." After the race, he had addressed the differences of opinion, and the team discussed.

"the climate in The Team is not much different than a week or two," stresses Vettel. After the race, it was speculated that Ferrari have carried out the pit stop at the German, in order to prevent that he goes against team-mate Charles Leclerc on the route.

he Would make the Position of Leclerc would arrive in a similar case in the future? "The time will show it. I think we need to be on a different strategy, to meet us again." But it is always difficult to answer, what Situation could arise in the future.

About the premature end of the season ", not

spoken to" So much to be Vettel but elicit: "We are trying everything you can to optimize the points, and it was not the intention to Park the car in Charles' way. But we have also talked about, so I guess that's settled."

The Monegasque was able to get in contrast to Vettel so far, the Maximum from the Ferrari position. Leclerc stood twice on the Podium and last updated on rank four. With 45 points, he is in the drivers ' championship in fourth place.

"Charles has proven that you can have with the package is still good racing. When that you are in the right Position, then you can benefit from it - and even a place on the Podium." Why do the Vettel at the Moment? How sure can he be of his cockpit at Ferrari at all?

Gerhard Berger has advised the German, for example, to separate as soon as possible from Ferrari. "We have not talked about it," explained Vettel responded to a potential early withdrawal. "But this is not only a question to me."

He adds: "I know what I can and what kind of Job I can deliver. At the Moment we have no good run, but I'm sure when everything calms down and I get a proper Chance, that I'm going to the pack when it comes."

How safe can be the edge of the still? Finally, he has also learned from his From at the Scuderia only in the very short term and surprising. "I don't want to think about at the Moment, but just doing my work", he is dismissive.

Same treatment from Vettel #AND# Leclerc?

He was trying every day to be focused and give his Best. "Like I said, we had a not great week in Silverstone. This is actually a track that I like very much. But I couldn't get a great feeling in the car."

Therefore, he could not get out as much as team-mate Leclerc said Vettel, adding: "I can't make to concentrate well on my Job and to work together with the guys at me and my car, so that we can put together the best possible package."

If the glaring Performance difference between Vettel and Leclerc was after the Silverstone race also raised the question of whether the German is being treated in the Team at all equivalent? "Well ... at the Moment I would think of this. If not, I would say."

Ferrari has assured the 33-Year-old in front of the Barcelona race support. For the sixth race weekend at the end of the Chassis of the German will be replaced. Whether that will solve his problems, he could not say, but still.

"which was The Reasoning behind this is that this was damaged a Chassis. We have found a small crack after the weekend in Silverstone. This was sent to the factory to repair it. Maybe we have it here again as a replacement."

Vettel added: "I'm not expecting miracles, but hopefully we can have a smoother weekend and a smooth race on Sunday." Because so far, he had not experienced "the best start to the season", he has to admit.

Makes the racing fun? "Yes!"

"I had problems because of me confidence in the car is missing. This, in turn, is due to lack of Grip. So, it's not just that I feel while driving uncomfortable," says the German. "We are trying to understand where this came from exactly. At the same time, we must also make progress."

With all the negative headlines, the pressure and the disappointment on the race track, you have to wonder whether Vettel racing at all pleased? "Yes, I do, but of course, it is no less beautiful, if you fight back, there's no clean race experienced."

"I'm not here," says the Racer from him, "to lose. I'm here to win. The only reason why I was there in the past and am still. At the Moment, wins are not a very great Ambition, because we are strong enough to close to get to you."

"But," he says after a long Pause, "you can also feel a little excitement when one comes as close as possible to the top."

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