Inspection of the SCB: We don't have it coming

ice hockey games without spectators or Playoff without SCB: What is worse? In a General context of: football games without spectators. But personally Playoff

Inspection of the SCB: We don't have it coming

ice hockey games without spectators or Playoff without SCB: What is worse?
In a General context of: football games without spectators. But personally Playoff without SCB is much worse.

On Monday, the League Assembly meets. What outcome do you expect?
The decision is not within our jurisdiction. But if in the case of Switzerland, eight Coronavirus cases already has, to play without spectators – what is the 15. March, when there are maybe two hundred cases?

you could argue, the season will be discontinued, and no title.
That would be even nicer. I'm going to keep posh back. We are in the Playoff. But for us the playoffs without an audience would be financially unthinkable. Pay premiums, but do not generate revenue: Because that would open a hole, which would not be close to.

Would it be financially conceivable to play in the placement round without spectators?
That would be financially manageable.

Especially since the players have to forego part of their salary.
The penalty is 15 percent. But we do make our Sport for the audience. the ice hockey without an audience, we don't want to.

Marc Lüthi , managing Director of the SCB, is dissatisfied. (Image: fresh focus)

Playoff without SCB: How do you handle that?
We do not have it otherwise deserves. Point. I said before the game in Lausanne: The worst thing would be, would win Ambri and we would lose. So it came to be. This stinks to me! But the season goes on. At some point, the placement round may begin. It is then necessary to bring the six games on the stage that evening will be.

Do you Worry?
no. But I have respect for.

2014 was after the missed Playoff, the Tenor on the part of sponsors: Once you are forgiven.
The clock was wound up again. We have a little bit of credit is deserved after the last few years. But it's no Fun.

they held up last at the view, the Problem of the team is mental. In order to make it easy for yourself.
Because of other reasons. But there are, especially in the cooperation with journalists, not always the absolute truth.

Tell us this.
Not now. I don't comment on sports analysis, as long as the season runs.

you have extended with coach Kari Jalonen in October and him at the end of January released. Would you do the looking back again?
I would make it with a probability bordering on certainty otherwise.

you said, Jalonen got the most out of it. Why was he free?
Jalonen brought us the biggest success since the Era of Bill Gilligan. But in sum, the audience was never completely happy with the way our game under Kari. Due to its success, this was not so much weight. But unattractive play and lose: This combination is never long for portable use.

"no banana games are. It comes to something."

Under Larry Huras, under Antti Törmänen and under Guy Boucher, it was also boring.
The scale is not what people say. Of the scale are the No-Shows. They are measurable.

The No-Shows have to do with it, that the people were spoiled and saturated.
We were successful. But the beginning of the year, no improvement occurred. So we wägten: Are the chances of getting the Playoff-participation is greater when we move in with Jalonen through? Or if we get Hans Kossmann. We opted for Kossmann. Because he has something that is

... fire ...
... and emotions are missing Jalonen.... We need to make the change earlier would have is not directed against Jalonen. But Kossmann would have needed more time to implement his game.

The team is just not good enough.
it is good enough.

for What?
Safe for more than rank 9.

This can not be the claim. Are you disappointed with how little the players take responsibility?
we can talk About this in four weeks.

And Kossmanns future?
Also. No banana games are. It comes to something.

"Nobody has a Persil ticket."

Has Kossmann a Chance at continued employment?
We exclude nothing. We can't promise anything.

Could agree with Jalonen financially in the meantime?
This is done.

you wanted to keep Jalonens assistant Samuel Tilkanen because of its qualities. He's written for weeks sick.
this is done.

He has left Bern already.
That is correct.

How would you evaluate the work of head of sports, Alex Chatelain?
All and all will be part of our analysis.

Who is analyzing?
we will see. No one has a Persil ticket.

Is it next season to a newly established SCB?
It can be, and I don't want to talk to at the present time.

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